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No more landing pages? :D

Nice work. Good luck

No sir!

It is time to break into new markets :D

Fantastic! The simplicity is amazing! Keep it up!

Thank you!

Thanks rosebud ;)

keep it up although a psd with menubar & a safari mockup that the user could drop their screenshots into would add value to the product

The documentation includes all the stuff for the mockup… The slider does not require you to even use the iMac, the images sit on top of it ;)

Hi. Great theme :)

One question: The active class for the menu does nothing. How can i make it work since i would like to show my users where they are on the page by making the link white when its active…?

Thanks in advance…

You can tweak the CSS and JS however you like! ;)

Well, tried to do it in css, but doesnt work, guess the js overwrites it somehow. Could you come with a suggestion as to how it could be done?

Nice looking theme. I couldn’t get the features slider to work with Firefox 10.0.1 on Windows. I got an error that jQuery was undefined. I got the same error on your hosted demonstration site.

I think I fixed it with a local copy of jQuery (even thought the Google cdn copy was loading).

Strange, I have not noticed any issues, I will take another look!

hi . very beautiful Template but it has problem whit ie . not main page but when i click on about us or other pages top menu fall down and everything not in right place

It’s working fine for me IE7 +....

Hi, is there any chance to modify the duration of slides in the imac container? Is it possible to have theimages randomly in the imac container? Thanks!

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