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Lovely theme! I’ve got it bookmarked.


Glad to hear that :) Thank you

Very nice theme!

Awesome theme, GLWS mate! ;)

Muito bom meu amigo :D

Obrigado ;)

Nice first theme, congrats!

Bem vindo ao themeforest! ;)

Obrigado ;)

Fantastic work. Wish your good sell.

Seja bem vindo ao ThemeForest! Boa sorte com as vendas!!! Teremos uma versão WP?

Obrigado ;) Yes, we are working on it right now.

Cool first theme :) Can I ask a question? Did they reject your work? If yes, why?

Yes they do.. due to some JS plugins that were out of date.

Thanks ;)

ohh!! Thanks dude ?

Is the contact form fully functional?

Hello Allino no it doesn’t. We’ll update the contact form in two days. Please stay tuned.

Thanks, looking forward. Love everything about the theme by the way. Great job!

Hello Allino, the contact form it’s now ok, just pending approval from Themeforest Staff, you’ll receive a notification as soon as they accept it.

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else :)


Am really enjoying using your template. Was just wondering what the mp3 included in the download is for. I cannot see any links to it in the template files.

The file is beatskin-scalp-massage(preview).mp3

I was not expecting an audio player to be included in this template but it would be a nice surprise if there was one.

Best wishes,


Hello Paul, there is an audio player on Blog (3rd post) go check it ;)

Wow, brilliant! Can’t believe I missed that! In my defence I usually start with the index file and convert to whatever CMS or framework I happen to be using for the project, and then pick bits and pieces of code out of the page examples as I need them. I might have missed this entirely!

I think this is a brilliant template and have rated it five stars. It has been a pleasure to work with – thank you.

That audio player is going to get a lot of use now :-)

I have been very impressed with this. It should be much more than $14 in my opinion, can’t imagine what Envato was thinking.

Looking forward to see what you come up with next,

Best wishes,


Thanks for the feedback Paul ;)