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“You would need to edit the page_blog.php where the columns are defined and just shift things around a bit.”

There is no “page_blog.php” that I can find, either in the appearance editor or the theme files.

Sorry, wrong theme – it should be something with a name like custom category template. I’ve been away w/o access to my files for a few days so I’m a bit rusty.

It will be just index.php if you are not using a custom page template for the blog. (see instructions)

Best of luck with your customization work.

Just bought and installed this theme and been playing around.
Awesome job on the css layout.
Just one minor problem is the lack of shortcodes for pimping content.

Can anyone advise on a plugin or other means for shortcode implementation?


Great theme – but I’m having troubles finding out how to change the blog language from English to Danish as there’s no language folder in the theme directory.

Ok, I found out – a simple google did the trick ;-)

Still need to change the search box text though….

Hey Marty, This theme is not localized/internationalized at this time, sorry!

I am trying to add images with specific urls to the homepage as shown at the end of the demo video but for some reason the custom field section is not showing up on the homepage file of my site. Can you help.

The page is

Sorry figured this out!

I do have another question – I wanted to change the main menu to the cufon font I have uploaded and am trying to figure out where in the css to make this change – can I do it from within wordpress or do I need to change and re-upload one of the css files?

Thanks so much.

You can change the cufon setup in js/general.js – Thanks!

I’m so sorry – I don’t entirely understand what I need to change. Can you help with specifics. Sorry to keep asking questions – hope you can help. thanks!

Also – I am wanting to use image links in each of the three promo areas on the homepage and wondering what the correct size and configuration would be to have the three images centered across the page.

The three columns are 300px each.

I would suggest downloading a plugin called FireBug or use the Google Chrome Inspector tool. It will allow you to fake-edit or inspect the site without causing any harm, it will reveal what styles and files are being used and where to locate them.

This should help in this and future customization needs as I can only do support.


Is there any way to disable the big post thumbnails on the Blog page without removing the featured image? My client wants small images throughout her site, and also wants to use the recent posts thumbnails, but the huge featured image at the head of each entry is unappealing.

I’ve tried the “hide_thumbnail” custom field on the blog page, while using the custom category display template (and every other template) and it does not work. I know how to hide the featured image on individual posts, but I really need to make it happen for the Blog page. Is there any way at all to do this?


Never mind! _ Figured it out!

” .post-thumbnail .wp-post-image { display:none; } “


Otherwise you will need to get into WordPress Conditionals for your customizations: –

Hi, I’ve been developing a new website with your theme (love it!) and have just run into a problem with a standard 2-column page. I have 3 small image links in “footer-all” (which appear on every page) and an image in the sidebar (250(w)x309(h) ). When the main content becomes longer than the sidebar content, the images in “footer-all” jump into the sidebar area under the sidebar image. Any help you can offer is much appreciated!


sorry I’m still learning all of this stuff. I’ve started on my site using your template and having a bit of a mare with the home page.

Is there anyway I can just use set images for the slider as I tried adding them into categories and still not showing when I refresh the homepage.

Their dimensions are 1130px x 480px.

Do they have to be pulled in from posts or can the images be hidden behind the scenes and just used as a cover for the front page?

Thanks alot :)


Hey Joseph,

Check the help file for promo_image and promo_url (custom fields) to override the default functionality of pulling in images from posts. You will need to pre-size the images if you do not use the default functionality.


Hi, I have a similar problem to Joseph ^^.

I’m using the ‘page-home’ for my index page and want to use image url’s for the slider.

I can see the custom fields tab, but only ’- select -’ or ‘custom_meta_values’ are displayed/selectable options for the key where I understand that I need to add ‘promo_image’ or ‘promo_url’.

How is an editable custom field text box activated whilst using the page_home.php template?

I’m editing using Wxp and Explorer8

You need to add the primo_image and promo_url fields for your setup once, and then they’ll appear in the dropdown. Thanks!

^^ found the problem.. there is a ‘Enter new’ text link beneath the existing ‘Select’ and ‘custom_meta_values’ keys dropdown.. – I just didn’t see it.

Great, thanks!

Is there a way to eliminate post statistics.. Date.. By.. Comment.. ?

These are not necessary in my setup and when using ‘featured post’ with a featured image, these Date.. By.. Comment.. truncate the post.

It would be good to switch them off if possible.. or does one of the templates need editing?


Visit functions.php, I believe it’s called lux_meta(), that function outputs the post meta for you to edit or remove.

That worked.. I edited line 811 containing the lux_meta() to only include the ‘edit’ function.


How to resize footer thumbnails in homepage?
I tried editing functions.php:

add_image_size( 'single-post-thumbnail-60', 60, 60, true);

add_image_size( 'single-post-thumbnail-60', 100, 100, true);

but NOTHING happends !! Am I missing something?

OK, thumbnails must be regenerated. Instead of reuploading every single image like you say in your note I advise to use this plugin that regenerates all thumbnails automatically without the hassle of clicking hundred times

Correct – thanks for the update!

duplicated post error. Sorry.

Hello cudazi,

Could you explain how I could edit the theme so the social media links in the footer open in a separate tab? Thank you.

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Why isn’t there a contact page in this theme

I’ve found that most users ended up just adding their own favorite contact form plugins anyway, ripping mind out – I’d suggest (free) Contact Form 7, a great plugin you can add on any page without coding.