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Is there anything you know if that might restrict it to display only 9?

I can’t think of anything, double check the categories the posts are in and ensure they are set to published and have a featured image set.

I followed all instructions about cufon special characters but for some reason other letters “? ? ?,..” is not showing up. Any help ? thnks


This looks like another great theme from you. I already purchased your PixelPower theme which I use on my blog… My question for you regarding this theme is that on the home page, instead of having three columns under the slider, could you have one large column that spans the length of the image that contains some introductory text? If so, I’m purchasing! Thanks!


You would probably need to manually edit the home template or create a new home page template, sorry! :)

Thanks Curt, is that how this guy did it with two columns on the home page:

By manually editing the code?

Looks like I forgot about that feature!

The home columns are widget areas, you can set the layout in the theme settings page.

Sorry for the confusion!

Hi Cudazi,

Loving your theme! :)

Want to purchase it but if I did I would like to get someone to make changes to the design of the header, on both the main page and subpages. I’m a complete novice to web design so not sure how easy it would be?

As for design, I want to make it cleaner and more minimalistic like in these themes;

How easy will it be for someone to do this?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Nick

Hey Nick,

Anyone with HTML /CSS and some PHP knowledge should be able to take on custom work with this theme. It really depends on how in-depth you want to go and their comfort level with the languages above.


Cudazi – love this theme. It has served us well since we first downloaded in 2010! Due to security breach we have had to update our WP install to 3.4.2. I am getting a few error messages in header when previewing/activating the most recent Luxury theme files so we are stuck with the default WP themes at the moment. Hoping to get the Luxury theme back up as soon as possible. I have emailed you from your ThemeForest contact form about this as well. Please be in touch to let us know if there are some fixes we can undertake on our end to eliminate the error messages. Thanks! Smitty

Just replied via email, thanks

Curt – your email did the trick. THANKS for the speedy replies and your insights.

Does this theme work from RTL . We are using it in English but would like to go Multi language and one is from RTL . Please advise!

Hey there! It should be possible but would require some customization, it’s not a built in option or something I’ve done to this theme in the past.

Ok – what does it entail for us to do it then – from you? hours customization etc?

We would like to know what it would entail from you to do the customization – I sent you an email :) thanks!

I need to remove the LINE with info uder a Headline, can you please tell me where can I do that.


Hey there, I would suggest downloading a plugin called FireBug or use the Google Chrome Inspector tool. It will allow you to fake-edit the site without causing any harm, it will reveal what styles and files are being used and where to locate them.


Hi there, Can you please tell me if this theme is responsive? Does it display correctly on iphone, ipads,etc…? Many thanks

Here’s a mobile screenshot of a couple pages:

Hi Cudazi,

Great theme! I have not run into any problems until yesterday. I installed a plug-in (Per Page Sidebar) that I think tinkered with the coding of the theme. I applied it to one page, which worked, however all of the main content disappeared. When I deleted the plug-in, the content still did not appear. The problem somehow has to do with the categories coding. When I edit the categories or even create a new page and assign a category, nothing shows up.

I found an archive of how the page used to be so it is currently redirecting to that page. Help! Please take a look!!

Thank you so much,


Hey Jhoanne – try resetting your permalink settings to default and then back to some other setting to see if that ‘resets’ anything causing the trouble…

Hey Cudazi,

Thanks for the reply. I tried it, and it still did not fix the problem. I disabled the redirect link for now and here’s what it looks like:

Love the theme. I would like search results to include an exerpt of the page content, not just the page/ post title. Do you have any suggestions on how to add this? Thanks, Jen

Hey there – there’s a search.php for the results, you’ll need to add the_content or the_excerpt (Google WordPress Codex + one of those two) – you’ll need to add that and then style it if needed.

Hi Cudazi! I love this theme! But since I downloaded wp ecommerce plugin, the widgets don´t show up. How can I solve this? Best Regards Eva Wennman

I’m seeing the text widgets on the home but it’s almost as if you didn’t enter a title…?

Not if you go to the SHOP page…

HI Cudazi I’m having some troubles with my site on mobile browsers. On an iPhone, some of the text in the main area on pages disappears under graphics placed in some widgets to the right. How can I avoid that? You can see how it looked here: I have changed the text on the site, so that people visiting on mobile browsers can view it correctly, but I would rather have the browser to wrap the text by itself.

Hi again! Just wanted to explain…In the page I select three column layout but it still seems to use the single column layout. Best Regards

I have the theme installed on my site –

For some reason all of the text links within the site are showing up as strike-through text rather than as underlined text. Can you advise on how to fix this?

Thank you.

No problem, I know it can be frustrating to track those down. :)

The css code is coming from “WP Youtube Player 1.7”

So I deleted the “WP Youtube Player” entirely, but still have the same errors. Can yo tell me how you are checking for the error – I can try to figure it out, but not quite sure where to start

I’m not seeing it anymore, I was using Chrome’s Inspector tool but Firebug would work too (just Google either) – thanks

Hi Cudazi, Great theme ! Very elegant ! Is it possible to “fix” the top ? So that that it stays fix and on top of content when scrolling ? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hey there, there isn’t a built in option to do so but it would be possible with some css customizations.

All right, thanks !

Hey there.

Is there any chance to show a video in the promo slider on the homepage? Might be asked before but I couldn’t find an answer yet…

Cheers Christo

Hey Christo, not to worry, there are a lot of comments, I understand. The included slider is image-only, using WordPress’s featured image functionality but you could replace it with a plugin or custom script.

Hello, this looks like a wonderful theme. I’m just about to buy it for a client, but before I do, please could you tell me if it has the facility to create multiple sidebars? i.e. so that we can use different ones on different pages?


Hey there! That functionality is better suited for a plugin, there are a few free ones such as “widget context” or “widget logic” from within the WordPress plugin screen which can take care of that for you.

OK, I’ll use a plugin. Just thinking about ease of use for my client but it isn’t too much of a problem. Thank you!