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That’s the problem…it is set to home.

I can send screen shots on every page I have…template is set to home, custom page options is set to default, page attributes are no parent, order 0.

I’m using a custom menu, but I don’t see why that should be an issue.

I’m just baffled. I’ve watched this video almost 3 times. Are there any plugins that will cause that feature to not work?

It may be easier if you send me a temp user/pass via my profile page to have a look, please disable all plugins first – thanks!

Hello Cudazi,

I’ve managed to get the theme set up with custom fields allowing the portfolio template to show the relative categories. http://icebergphotography DOT com

There are two other issues that I need to fix:

1. I’m trying to adjust the height of the promo slider to 600 px on the front page.

I adjusted this snippet of code in general.js per your instructions:

”// Promo slider setup, inserted on when promo is in use to save bandwidth

    fx:     'fade', 
    speed:  1000, 
    timeout: 3000,
    pager: '#promo-nav',
    pause: 1,
    height: 600,
    pauseOnPagerHover: 1,
    fastOnEvent: 350,
    pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) { 
        return "#promo-nav li:eq("+ idx +") a"; 

...but it continues to use 400 px as a default height. I don’t know why.

2. I have all of my categories connected to their respective pages using the portfolio template. When I attempt to use custom permalinks the portfolio template no longer formats correctly and loses the thumbnail format.

This works correctly: This causes the portfolio template to lose it’s formatting:


Hey Terry,

Near the top of functions.php you’ll see the image sizes defined, add_image_size. The jQuery you’ve found only adjusts the slideshow height, the other adjusts the actual cropping.


Love the theme, it’s an absolute dream come true.

Just a query as to how to center the nav bar?

Hey there!

Centering UL/LI items can be a bit tricky, I don’t have an article off hand for this customization but if you google – Center UL LI Menu or similar should yield good results.

I’m Trying to set my custom field for my portfolio pages and it just disappears every time I update the page. I get a flash of yellow when I add it. :( pls help

That seems odd, double check you’ve entered a value and hit update/add before saving the page. Thanks!

K so I have tried it over and over again. I have one of the portfolios working but now it shows all posts instead of the 4 that i need it to show. I have tried to make other ones but just keeps giving me a yellow flash when I try to add the values. Also the home page slider wont work for the life of me. Maybe im crazy but its not like I haven’t done wp before. Thanks for your help!

Send me a note via my profile page with a url and temp user/password and I’ll have a look. Please be sure to disable all plugins first to be sure we’re not having any conflicts first. Thanks!

Hi Cudazi,

I’ve uploaded a custom cufont and it’s working perfectly.

I also want the menu bar to use this font though.

How can I do this?


You’ll have to tell CuFon to also use ’.sf-menu a’ in the list at the top of js/general.js

That’s perfect. The font has now been replaced.

Is there any way I can change the colour of the menu bar?

The colour of the bar and the colour of the hover.

I would suggest downloading a plugin called FireBug or use the Google Chrome Inspector tool. It will allow you to fake-edit the site without causing any harm, it will reveal what styles and files are being used and where to locate them.


How do I add images to the homepage slider?

Here you go, please be sure to watch these and read the included help files.

How do I change the speed of the slider?


Hey there,

Please go into the js folder and general.js, you’ll see settings labeled “Promo slider setup” and some speed/timeout settings (in milliseconds)


I watched your video “Luxury Wordpress – Custom Home Page Setup”. When editing my home page I do not have the custom fields options available like you have. Am i missing a plug in of something?

Sure thing, it’s a setting of your WordPress installation: –


Hi Cudazi

Great template!

I have faced a slight problem while working with promo_image. It works perfectly fine with 1 image only, but when I add the 2nd promo_image, the slider height went out of position.

I had double checked the height of my images, they are the same.

Do you know what costs this to happen?


I am unable to send a link because I am currently working on localhost. But I have checked that for 1 image, the slider which is working perfectly show the following code When I add the 2nd image onwards, it shows the following codes

Is there any other way I do something to it without overwriting the CSS ?

P.S: I am sure that I am adding multiple promo_image just like your video.

Send me a screenshot or two of the custom fields via my profile page and I’ll have a look. Also, disable any other plugins to test for conflicts, typically when you see all the slides, there’s a JavaScript error. Also, be sure to read the faqs (on a tab above) on slider height.


Thanks cudazi! I have solved the issue, indeed after reference to the FAQ on the slider height and I had change the height of the slider accordingly.

Thanks for your help once again =)

Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+


the theme as standard is a grey ish colour, is it possible to change this to white? If so where abouts do I need to look at the code please?

many thanks



the theme as standard is a grey ish colour, is it possible to change this to white? If so where abouts do I need to look at the code please?

many thanks


Hello, How can turn off tags from showing up on posts?

Thanks, Alan

You may just want to do it via CSS , eg:

.postmeta { display: none; }

...or similar – it’s output using the lux_meta() function from functions.php

Can I just put this anywhere in the css file?

Thanks. Alan

There’s actually an area in the Theme Settings page to add-on custom CSS if you would like.

My blog shows the main page slider images.

How can I stop this?

Hey there, Please read the help PDF section ‘Custom Category Template’ and you can include or exclude specific categories from displaying on that page. Otherwise you can use the promo_image / promo_url custom fields also noted in that help PDF to set the images manually.

Hi Cudazi ! Tour template is awesome ! I will use it to present my beautifull photos. But, Is there a way to protect the photos of the site and prevent users to register? Thanks for your answer

You may want to look into the WordPress plugins area or CodeCanyon for something that could help you with this, thanks!