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Very nice work mate! Good luck :D

Thank you, very much!

Congratulations nice work. Good luck mate :)

Thank you, Vicky!

Good luck Good luck mate :)

Thank you, Drupalet

awesome work.. good luck!

Thank you!

Very well managed and planned, good to see this, less themes are available with vertical menu on this niche.

Yes, I’m glad that this one is bit different. Thank you

Good luck , looks great!

Thank you, Bedros!

Very nice. Congrats!

Thank you, bro!

Beautiful work guys. Congrats on the theme!

Thank you, Rex :)

Great work mate 8-)

Thank you, very much!

Hey there. This looks perfect for my site, however I currently am using a theme where the featured images are 642×336px and I was wondering what will happen to them when migrating them into the new theme which uses 774×400px images? Thanks.

- or you can disable featured images on single posts,

- or you can stretch smaller (642) images to 774px


Thanks – I’ll certainly consider this theme :)

Ok, thanks

Can users register and post ?

Hello, yes, it is native Wordpress (core) function. Thank you

Awesome work, I’ll buy soon :)

Thank you!

Hi, great theme, How can I control the length of the posts content on the blog page? Currently I have it set to “excerpt” in reading settings, but it is showing the entire posts. In your demo, it only shows excerpts, and then the read more button take you to the full post. I want this. How can I do it please? I have a static homepage, and separate blog page.

Hello and thank you!

You need to use native ‘Read more’ quick tag to “break” your posts on the blog page: http://www.wikihow.com/Add-Read-More-to-Wordpress

Thank you

great wp theme sir… fixed header+sidebar can switch on right sidebar sir? Thanks

Hello and thank you.

It is possible, but code modification is necessary – you need to have some coding skills.

Thank you

i mean you can create homepage with right sidebar? :)


sidebar is not part of page builder, It is ifex and you need to do some modification to “move” sidebar on the right side.

Thank you

Looking to purchase this theme but your demo is taking 2+ minutes to load… Could you confirm that this is a hosting issue and not the theme itself?


Hello and thank you for your interest!

Yes, it is caused by crappy hosting – I’m moving my themes…

You can check page load speed on my other magazine theme: http://capethemes.com/demo/01/

Thank you

Hi Dannci…

beautiful work, it renders wonderfully on mobile and ipad, the only lack is a wide version on desktop, a boxed layout doesn’t work well with the nice menu panel.

Hope for soon update…


Hello and thank you!

I’ll look at it…

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme, but I don’t like the sidebar. Is there a full width option or a way to hide the sidebar?


no sorry, this theme is available only with left sidebar.

If you want, you can check my other magazine theme – SuperBlog: http://themeforest.net/item/superblog-powerful-blog-magazine-theme/6877869

Thank you

Hi Dannci,

Thanks for a great theme.

Do you know if it’s possible to ‘toggle open’ a toggle that contains an anchor link/tag?

For example, if the toggle contains an anchor, and a link within the same page references that anchor, can it open the toggle and scroll the page like an anchor link normally works?



if I understand correctly then no, anchor link cannot open toggle and scroll to anchor.

Thank you