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Hi Cudazi, I have install your template, but i can’t see the 3 Custom Widgets Included, I have only the default widget from WP.

Can you help me?

Please see the included instructions, the plugins need to be uploaded from the main zip file to the server separately. Thanks!

How I can filter portfolio page posts? With categories, says but I can’t localize where configure which category for the page.

(my portfolio is a page with “portfolio” template)

Please check the theme update txt files in the main download, you create a custom field called categories (exactly as written there) and give the value the id or ids (12,33,44) you want that page template to grab – Thanks!

Hi Cudazi, Thanks for the great template. Two quick questions…

1) I have turned off the commenting. Is there a way to remove the date stamp / authoring / comment counter and posted in <category> from the portfolio template?

2) I would like to show multiple images for each post assigned to the portfolio page. Is there a color box or slideshow support? How do you recommend accomplishing this?


You can try a custom field of hide_meta with a value of yes (It should be in the help or an update txt file, sorry I don’t have it handy) otherwise you’ll need to jump into the template files directly or hide it via the add-on CSS area.

Hi, for some reason the Custom Fields are not working for my home page and my custom category pages. I followed your tutorial exactly (I think).

For the custom category page, I added a custom field: categories then put the category # in the value field.

For my home page, I added a custom field: promo_image then put the URL for the image in the value area

Is there something else I need to install or configure to get these to work? Thanks!

Hey there – can you send me a screenshot link via my profile page? Be sure you have categories and not Categories or category and the value is a single number or a comma separated list like 12,22,3. You’ll also want to be sure the pages you’re adding the custom fields to have the proper page template set and saved.

I updated my wordpress version and that seems to have taken care of it. thanks for the fast response! excuse my ignorance when working with wordpress. i’m a newbee.

Hello Cudazi, We installed the Luxury theme we purchased by following the instructions in the zipped folder we received and have also watched the demo video. However, we cant get the Home page working as explained in the demo. We have sent you 3 emails on this matter without any response. Please, we need help on this.


Hey skowe, can you give this form a shot and let me know once it’s sent so I can double check my spam folder? ( ) Please send your site’s URL so I can have a closer look, thanks!

Hi Cudazi. Thanks for your reply. We have taken-down the site and is in maintenance mode now. Sorry! We were hoping that we can get some help to sort out the basic layout via email before going public. Thanks

Urgent help needed with Home Page Template. Having purchased the Luxury template i followed the 6 steps installation instructions on Creating Pages but as of now i have problem in creating the Home page. Few hints: Prior to Luxury, I already had the twentyeleven theme and my home page (Latest News and Events) was working well. After installing and activating the Luxury theme, I renamed this page “Home” . Although “Home” appeared in my menu, the contents of my previous Latest News and Events never appeared. When i changed “Home” to something else, e.g. “Home.” (note the dot), the contents of the page appear again. What could I have don wrong? the demo site is available at:

Can you please post using the account used to purchase the file so I can verify the purchase? Thanks!

Done. Thanks

Urgent help needed with Home Page Template. Prior to Luxury, I had home page (Latest News and Events) working in the twentyeleven theme. After installing and activating the Luxury theme, I renamed this page as “Home” as instructed in the Luxury theme documentation; “Creating Pages > Home Page Template” . Although “Home” appeared in my menu, the contents of my previous home page (Latest News and Events) never appeared. When i changed “Home” to something else, e.g. “Home.” (note the dot), the contents of the page appear again. What could I have don wrong? the demo site is available at:

You may want to go into screen options and show the “slug” and change both so something like home-2, home-3 and create a brand new home with a slug of home, it’s almost like your install is confused. Then set the appropriate one in settings > reading > home page.

Many thanks. I will give this a try and report back

Not much progress. I have sent you email and urgently waiting for help

Hello Cudazi and fellow theme users. Can anyone help on how to change the Luxury background colour? Regards

I’m not seeing the message anymore, looks like you may have found it

No. The forex megadroid robot advert is still visible at the bottom left hand corner of the footer. Actually the footer looks bigger than what was on the default template. I looked at footer.php but the whole code looks intact.

You may just want to download a fresh copy of the theme from your downloads tab (free) and delete/re-install, something on your server or installation needs to be flushed out to remove this.

Hi Cudazi, I’m having problems with the custom fields. First, what plugin do you recommend for custom fields since it’s not included in WP 3.5.1 or?

And can I use category ID in the Portfolio template as well?

Cheers Linus

Hey there – I’m not quite sure I follow, they’re just hidden by default now –

Yes, the custom field ‘categories’ works there too, same concept.


I missed totally missed that, thanks! And when I include or exclude a category the Name should be only “category” or cat_ID and the value just the category ID nr?

kindly Linus

Sorry, got it “categories”

Just curious, is there any way to make the home page slider slower?

You can modify the plugin js code in js/general.js you’ll see speed: 1000, timeout: 3000, etc… Thanks!

demo.xml included i hope? i thinking about to buy this item

I don’t have the download handy but send me a message via my profile page after purchase if it’s not in there and I’ll send one.


Great theme. I’m not exactly sure what was done to cause this problem, but the home page slider on my client’s site is no longer working. The category is being pulled correctly, but the function of the slider somehow broke. Any ideas on how I can fix this?


Thank you!


Please disregard the previous comment :) A plugin had corrupted some files, so once it was deactivated, the slider and all links were correct.

Thank you!

Good to know, thank you for the update, I appreciate it.

hello cudazi,

still quite happy with the theme, time goes by and it still does the job quite well!

i have been using the posts option for a “news” section of the site, but now i need to have an actual BLOG with the site. so 2 pages with differente posts: 1. news 2. blog

is this possible? how so?

many thanks!

Actually it’s not the updates file sorry, it’s the “Luxury_Wordpress_Help.pdf” in the help folder under > “Custom Category Template” please be sure you’ve read the entire help file including any notes on settings/etc.

Also, if your custom fields are hidden please go to:

For the category IDs, step 6 if you don’t know how to find them there are numerous tutorials online that should help –

hi ya curt,

thanks again for the reply.

i found no “Custom Category Template” in the help pdf. only a brief note on “Custom Write Panel”, mentioning columns and thumbs. this is not what you mean, is it?

It’s on the bottom of page 3.

sorry, found the info. ok, so in custom fields i just wrote “categories” and added the number of my category ID.

not working. what am i doing wrong?

just to be 100% correct: theme is updated, latest version.

on the new BLOG page, chose the “custom category” template option.

on custom fields selected ‘category’ and added the correct category number.

after publishing, what appears instead of the new test post is actually “HOME”! ???

Please be sure you are using ‘categories’ not ‘category’ and don’t have anything set for the posts page in settings > reading > posts page or it will revert back to index.php.


it was the reading settings that needed to be changed since i had previously selected for the original version of the site to have just one blog.

cheers curt! yay!

Hi, i have downloaded you template but I can’t undertand how to add slide gallery in the homepage. Someone can help me please?

Tank you,


Hey Mic, there’s a video link in the description here –


in the video when you add a new page you can set “custom fields” to add a slider menu gallery. When i add a page “custom fields” does not exist. I0m using wordpress 3.5.1.

Please help me,


Custom fields may just be hidden for your WP install—

How do I create an image slider like the example? I’m confused – I don’t see a slider button? I’ve installed 3 of your plugins




I just want a image slider like this one:

How do I also delete: Spazio Caffe – Copyright 2013 – Original design by Cudazi for

Please be sure you’ve read the entire help PDF in the main download and there’s also a video in the item description which will help –

Hi, We’ve installed the theme perfectly on a site and have no issues apart from when we view the site on a mobile device. It appears that the background image is stopping half way across the screen. Please advise.