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Hey Mr. Cudazi, I installed the theme and plugins but I don’t see the drop down menus for the home page settings to display my own “promo_image”.. I only see one custom page option box. Any idea why the other options aren’t showing up?

......SOLVED….. Sorry, the custom fields checkbox was unchecked.

:: Promo_image / Promo_url :: Mr. Cudazi, I can get one image and one url to work in the custom home page slider but when i add a second or third image/url the slider stops working.. Any idea?

I can see the buttons on the lower right side of the slider indicating that the slider can see the images but it doesn’t slide and it wont change to show any other image..

Please help.. link to site /

Be sure you’re adding them as multiple custom fields (all lowercase) just promo_image (then the image path) promo_url (then the url), etc… just over and over as pairs of new custom fields. Thanks!

Is it possible to do sliders on every page or just the home page?

Hey there, it’s just built into the home page template but you could copy/paste the code into other areas/templates if you’re up for some modifications.

Thanks so much. What about short codes like other themes have where I can make two columns three columns etc on a page just by dropping in a short code? I am not a coder but have a client who wants some more things on the page other than a plain text base. Thanks

You’re welcome to install any column shortcodes, either from or, thanks!

After watching the video tutorial for creating a home page, I realized that I don’t have all of the options as displayed in the tutorial. Specifically, when I try to create a custom home page I don’t have the custom fields options (the boxes don’t appear at all) that would allow me to add promo_url or promo_image. Can you please advise as to how I can fix this? I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the theme. Thank you.

I updated our theme, and it removed the sidebar on the homepage. I am trying to set it back up, but I cannot get the sidebar back. Here is a screenshot of what it used to look like:

Here is a link to the website currently:

What option am I missing to setup the sidebar for the homepage? Thanks in advance!

Hey there, I’m not entirely sure what you mean – the home page doesn’t have a sidebar but there are dedicated widget areas in appearance > widget as long as you have the home page using the page template of “Home” – thanks!

Hey there im from germany. Is it possible to get the german “umlauts” (Ä,Ü,Ö) in the theme? They dont show them in the headlines. Thank you.

Hey there, check out the FAQ on symbols ( ) sorry for the trouble!

Can I hide the date/time/comments on some posts and not others? I don’t want them to be visible on the posts involved in the porfolio, but I do in the blog. Thanks!

Try a custom field of hide_meta (value of yes, or 1) and see if that does it, if not, you’ll need to modify the theme files or edit via CSS. Thank you

Dear Cudazi,

Currently image attachment pages show images with a max. width of 300px (medium size I believe). Is there any way to easily change this to, let’s say, 960px or 1080px (large size) width?

Best, Glen

Hey Glen – can you send me a link to your page? (you can use my profile contact form if you wish to keep it private)

thank you, have emailed you privately via profile

Hi there pls can you email me some examples of websites that have used this theme – i am looking to design a ‘design boutique’ – so i want to go for the luxury and creative template and i feel this theme will provide that for me however i would like to see some real time examples so i can get a real feel of what this template looks like.


Hey Kunali! I can really only let you have what others have posted in this public discussion area. (Just want to be sure I’m not sharing any information that was intended to be private, sent via email/etc)

Dear Cudazi, I never update the theme since i installed it the first time (my version is the 1.5) Could you give me some advice about the best way to update the theme?

Could you say to me which files were changed, after the 1.5 version? Thank you so much for your precious help.

You may want to do a search for a file compare tool if you’ve customized the theme files directly. Otherwise, any updated files will have a newer last modified date as well. Thanks!

Great theme but how do I get the navigation onto the left, instead of the top? Exactly like the HTML version you have on the example site.

The WordPress version does not have the same feature set as the HTML version. It can be done with customizations but not included by default. Thanks!

I thought it would have the option as the theme is called the same, but if it doesn’t have the same options it isn’t really.. bit disappointing as I prefer that version, but 100% need it in WP. Appreciate the quick reply.

Is it possible to provide the sample website’s files?

Please send me a message via my profile, thanks!

WP 3.7 compatible? Actually is 3.7 or 3.8 going to make much of a difference to themes?

Hey there, all demos are running WP 3.7, 3.8 isn’t out yet. Thanks!

Hey, i updated to WP 3.7.1 and lost my bottom 3 columns on the home page. They were linked to three category numbers but now they dont show up, just the slider pictures do. VERY disappointed.

My live demo is running 3.7.1, can you see if the widgets are still in Appearance > Widgets where originally assigned?

Hallo, is it possible to provide sample files of the demo? And is it possible to make the theme responsive? Thanks

Please contact me via my profile page, thank you!

Hi! Quick question. I need to show custom images on home page slider, but the Home Page Promo Category fields under Home template (i’ve chosen Home for home page) doesn’t appear all, meaning there is no place to define Homepage Promo Category images.

Hey there, have you watched the setup video? ( )

Hi! Yes, but like I said the pointed things doesn’t appear for me.

Please send me a temporary admin level user/pass via my ThemeForest profile and I’ll check it out this evening, thanks!

Hello, I can’t seem to access any pages that I’m creating.

For example: I create a new page named “services”. I add the page to the menu, but when I click the menu item, I get “The requested URL /services/ was not found on this server.” The shortcode to the page is /services/, yet I can’t access it even if I paste the link in my browser.

I don’t get what’s happening. Please help.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks again for the response. Unfortunately I already installed it twice before I posted here. You mentioned something about the .htaccess file before that may be throwing things off, but there’s nothing in there other than the standard post 3.0 WP stuff.

Also in addition to the above, when I add more than one “promo_image” it covers the home page content. One image works fine, two or more do not. All the images are the same size. (Please refer to url in the first post of thread).

In js/general.js you can find a manual height set for the slideshow ( height: 400, ) Looks like you’ll need to update that to 600 if using anything outside the standard size. (Be sure to leave that comma at the end.) As for the permalinks, there’s thousands of sites using this design and I don’t remember seeing this before, it has to be something odd with your server or any modifications which can be hard to tackle unfortunately. Any other clues would be appreciated.

Hello, I purchased your theme quite a while ago and absolutely love it. It looks great! I was wondering how have the recent post date in your homepage show up as a graphic like that? Mine just shows a text date.

Many thanks!

Hey and thank you! The latest news display is actually a custom widget (plugin) included in the main download. :)


I can’t see “Theme Settings” on WP Dashboard, i have last version of Wordpress. Can you help me?

Hello! Please be sure you’re logged in as an admin level account and you may want to check any security plugins as they can cause some trouble from time to time. Thanks

Hello, thanks for your help. Am logged as admin, and i desactivated all plugins, and not luck with this. Still no seeing Theme Settings. What other thing i can try?

I’m using the theme on the latest WordPress version but seeing the menu, that’s unusual. You may want to try activating another theme and then revert back to this one to see if it helps re-trigger anything.

Hi Cudazi,

Love the theme, so thank you!

I’m trying to create a child theme so a Mobile Theme Switcher will activate a different style.css. I think because of the file structure it won’t pull in the child theme’s style.css modifications. Does this sound correct, and is there a way to make this work? Thanks for your help and the theme!

I tried with and without custom css in the website’s Theme Settings. the site is, running wordpress 3.8.1.

Hello! The css for this one is all in the /css/ folder but the add-on css area is probably easier. :)

Thanks for the quick response! The themes custom CSS area has worked great for the primary style changes, but now that I’m trying to get a child theme working with it, I’m stumped. I tried copying the “screen.css” into a “css” folder in the child and changing it that way, but the still no luck. The only important change I need through the child theme is a larger font size. I know it’s,

body { font-size: .8em; }

Just not sure if it’s possible the way I’m going it. Thanks for your support!

Can you send me a note via my ThemeForest profile and we’ll work together there, thanks. :)