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Got it now. Pfew. It was too easy, really. :-)

One (last) question, then I hope not to bother you again (have to order some food soon, anyway): why does the ad show up with a white ‘canvass’ when the image is actually 125×125 px. See .

Never mind. It works when I select the 10/2 layout. Weird but workable.

Really love the way this looks one of the best I have seen; but when I went to install this item on my dashboard I received this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function automatic_feed_links() in /nas02/HostingVol2/51/40451/ wordpress/cudazi-luxury/functions.php on line 5

please help!


Please be sure you’re running Wordpress 2.8 or greater, also – you may want to move the theme from:
themes/luxuru wordpress/cudazi-luxury
to: themes/cudazi-luxury/

I have moved the theme as you suggested. But my dashboard only reads the fatal error? I have checked on the wordpress support page and tried uploading wp-admin again but it still hasn’t brought me back to the wp dashboard. Any suggestions? Not sure which WP version I am using as it is supported by my domain host. Thanks!

Hey, I’m having an issue…

I have on the actual “Blog” page, I would like to hide the gigantic thumbnail, but still have it included in the footer widget. Is there a way to do that? You can see my issue at


The hide_thumbnails setting is to show/hide post thumbnails on a page as a whole, to not display it on a specific post, I just wouldn’t include the thumbnail on that post and insert it directly into the content area.

To hide a post thumbnail on the “single post” page, use the custom write panel: “Hide thumbnail on full” dropdown. Thanks!

The thumbnail is not showing up on the post, it’s showing up on the Blog page. And when I tried to use the “hide_thumbnails” custom field it doesn’t hide the thumbnail on the blog page. It still shows the thumbnail that was associated with that post.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you want to hide the thumbnail of the blog page itself, not any posts displaying on it? If that’s the case, you simply just remove the thumbnail along the right side when editing the page. (Page thumbs are not pulled into anything else, so removing them will not affect anything) Please contact me via email using my profile page if this is not what you are referring to, thanks!


Just wondering how to change the colour of the drop down menu.

I.E white instead of grey.



figured it out



The isssue reported here:

“I’m having an issue with theme loading in Chrome. Whenever the site first loads the home page widgets are hidden underneath the slider. But when I refresh everything is fine. Any idea what the issue is?”

is persistent. It also occurs in Safari :-( Unfortunately, changing the height from ‘auto’ to ‘600’ doesn’t help. The strange thing, as noted above, is that it works perfectly after you refresh the page (or click ‘home’). Bit on first opening, all content below the slider is invisible.

Any other ideas?

I totally love the theme, btw.


Please use 600 instead of ‘600’ (no quotes) – (item FAQ ) thanks!


I uploaded the theme and got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_thumbnail() in /home/heyfella/public_html/ on line 118

What should I do? It won’t display anything!

This theme relies on WordPress 2.9+ (as noted in the sidebar) – please make sure you’ve upgraded – thanks!

Thank you I got it!


I need to insert an ad at the end of every post, how do I do that?


There is no built in function for that but you may be able to find a plug-in to suit your needs.

That did it. Thanks! I set it to 400 btw, to better suit my pcture size.

Thanks for the update!

The author seem to be very busy i got 2 questions: 1. has it been tested on wordpress MU? 2. how many widgets to we have in the footer?

I have not tested WordPress MU, sorry! As for the widgets – Demo > Features > Widget areas – Thanks!

Hi Cudazi,

Just a question (not really theme-related, but you might know the answer): do you know how (and in which .php file) I can change the size of the avatar (currently huge, imho). I found three size values in comment-template.php, but may have the wrong format / file since changing it doens’t work. If you don’t happen to know, don’t bother.

The php looks like this


$defaults = array('walker' => null, 'max_depth' => '', 'style' => 'ul', 'callback' => null, 'end-callback' => null, 'type' => 'all',
    'page' => '', 'per_page' => '', 'avatar_size' => 32, 'reverse_top_level' => null, 'reverse_children' => '');



<?php if ($args[‘avatar_size’] != 0) echo get_avatar( $comment, $args[‘avatar_size’] ); ?>


Functions.php line 731…. get_avatar($comment,$size=’60’... should be the area to look for.

Ah, functions.php! Not the most logical starting point. :-S Man, you’re good!

Thanks for the quick reply!

1.The slider is still not working. They are definitely the category IDs, and the test images + posts I tried, were the exact correct size. Any other clues on how to make this work?

2.Also the ‘Latest Work’ is coming up blank as well.

Please make sure the “home” page is using the page template: home and all your posts you’re trying to pull in have post-thumbnails assigned. You don’t insert the image into the post, you assign a post thumbnail, typically along the right side when adding a post. Thanks!


A friend has asked me to build a website for him with a CMS . Your theme looks perfect for his needs.

Once I’ve built it, he wants to update as much of it himself as possible. Does he need to know any coding to add images to the home page ‘silder’ or any other section, or can all this be done through the ‘admin’ control panel interface?

Many thanks DJD

That’s all done through the wordpress admin by adding “post thumbnails” once you’re all set up – thanks!

i wish there was a gallery page to post images with this template…

i may plan to use this template for my own company producing several kinds of hardwood flooring. but because of the nature of my business i need lots of images to display to my potential customers. is it possible to add multiple galleries and images to this template?

You can create multiple pages that simply display a different categories of posts off the main menu, ex:

– Standard
– Exotic Wood
– Industrial

Each page can have multiple images inserted just like a standard wordpress post or you can add 3rd party plugins to display them in other ways if needed.


I’m at a complete loss on how to get the home page setup. I created a “featured category” and created a post … uploaded a thumbnail and published. No large featured posts are showing up on the home page slider. What am I doing wrong? I am not quite sure where I should be adding the category id for the featured under the theme settings.

Did you create a page using the “home” page template?

Home page category ID is in the custom “Theme Settings” page in the admin, very bottom left menu item. Please read through that page.