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Why does the google analytics code not work ?

I put it in the Tracking Code Box but the code do not work !

please advise

It should work, please send mail so that i can check it.

Can it work with pretashop thanks

Yes, you can mail me via my themeforest profile for anything else,

Hi I purchased this theme, but I’m having a problem with the product image boxes. The boxes do not adjust to my image size, and when I change my image to match the dimensions of the boxes, it re-sizes my images and leaves a white boarder. How can i fix this?

Sent reply on your mail for details.

will it work with PrestaShop™ ?


Tengo un grave problema, no me puedo registrar. Favor solucionar con urgencia.

I got your mail but i can not understand your language please use English.

Ya solucioné el problema… era el caché del navegador… Pero ahora me pasa lo mismo que a wanzakidotcom con las imágenes en el check out

Please reply on mail.

Hey, i got a problem. I`m updating the theme settings for Support Information with my telephone but only when i celar cache its updating the right info. It seems that i need to clear cache everytime i want to update things there.

Any update on this? Thanks. PS 1.5.4 your theme over a fresh installation

If cache is enable then you have to clear cache every time for changes or you can disable it and enable after all changes. you can mail me via my themeforest profile for anything else,

Ok i understand but it does not work as it should. I`m saving theme settings while cache is disabled and after enabling the cache is changes back to previuos settings.

Is there an option to add a cache cleaning event or smth like that ? If this is not working correctly, and i installed the theme for a person thats starting with PS for the first time, she wont be able to clean the cache everytime via FTP.

I am not getting understand what you are trying to do & i am talking about prestashop cache, please send mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it,

Hi, I’ve problem image not appear while checkout. please see this ->

Could you help me to solve this problem?

You have to configure images size for it, go to doc and check point C: Configure Images. If you still having problem then send mail via my themeforest ID with your site details so that i can check it,

Already refer that point previously during install but image still not appear. I’ve send mail via themeforest ID.

Hi this theme works with the last version of PrestaShop ? 1.5.4

Thank´s , Regards !!!

Yes, theme is compatible with latest version of prestashop.

Can you tell me where i can change language for the top links module and newsleeter and for other things as Welcome to our online store , because all time in english but the other contents no show in english , and show in other languages when i choose , thank´s , regards

Please send mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it,

Please send mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it,

hello does your template support multi-shop?

oh.. I also have same problem as wanzakidotcom images don;t show up in the cart

hello im planning to buy this theme but do you have any idea to add some more features in future ? And is it possible to add facebook box instead of twitter area? and this font you using on site supporting turkish charset ? that is amazing font. and is it possible to change logo size little bit? we just need very little more :) and lst and main question is is it possible to remove or disable SELECT TO COMPARE thing on images?

I can not say anything about future, yes we are planing to providing both option (twitter & facebook) so that you can select any of one, we are using google API fonts for now, yes you increase logo area, Yes we can remove compare feature on request. For anything else you can mail me via my themeforest profile,

hi i bought and mainly 2 problem one of them is images size i set as in documention but some image size are dismatching. and second problem is color and size filter doesnt work. and seems a my site looking full screen but demo site not i want like a demo one ::)

Please mail me via my themeforest profile so that i can help you,

i emaled but support going pretty slow. still non of my issues fixed except image size..

In mail you asked about new & payment images only. Please reply on mail with details so that i can check it. Whatever you write on comment also send on mail too.

Hello !

I have newsletter bloc but where can i find the email adresses in the back office please ?

If i want to use this theme another time for another site, i have to buy it again ?

Thanks for ur answers !

You can use PS default newsletter module for it and generate CSV. Yes for each domain you have to purchase license.

Thanks… But it says : “no client found”

Please mail me via my themeforest profile so that i can check it,

Hi! Your theme is very nice, I love it! :) Just an issue with twitter feeds: they do not appear at the bottom, despite of correct settings in panel options… How can I do? (Prestashop Thanks!

Twitter discontinue their old API that’s why its not working, we can update it with new API, please send me mail via my themeforest profile so that i can do it,

Hello, is there a way to remove the cloud zoom functionality from products images on single products page?

actually just removing the include of cloud-zoom.1.0.2.min.js from header.tpl does remove that functionality. But how to restore the fancybox default?

Its not only to remove the js, also need to made changes on product.tpl, & product js, otherwise product page will not work properly, it not a single line change which i tell you to do this.

I will look on that files, thank you for the hint :)

Since twitter have been updated their API the twitter widget is not working anymore….Can you please help me?

if you need theme licence or purchase detalis let me know and I will ask them from my client. Cheers.

PS great theme, easy to customize

Yes, please send me mail via my themeforest profile

Hi! I sent you a message via your themeforest account two days ago and another one today. Hope you can answer soon! Thank you

Got it.

thanks! just replied -

I’d like to ask whether we can set up 4 row display of the product in a page instead of 3 row?

Its possible but need to changes from code. After purchase you can ask fro the custom changes, it will be paid service.

Hi any update to get the twitter feed working again? Many thanks

Yes, we have added options in admin module for new API, please send me details on mail so that we can proceed with update.