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i imported the luxury template into my wordpress folder and the home page with the images is not appearing, any ideas?

Have you gone through the instructions to create a home page using the home template and given it the category to show images on the custom theme settings page or custom fields?

i just upload the functions.php update only, and my dates now are correct, why the gallery still no load all the post id? in home page i set them as: 4,10,7,5,9,6

is this correct or not?

avernus, I replied to your email, I will look into this for you today – thanks!

i just fixed all , thank you for all of your help!!!

I think any issues on the home page not displaying all posts from the categories you choose is related to it picking up the default max page size. I just had mine maxed out for testing and didn’t reach that limit.

If I increase my settings in “settings > reading > blog pages show…” it seems to fix it so I have a quick update for this to be pushed out shortly, it adds a showposts parameter in page-home.php:

Hi! Excellent work! Any .po files included?

Hey Pang – not yet, localization is still something I’m learning… Thanks!

Hey Cudazi,

having trouble with the homepage slider, the thumbnail works but just as an image and not the slider. I have tried the promo_image and url with no luck.

am I missing something or is there something wrong since the upgrade?

Thanks Nick

Hey Nick, the live demo uses the same file as the download so it must be a setting missing, shoot me a message through my profile page with a temp. login if possible and I’ll check it out. Thanks!


“Hide post thumbnail on Single/Full post page” in settings is checked on. The thumbnail is hidden on the Single post page, but it’s displaying in the Full post page. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what the Full post page is – my understanding is that it’s the “Blog” page … the page that shows my recent posts. The Full post page looks kind of silly right now because the full size image used to create the thumbnail is appearing above the post title and then I have the image in the post as well.



Hey Cale, by single/full post – I mean when you’ve clicked on the post you want to read in full, the page with comments and such is the “full post page” called single.php in wordpress development terms. (not the actual column layout style) Sorry for the confusion!

Ok, I have to comment here. This is nice! :)

Thank you!!

Hi Curt,

Thanks for the response.

Is there a way to prevent the thumbnail from showing up above the post title on the “Blog” page? It’s repetitive if the image is also in the post body.

2nd question. I’m trying to change the theme from an off-white background to a white background. I modified the css and managed to get everything below the header changed but I’m having some difficulty modifying the header background. Tips?

By the way, one of the reasons I bought your template over others, is because I noticed your level of participation in the comments area.

Thank you,


Hey Cale – other than only just inserting the image directly into the post and skipping the post thumbnail, that’s not really possible without some theme modifications. Let me think that one over.

For your second question, shoot me a link of your live site through my page and I’ll see what’s up. There’s a very subtle gradient image that may be hanging around.

I try to keep up with the comments, some days it’s a bit challenging but I know buyers appreciate it, I sure would if I was in your shoes.

Thanks, Curt

Hello Curt,

I’m a newbie at Wordpress and Theme edits. This is the first time I’ve purchased and downloaded a theme. I love the clean and sharp look you’ve designed and developed. I’ve been playing around with the css (which I feel confident in doing so), as well I’ve tried editing via the Wordpress client. I’m stuck though…

I want to make the Home page a 2 column layout. I’ve tried my best doing so, and have gone over your help pdf and scanned over the files and just can’t seem to make it work. Perhaps there is something so easy I’m missing or mis-read, or perhaps I can’t.

If you could help me out, or point me in the right direction, that would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Danny P

Hey Danny – if you’re using the home page template (see instructions on setting up the home page) that layout setting is in the custom “theme settings” page you’ll see at the lower left of your wordpress admin menu. Look for “Home page widget layout” You’ll see 10 different home page column layouts, 5 of them two-column layouts of varying widths… be sure you have added widgets to the theme in the home a, b and c spots so you can see things move around. Thanks!

I’m embarrassed.

That was too easy. Not sure how I missed that, but it’s awesome that you replied so quickly. I will definitely suggest your profile and consider your templates first when I’m looking for a theme!

Thank you,

Danny P

Me again…

Curt, I’ve used firebug (which is awesome by the way!) to locate the css style for the logo, but I can not find it in the css. I see the blue highlight for it, and have found it in the php. I see that it has a class labeled logo, but nothing in the style sheets. I figure it has something to do with the img but I’ve tried taking that out of the first line of css and changing it on it’s own, I usually end up with scrambling things up.

Once again, unless I’m missing something or it’s just a lack of css/php experience I can’t seem to move it. I have changed the .psd file and the width of the new logo (which works fine), but I can still see the blue highlight that has the same width and height of the original Luxury logo when using firebug. Unless I missed it in one of the css’s.

Kind regards,

Danny P

Hey Danny – can you send me a link to a screenshot through my profile page, I’m not 100% clear on what’s going on – thanks!

I’m having an issue with theme loading in Chrome. Whenever the site first loads the home page widgets are hidden underneath the slider. But when I refresh everything is fine. Any idea what the issue is?

BTW , thanks for the theme, it’s awesome.

You can try setting the jquery slider’s height manually in js/general.js – look for this line: height: ‘auto’, and set it to height: 600,


I’d like to use this as a base to make a portfolio site but would like to see a more robust page for making such a portfolio page. For instance, I want to try and lay out posts thumbnails in a 3 wide grid and have the ability to sort them by the category they are posted under. I know this sounds like a stretch with what you currently have… so, do you plan on making this a portfolio theme by any chance? I’d really like that.


Hey Tweak589 – I’ll add it to my suggestions – thanks!

Thanks Curt,

I’ll send you something shortly.

Beautiful theme, yes, but I love even more the available layout and plugin options. I plan on using your theme(s) often. This theme offers a functionality and extendibility that is as close to a CMS as I have come to. I also work with Joomla!, but often, some of my clients that want to ‘manage the system’ themselves feel intimidated by the J! dashboard and all its available tools. Your theme is the first one I can definitively offer as a close alternative to those clients. Thank you for taking the time to develop it.

Two Q’s thou: where can I change the size of the logo? Is it possible to have a text site name instead? I looked in all your css files but couldn’t find the reference.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Thanks for the great comments!

Regarding the logo, if you provide a larger logo in my custom settings page or overwrite what I have in the theme, it will expand. (plus an update coming over the weekend will make this even better) I haven’t thought about a text-based one but let me see if I can incorporate that as well by giving the option to just use H1 tags in place of the image. The font would match the other headings.

Thank you so much. This will help, and looking forward to your updates.

Shoot me your email via my contact page please – thanks!


I want to translate your theme to Dutch. Is there a localization file included in the pakkage?



Thanks for the template, I am loving it!

I need to change just one thing. I am showing in the banner my favourite pictures an I don’t want to do to that post when click in the banner. Which file need change to disable that?


Any chance of getting the custom contact form shown in the html version for the wordpress version? Thanks for an otherwise great theme. It’s great b/c your coding is superior resulting in an extremely fast wordpress site. A lot of themes on themeforest look fancy but have terrible SEO and php. Buy this theme if you care about speed.

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

As for the contact form – I’ve found that many of the buyers didn’t use my contact forms in the past just due to the fact that there are so many options in contact form plugins.