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Hi, We’re struggling to get the theme to display properly on an iPhone. The width of the site seems to be fixed and not responsive.

Any advice?


Hey there, it’s a fixed width theme but you’re welcome to modify it as needed for your requirements.

Hello Cudazi, Where can i start in getting the slideshow of 6 images just below the menus? I inserted slideshow code (e.g [slideshow_deploy id=1361]) above the 1st line of our 1st page but the images fliker when the website is loaded.

Be sure when changing the height, you leave the quotes off, eg: 400 vs ‘400’ unless you set it to ‘auto’. The js height does not change the actual image height (that’s defined in functions.php) it just controls the overall slideshow container height.

Hello Cudazi, Many thanks. The slideshow is working perfectly well! I have 2 pages; one for latest News and the other, Latest Events. Is there any way I can display the two pages under the Home page slideshow (Custom Page Options/Screen Layout = 2 Columns)?

You’re looking to pull in the content from two pages into this template? You’ll need some custom work for that or maybe you can find a plugin/widget that would pull content in…

Hi, I purchased your Theme, and after trying to get the same results as the demo, I realized that “About the Theme” and “Packeged with Features” are just Text-Widgets.. :(

I need to put recent post in homepage (not only title, I need the extract or a part of the text), any plugin suggestion?

If you’re looking to display a single, most recent post in the same format as one of the first two widgets, send me a message via my profile page and I can write up a quick customization quote, it should be possible. Thanks

Hi, I was having trouble hiding the home page sliders from showing up in the blog. Any advice? Thank you

Please be sure you’ve followed the help pdf exactly and haven’t set a page in settings > reading > posts page and also that the blog page uses the custom category / blog page. Thanks! (and that in theme settings you’ve picked a portfolio category)

Hi Cudazi, I have uploaded the theme using Filezilla. I now need to upload the widgets but am unsure what location i need to upload them to? Is it the same location as the theme? Any help greatly appreciated!



Hey Sarah – it should be covered in the help file for uploading through the browser, otherwise you can upload the plugin folder to wp-content/plugins—thanks!

Hi, I was just wondering if I could hide the blog postings date and time?

Hey there – at the very end of functions.php you’ll see where the “meta” as it’s called is assembled for display on various parts of the site.

Hi, great theme—I love it! One quick question: how do you exclude a certain category (eg, home images category for the slider) from the Recent Posts widget? Thanks in advance.

The custom widget I included has this in the widget’s description “Use comma separated list of category IDs to include/exclude. Adding a minus sign means exclude: -44 vs 44 (set blank or -0 to show all)”

Ah, I totally missed the custom Cudazi widget—oops. Thanks for thinking of everything so thoroughly and for responding promptly!

Hi Cudazi I am trying to upload my own font using Cufon. Could you please tell me where the ‘js/font’ folder within the program is and how I access it? Do I need to access it via Filezilla?



Hey Sarah,

You’ll need to access it via FTP or edit it before you upload the theme, fonts are in /wp-content/themes/cudazi-luxury/js/fonts/ (which inside the theme folder is just js/fonts/ but I included the full path for you)

Love this theme. Quick question. Recently installed for a client, but I cannot get the custom sidebar for the blog to work. It’s the only page that will not display the sidebar.

Custom sidebar widget works perfectly on other pages and is adjustable by page. I can’t even get other custom sidebars to work on the blog page that are working on others.

Have you happened to run across this with anyone else? I didn’t see it in a quick glance through the comments. Just wondering if it’s going right over my head without even realizing it.

Thanks! - Ashley

Hey there – well, that’s odd! Can you send me a link via my profile, maybe it’s there but hidden somehow…

Hi, I see in the FAQ how to re-size the home page slider image but how do I reduce the white space below? My client wants to be able the see the home columns without scrolling down. Thank you!

.promo-bottom has a margin you can override:

Hi, I see in the FAQ how to re-size the home page slider image but how do I reduce the white space below? My client wants to be able the see the home columns without scrolling down. Thank you!

.promo-bottom has a margin you can override:

i can find it when i do inspect element, but I can’t seem to find it under “edit theme”. I also don’t see .promo-bottom I’m sorry i’m still very new to WP. Once again thank you for your help.

It’s in the /css/ folder, you can instead just override it in the theme settings page instead.

Hi Cudazi,

Having some trouble accessing the theme via the domain I have purchased for it. I’m receiving a fatal error when I try to access the home page – Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/luxurye/public_html/index.php on line 2

I can access all other files I have uploaded (images, css etc) however can’t seem to access this.

Also, is there a way I have to activate the theme so it appears in my WP dashboard? May be a stupid question (never used WP before), but when I log in to WP I can’t see any mention of your luxury thee.

Thanks in advance, Andy

EDIT – I have only uploaded all the theme files to the root of the domain, and not /wp-content/themes/ as I have seen an article say you should. Do you need to do this, or will the root be fine?

You need to upload the theme into the theme folder or through the appearance > themes menu as noted in the documentation. Thanks!

Hey – I was wondering how I might include the social icons from a third party plugin (not yours) in the navigation bar at the top of the page but aligned right. The php code for the include is: <?php DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS(); ?> and all I need to know is, in which template page do I do this (in the Editor), between what lines of existing code should it go, and what additional code should surround the above (if any). Thank you. Michael

Hey there, I really can’t assist on free customizations, I hope you understand. Sorry.

Hey, I do understand and appreciate your answer. would it be possible to pay for this customization?

Hey Michael – Please send me a message via my profile page with your site information so I can take a closer look at the plugin. If I can’t fit it in, I can find someone for you as well. Thanks!

Hi Cudazi, thanks for the great theme! I have a few questions that I’m hoping you can help me with: - How do I slow down the home page slider so the images stay onscreen for longer? - How can I increase the font size of the text in the header navigation menu? - Finally, how can I change the text colour to black (across the entire site) Thank you so much! - Katie

Hey Katie, I hope you’re doing well!

I can’t get into free customization work but the slider options (speed, timeout, etc…) are in /js/general.js and the HTML/CSS customizations can be done in /css/screen.css. A tool such a firebug/chrome inspector tools can help track down any miscellaneous styles and allow you to test-edit on the fly. If you need someone to do the modifications for you, I may be able to or get you in touch with someone specializing in custom work. Just let me know!

Thanks Cudazi, I sent you a private message via your profile. Let me know if you didn’t receive it! Katie

Hey Curt, loving the theme and finding my way around it (bit by bit!). Just wondered whether you’d be able to help me out with a few questions:

1. What’s the easiest way to add a container on the homepage under the slider and above the 3 columns (probably 2 column – 1 for intro text and H1, and maybe one for an image)?
2. Can you add image to each of the three columns on the homepage (can only see how to add text under the widget section)
3. I want to use the homepage slider on other pages, but don’t want to pull in the 3 columns from the home page itself (as I want to have a different layout). Can this be achieved?
4. Custom ad manager doesn’t appear to work – added the URL for an image to appear, but it’s not appearing in column 2 when I change the page to 2 column

Huge thanks in anticipation for your reply.

Hey Motley,

1 & 3.) I unfortunately can’t get into customization work but page-home.php will have the code you can add/modify as needed. It also contains the slider code as well. You may want to look into slider plugins if you want multiple on various pages, etc.

2.) You can add basic HTML to widgets:
<img src="" />

4.) Try the URL to the image in a new browser window. If it does not work there, it will not work in the ad manager – try the full URL with http://etc....

Hope that helps, thanks!

Thanks so much for your reply.
Re 4) – The image URL definitely works (it’s from another site of mine) but cant seem to get the widget to work.

Also, what’s the best way of removing the following from each post
Posted by Admin – X Comments (from the top of each post) &
Posted in X (from the bottom of each post)

I’ve managed to remove the comments field with a plug in, but can’t seem to find these bits in your code? Searches have suggested it would be something like Post_meta or post_author however I can’t seem to see it.
Your help is appreciated as I don’t need these on the site (as using it for a site and not a blog).
Thanks, Motley

Please send me a message via my profile page with your website information so I can have a closer look at the ad manager widget.

Hi Cudazi, thanks for your reply earlier in the comments… I’m still having problems getting the white space reduced between the promo image and the text columns below. I tried what you said and I found what I need to change… when i change 40px on the .promo container to -100px it is correct. But when I make these changes and upload them using a child theme it doesn’t change anything. I can only see the change when I do it through inspect element (but then I can’t save).

Any help would be amazing! Thanks

You can add the css in the add-on css area if you would like too. Otherwise, send me a link to the live site after you’ve made the updates and I’ll take a closer look. (I’m out of the office until Tuesday) Thanks!

Hi Cudazi, is it possible to make the social media icons open a new tab when you click on them, instead of navigating the visitor away from the site? (for example, when I click on the twitter icon, it redirects to the twitter page instead of opening the link in a new tab…) Thank you!

Hey there,

Towards the end of footer.php you’ll see a line that starts like this:


Thanks so much!!

Hello, Great theme! Is there a way I can remove the page titles from the top of each page? I don’t want them appearing on the tops of my pages.

You would need to edit the theme files directly or hide the titles via css. Thank you


I want to have my blog posts on a “news” page, and I am assuming that the “custom category display” page template allows me to display a custom category of posts. How do I choose which category(s) to display? I can’t find that anywhere…

Hey there – there are some .txt files for updates but essentially you need to add a custom field of categories (not category) with the category IDs you want to pull in. The IDs can be seen in the WP admin when editing a category name by looking at the URL. That ensures if you change a category name down the line it won’t break anything. You can do multiple 12,33,3 or just exclude something too: -33