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Hi Cudazi,

Really love your theme. I am 100% new to wordpress. I’ve set up a site, it’s looking great, however -

How can I show the blog entries on the home page in a column on the side?

And – how can I change the colour of the menu bar?

Again, really new to wordpress… be as patronizing as possible :)

Hey there! I can’t really get into free custom work due to the extremely low sale price, I can help get the site up just like the demo but anything above and beyond is customizing.

Hi Cudazi

Love your work!! Can you please advise where I change the background colour to a picture ie vintage paper jpeg image. Thank you kindly. Cheers Lisa :)

Hey there! Sorry for the delay, I’m in the process of moving.

There is an FAQ on background color that will be similar for background images: http://themeforest.net/item/luxury-wordpress-template/faq/83220

You’ll need to upload the image into your media area, grab the full url (test it in a browser) and then add it like the faq / w3 link has as an example.

Hi! I am setting the home page as you show in the video, but I can’t set the <Title> Tag nor the <Meta Description> Tag. I tried the Settings->General-> Tagline, in the case of Title, but it’s not working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there, the description comes from the WordPress core functions, the title is a combination of the page/post title and blog name. You can manually edit this in header.php

Thanks! I’ll try that.

1. I’m getting a weird bug on my admin widgets page. The Footer All widget area doesn’t behave like the other widget areas, it opens in the down area of the screen instead of the right sidebar.

Any clues about what’s happening? I’ve uploaded a screen for you.

2. Do you have any specific documentation on using a child theme with Luxury? I can’t seem to do it. My styles won’t load in my child theme folder.



Hey Alvaro,

What version of the theme and WordPress are you running?


WordPress: 3.4.1 Luxury: using 1.8 but tested 1.9 and had the same bug.

I really need a hint on the child-theme issue, so that I can make the update to 1.9.

The left-hand menu that said “Theme Options” has recently disappeared. I would guess its a plugin or updating WP to 3.4.1 causing a conflict. Any insights?

I still see it on my live demo running 3.4.1… maybe try disabling/re-activating the theme to see if that helps.

Hello- Love this template, its exactly what I was looking for! My version of wordpress isnt allowing me to change the theme. When I looked it up on the help boards it says that we are no longer able to upload outside templates. I am very new to this! Can you please tell me how to upload this template?


Please post support questions from the account used to purchase the file – thanks!

Hi. I’ve just brought this theme and loving it. Just wondering can u have a static image on the home page slider instead of an image attached to a blog?

Please be sure to read the notes on overriding the promo settings and manually inserting images in the theme settings page by using custom fields.

There may also be additional tips in the theme update .txt files in the main download. It won’t be static but you can then disable the links or use a #. Another option would be to code the image directly into a duplicate of the home page template.

I have updated a widget on the home page and its not showing the update its on Version 1.7 with WordPress 3.4.1.

Be 100% sure you have the widget in the home widget area and that your home is in fact using the home page template. Thanks!

Love the Luxury theme. Is there any way to keep the post that makes the luxury theme from appearing in the blog?

Please be sure and use the custom category page template for the blog and then you can add a custom field of “categories” and in the value enter the category IDs you wish to exclude, eg: 12,33,44 (see the help pdf / update txt files) – Thanks!

On the default page template is it possible to use the featured image as per the home page (resizing to 960×400) but appearing below the page title?

It would be possible but there’s no built in setting, you would need to move the elements around on the page template itself.

Quite disappointed on the documentation

For the Luxury Wordpress template, the “Custom Category Template” simply does not lead to the required input fields. Either its a bug or the manual is simply wrong.

Just replied to your email. Custom fields can be shown/hidden based on your settings, this is part of WordPress, not the theme itself. :)


Hi just working on the home page and watch the video on hoe to set it up but on my homepage template I cant use custome field bacause theyre not visible. Note: To override this and specify exact images and urls, just use custom fields on the page using the home page template: promo_image and promo_url

Please help

Hi, I added a favicon and it won’t show up in the front of the site but it will in the admin. Is there a place in the Theme settings where you can upload a favicon that overrides others?

Hello, as long as you just overwrite the one I included with the theme (favicon.ico) you should be set. If you want to use a different type, you’ll need to edit the header manually to remove that and add your own or just use a plugin.

Thanks, I solved it by using a .gif in the plugin. FYI , would be great to be able to search these comments to find stuff you may have already addressed.

Yea, hopefully envato will be adding it soon. I often search Google and include the item discussion url to search the comments myself. :)

Great site Cudazi, love it! I’m trying to set up 2 portfolio pages, and I’ve successfully created categories to seperate porfolio images from the home page & blog, but I can’t seperate the 2 portfolio pages. Is it possible to have 2 seperate portfolios that don’t share the images?

I don’t have the files handy but I believe it’s categories not category for the custom field, let me know if that doesn’t resolve the issue and I’ll see what’s up. Thanks!

Your right, it is categories (I miss wrote it in the reply) I have been using “Categories”. It doesn’t seem to work with the Portfolio template. I am trying to get it to do what the Mono portfolio does. Seperate images per page. Should I send an attachment or additional information?

Yea, send me a screenshot of the custom fields used, thanks! http://themeforest.net/user/cudazi

How do I change the sidebar position from right to left?

Replied to your email – C

How is it possible not to have the featured image that is used in the homepage to appear in the thumbnails at the bottom of the homepage?

Hey there,

The widget used in the footer thumbnails has an exclude option so you can put the home page posts/images in one category and the footer ones in another.

Another option is to use the promo_images / promo_urls custom field route shown in the help/theme settings area to avoid it alltogether.


Hi, is there a way to use Google Web Fonts to change the font for the theme?

I’d try searching the plugins area for Google Fonts, otherwise you’ll just need to customize the header/css to implement the fonts into the theme.

Hi…how do we change the number of thumbnails that display on the homepage? Ours seem to be limited to 9 and we want them to display all the way across. We are using the featured image function so that is not the issue.

They’ll only display if a featured image is set, it’s coded to show 12 in the plugin, “showposts=12”