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Cool and clean template.,

does this thing have a blog and does it have an inventory stock?

There is no blog, you can read more about products management from here. “”

Hi I like your theme, and send you a list of questions direct to you but never got an answer – so now I try here and hope you would answer at least the 3 most importan questions I have - can your theme work with more frontends in different languages and different currencies and only one backend (multistore function) as I will sell in different eu contries? - I have a very simple product (coloured contact lenses) and only one brand and WILL NOT have an account / login for the costumer – is that possible? - I have free freight and will therefore and because of no account like to have a one-page-checkout – is that possible? Hope you will answer soon so I know if I should buy or not :-)

best regards Henrik

Where you have sent your list, haven’t got any mail, you can send me mail via my profile, You can use theme with multiple languages and currencies, there are two checkout option which you can select from admin, also possile with guest.

i just send you an email via your profile

Excellent job man !! I like ur work, That’s why good luck with sales ;)


I buyed this template and i like it very much. I don’t know where i can translate some things on header like “Support” or “shopping cart – cart total”. On footer this one: “Payment options”. I don’t know how to display the slide featured products, i try 8 products and they’re in home category, but only shows 4 products without slide… (I configured in theme settings module for this template: Feature products; number of products:8) I’m a newbie with prestashop, and sorry for the inconvenience, but sure someone can helpme. For the rest, i think is clear, easy to implement and friendly.

You can send me mail via my profile…

Only to say thanks for fast support

I would like to purchase this, but I would need a left column (all pages but homepage) – would this be possible?

Yes, you can mail me via my profile, so that we can discuss about it, it will be paid service for these changes.


Beautiful theme !

Is it easy to translate banners ? example:”Free shipping” ” Designers collections” ...

All the best

We are providing PSDs, so that you can create your own banners and use them according to your store language which you can manage from your prestashop admin…

Super nice theme! A few pre sale questions.

1) I see on the top right you have a wishlist tab, but then no way to wishlist items in the store, is this included?

2) does this template contains all the demo things and is it set up the exact way you have it on the demo out of the box, meaning is it exactly like I see or do I have to make changes to get it the way of the demo?


Get your mail answered, use that for communication…

Great theme up and running in no time with some great help from the creator. Thank you

hello. I like this theme. I would like to ask if it is possible to get to the theme whit brand slideshow on the homepage. thank you

Yes, its possible, we can add this on home page, but it will be custom work so you have to pay for it. You can mail me via my profile so that we can discuss about it.

Hello, you’re talking about “Additional Theme Modules” but you’re not giving explanations on it. Thanx in advance

Nice job, but i cannot see the same thing for iphone, even by clicking on “remove frame”. Thank you, great job!

There was minor issue on demo, now you can check.

I just open your demo web by my Android phone, but the mobile version is not work prefectly, when I browse full version, it’s not responsive. I want to buy this theme but is the mobile version / responsive is work on mobile?

When I open from my computer, the responsive is work even I resize the browser.

Thanks, AgusDemak

There was minor demo issue, which i fixed. Now you can check.

Please help The problem with the attributes, you can check what’s going on at Before flashing the template everything worked

This is urgent!!

Get your mail answered, use that for communication…

how can i change this text on the top “Shopping cart – Cart Total” i cant find this in translation ! it is a ajax modul

thank you for help

and as next i got a strange viewing of compare how can i fix this ?

please take a look on this site:

You can translate from admin>Localization > Translations – if you need help contact me via my profile – – compare looks strange because you have not set right image size.

Hi i bought this theme, it can be possible to have de advertising in several language, i mean i have my site in spanish, english and french, and works fine, but the advert dosent change, or i dont know how.

Thanks Federico

Its good question, but we have to check it, please send me mail via my profile so that team can check it,

another question why my theme is not showing like yours, if you go to and see on login (Mi Cuenta) or trie tu by something (comprar) and when you make check out it is really diferent and i dont know why. Can you check pplease.

Thanks Federico

Please send me mail via my profile with your site details so that team can check it.

Hello! First, nice theme..

How i can show more than 4 featured products ?? for example 12 or 16, i try with the product featured module but not respond.

Thankiu very much!

These are new products not featured, please try to change new products number, if you need help please send me mail via my profile,

Ok try to change on blocknewsproducts.tpl but dont show chanes, if posible integraded the block products featureds on this theme ??

Ok, please mail me via my profile so that team will check it,

cool and clean :) nice work. so is it possible to translate the whole theme into german? is it easy to install the theme to presta shop.. never worked with prestashop..

ty :)

Yes, you can translate theme in german, and install it within one minute with easy steps.

very nice site, very fast response and support professional developer my website: Thanks