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Hey… i am interested in your theme. Is it possible to design an image widget with mouse over effects and place this in the alternate homepage (instead of the slideshow)??

In about which words would i have to describe such a task to a graphic designer/web developer on say elance etc.?

Hope you can help! Cool theme by the way. ;)

Hey there! Any WP developer should be able to create a page template for this purpose or you can use my alternate homepage as an example to customize from as well. As for the actual image/effects, you may want to show them a site that has a similar effect you’re looking to accomplish. Thanks!

Hi. I purchased this item. My problem is, how to enable the slideshow in Homepage. There is no slider item category? Thanks for your effort. Maybe PN me.

Hello Cudazi.

Love your theme and thinking of buying. One question, though. I will write my site text in Danish and we use this very odd letters “ø”, “æ” and “å”. – I´m not even sure how they come up in an english version :-). Can I get these “Nordic” letters in the font of this theme Luxury? And how, if so? Greetings from Copenhagen, Agnete. Thanks.

Hello from the US :)

Please see the FAQ item on special symbols, the cufon font just needs some additional symbols:



I’m trying to update my Home page I created with the slideshow. I watched the video and noticed I am missing the Custom Page Options and Custom Fields windows when I’m editing the Home page I created via the Dashboard. I’m using Wordpress 3.3.1. I’d be happy to send a screenshot if you’d like. I’ve also done a clean install from the latest build to see if that would fix it, but those are still missing. Maybe I’ve disabled something?



Nevermind, I finally found it was unchecked under Screen Options during the update.

Anyway, thanks for a great theme!


Thanks for the update and purchase!

I would like to make the footer thumbnail widget image size larger than 60×60.

I have made the image size 120×120 in the functions.php but it makes no difference. Could you advise where I need to make the changes. Many thanks

You will need to modify the custom plugin itself, it’s using grid_1 and it would need to be enlarged to grid_2, etc as well at a lower limit on posts. Thanks!

Hi cudazi,

1st and foremost, great theme.

The issue I am having is the “Custom Page/Post Options” located under the writing panel of either a Page or Post isn’t displaying in custom field options.

So if I wanted to use static URLs for the built-in homepage slideshow, I am not able to do that.

Thanks for any insight.

I’m sorry – i don’t entirely know where – so far I’ve changed:

Functions.php add_image_size( ‘single-post-thumbnail-60’, 120, 120, true); // footer thumbnails

custom-display-post-thumbs.php I’ve made it showposts=6

$the_post_thumbs .= “ ”.$img.” ”;

but thumbnails are still 60×60 px.


Many thanks Stephanie

You have to regenerate the thumbnails that have been previously added (Regenerate Thumbnails plugin) – thanks!

Wow….note to self, read previous responses. Apologies. The answer was above me the entire time. lol.

Guess I’ll use this opportunity to say once again “Badass theme”!

Thanks for the update :)

Thank you the thumbnails now work correctly.

I have another problem though:

The settings on my page using the “custom category” page template are not working or taking effect…

There is no option categories under custom fields as explained in the help doc?

There is no way to have nothing under Posts as advised below – it defaults to 1.

Be sure when using the custom category page template as your blog you do not have anything set under – Settings > Reading > Posts Page.

Could you help please?

Many thanks Stephanie

I found the answer – you need to create a NEW custom field – I was looking for one in the drop down menu. Just in case anyone else has the same problem.

Sorry for my delay, I accidentally marked this one as read but thank you for the update.

Just for others, here’s a quick tutorial on custom fields:


I’d like to slow down the homepage slideshow. Where can i change the timings for this?



In /js/general.js there are options for the slider, just look for “Cycle” and you’ll see it. You can also google “jquery cycle options” for even more available to you if you need.



Hello Cudazi, Love your “Luxury” theme and thinking of buying. I have few questions about it before to do it (sorry for them, I’m a beginner !): -Can we remove social media icons ? -Can we remove thumbnails from the home page and let them in the followings ? -Can we change the background color of the theme ? What colors are available ? -Can we add videos ? - Can we put several images in a same page ? -Can we remove text blocks from the home page ? -Can we add text below home page’s pictures ? -Can we create sub-categories ? -Can we import new shortcodes, like “read more” ?

Thanks a lot. Best regards, Mathilde

-Can we remove social media icons ? Yes

-Can we remove thumbnails from the home page and let them in the followings ? The thumbs are optional but designed for the footer

-Can we change the background color of the theme ? You will add a bit of css, eg: #main { background: orange; }

-Can we add videos ? To posts and pages, not the slider w/o customizing
- Can we put several images in a same page ? yes, in the main content

-Can we remove text blocks from the home page ? yes – those are just text widgets except for the news, that’s an included custom plugin

-Can we add text below home page’s pictures ? not without customizing the slider

-Can we create sub-categories ? – see the menu for sub-portfolios

-Can we import new shortcodes, like “read more” ? - you are free to try any plugins with this theme

hxxp:// I can’t customize the read more text. I’ve added “my text” in theme options but I just see the box with “continue reading”.

Thanks for any hints!



I will have limited access to internet for a few days between Feb 27th and Mar 2nd.

During that time, I’ll try my very best to answer any support questions but please be patient and I will get back to you.

As always, I provide free theme support, not free customization work.



Hi Cudazi, Thanks for your previous answers. I bought your luxury theme and I’ve just downloaded it today. Unfortunaltely, all files are for MACOSX system and I work with a PC…. Is there a way to get luxury files for PC ? Thanks a lot, Mathilde

This was created on a PC, I guarantee it will work. :) It has since been opened on a mac but that will not affect anything.

Be sure you’re only uploading the theme itself, not the entire download you receive from ThemeForest.

Please see the following URL , which contains a video screencast and text instructions that will show you in complete detail how to resolve any broken or missing stylesheet issues you may be having.

Many thanks for this quick answer. It’s worked !

Hi there,

I’m thinking of buying your theme as I’m not entirely happy with the one I have at the moment. One question though – what about contact page? Can it be added on the top bar, let’s say behind blog? How about contact forms?

Hey there,

A contact form such as the great, free Contact Form 7 can be added to any page or on a page and then added to the menu where you please.

Sorry for my delayed reply.


With the Luxury wordpress theme, using its default page template set to three columns for the blog page, is there any way to have posts appear in the center column, with two smaller sidebars on either side?

You would need to edit the page_blog.php where the columns are defined and just shift things around a bit.

Is this theme compatible with any of the lightbox/prettybox-like plugins? Lightbox Plus does not seem to work.

Also, it seems there is a conflict between this theme and Formidable forms. Any thoughts how to correct this?


I don’t have experience with Formidable Forms but you may want to try Easy Fancybox for the lightbox.

Be sure you’re on the latest version (just re-download at any time from your downloads tab) – thanks!