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Great work Tyler!

Thank you!

I really want to make a presence on ThemeForest :D

Hey Tyler. I am new to lots of this. Mainly work in WP.

With these types of themes how would I go about installing and customizing? Just FTP to my server and tweak? Use Dreamweaver? Thanks.

Shoot me an email and we can work something out. I would love to mAke a blaster theme for WP but thongs are pretty strict on themeforest and I don’t think they would allow it :(


If more thumbs (i,e the lightbox section under the main top frame) are added, how does the design/layout react? I.E does it provide a scroller for these additional images (thumbs) or are any additional images (thumbs) simply add below the four we see in the preview?

Great design :)


They will not scroll :(

But you could simply clear the first row and add a second!

Tyler Am I missing something here? Where is the slide-in, email subscription form? Cheers.

Click the subscribe link right under the app store button and it will slide in ;)

Excellent stuff! How did I miss that! :chuckle: Thanks for for the quick reply!

Exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

Hi, great work! Please tell me if the slider is able to slide up rather than side to side? Can it also be slowed down? Thanks!

There is no sliding going on in any direction they fade in and out.

So the answer to my original question is no?

Yes that’s correct.

The main slider in the iMac :)

Ohhh ok that’s why I was confused. The iMac actually uses a cycle plugin not a slider. Its purpose built for cycling the images.