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Why does the google analytics code not work ?

I put it in the Tracking Code Box but the code do not work !

Next :

How can i change the products from the main site ? That are every time the same products on the front site !

Please help me

Please send me mail via my profile so that i can check your site,

Hello, very nice theme. There’s one thing I cannot figure out: on header there’s the telephone number with the prefix “support”

that string on my installation is instead “test” followed by the telephone number as I set in theme configuration

Where to look to change that string? I cannot find it in the translations strings…

nevermind, found out: themes/madame/modules/bocksearch/translations/it.php

italian translation was wrong :)

How can show more than 4 new products or featured products in the homepage ?? I set 12 on number slide in module WD Product Slider but dont show more.. What can i do ? Why can run the module ? PrestaShop version


WD Product Slider dont run, i change the value, but dont show any changes.. what can i do ? .. thanks

I have replied you on mail… which you sent me from themeforest… Please send me your site details via mail.

Ok sorry i dont see them , o send it

Thankiu all ok. Good support.


i tested your responsive theme on my iphone but i don’t have the good responsive theme, can you help me please ?

thank you !

Please send you site link via email so that i can check it.

Thank you for answer

” ...This is a prestashop default theme, you have to disable mobile view from prestashop admin>Preferences > Themes And disable mobile view because are are using style media for mobile.


Thank you

Hi, the WD Madame Theme Settings module doesn’t works, I make changes but doesn’t change in the frontpage, do you know where can be the problem?


hello. I wanted to know if you can customize the color pink buttons. I want it for a unisex clothing store

Theme have option so you can change any color from admin.

and I want the default language in Spanish..Can you help?

You have to translate theme from admin in your language.

hello. I purchased this template. I’m trying to install it on my web..I have an installation error. pd: I’m using the 1.5.3 version of PrestaShop .. . please help

Already reply on your mail which you send me via themeforest 2days ago.

Hi, nice Theme. Is fully compatible with Prestashop 1.5.4 and IE8?

Thank you.

Yes, it is compatible with 1.5.4

Yes, i will buy it if it is fully compatible for Prestashop 1.5.4.

Then im also waiting for the answer :)

Yes, it is compatible with 1.5.4

Hi, how are you?

I’m trying to translate the theme to Portuguese Brazil.

I wonder if the only way to make the translation manually or if there is some other way.

I’m waiting on, I thank you.

You can translate manually only, if you have any question you can mail me via my profile,

Hi, I would like the font that was used to make the black banners.

Could provide so we can assemble similar layouts in our language?

If you are talking about banners font then we are using google font “anton” which you can download from google web font

Hi, i’m trying to make traductions, into french. I’m using the “tranductions” menu but all of my traductions are not working ! Is that normal ? I translate, i save, some of traductions works and others no. Strange and hard for me !

Please send me mail via my themeforest profile so that i can check it,

Hello, How to remove twitter from the bottom right box in the footer? (I do not have and don’t plan to open a twitter account)

It can be remove from code only, please send me mail via my profile so that i can help you.

Dear webdziner,

Having trouble installing your theme. Can you please help me? ;-)

Thank you so much. Really nice theme – really look forward to getting it up and running.

Your mail has been answered, use the mail for any communication.

How can i show the color filter in the sidebar menu of a category?

Please send me mail via my theme forest profile so that i can check it,


I would like to know if this template is compatible with Prestashop 1.49

Thanks for your response Best Regards

Sorry, this is not compatible with PS 1.4, You can mail me via my themeforest profile for anything else,

WD Product Slider dont run, i change the value, but dont show any changes.. what can i do ? .. thanks

It should work but as i can see you have made code changes on theme modules, i have your admin detail from where i can see it, please reply on mail so that i can check, do not send new mail or do not forward that mail just reply where we are already communicating.