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someone can post a tutorial to fix twitter widget in footer ? Thank you very much :-)

Please send me mail via my profile with your site detail,

thank you for your help ! it’s very perfect ! Good job

Hi, how can I have left sidebar on product page? Thanks

also in Homepage if it’s possible.

This is single col page design, Its custom code changes. If you need any other help send me mail via profile,

hello, I have a problem. I created a multi-shop, and every time I make a change in a store, is replicated in the main shop. imagenslider example when I use, and change a cover at my store x, replicates the same in the main shop .. as I can solve this problem. thanks…

I sent you reply on mail which you have sent me sometime ago.

Hi, the filters doesnt work. (color, size, etc…) I sended you an email two days ago. Thaaanks!

I have seen the problem but dont know how to fix it… the filters calls: with the sharp # if i remove it… it works… it put one sharp for every filter that is set.

How can i fix it???

Please mail me with your site details so that i can check it,

Hi Paddy, what is fixed in the new version? :) How i can update the theme without having to set it all again? :)

No update, it was disable for wrong issue, that’s why we re-submit it.

For anyone is working the Newsletters?


I would like to know, how do for disable responsive design?

Please send me mail with your site detail via profile,

Hi there. The template have spanish language? Thanks Balin

Sorry, forgot to ask… does it have a brand choice filter? With logos, not text? Thanks again.

Its not in spanish , you need to translate your theme in spanish, for not only text manufacture option.

hi one question before purchase. Is this theme compatible with the latest version of prestashop

Thank you.

Yes, it is compatible with it.

Ey Paddy, I have a bug in the product page it shows the green availability label when the product is out of stock…

Please send me mail with your side details.

There is multiple warnings in the main error_log [24-Oct-2013 18:25:09 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning: Division by zero in xxxxxx/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/37/a2/74/37a27470d6b467806870e2d7e4f0512f9d0e2aea.file.wdproductscategory.tpl.php on line 68

I’m working for my client to edit this template but what I’m getting for responsive template is when I access on smart devices then it shows default prestashop template and for desktop it shows your template. Can you guide me how can I enable your responsive template for mobile also.


Please send me mail with your site details, also include purchased cod with it.

After I install the madame theme on prestashop +Versão, the clients Login page gives me a blank page. Do you have any suggest?

Got your mail.

Dear Developer, I would like to request you to help me to change the product image on product page and I would also like to change the colour of top bar on home page to the colour of brown.

please help me.

Kindest Regards,


Got your mail.

Advise: This theme dont works fine with combinations and showing outofstock in grid view. It have some stock and combinations related issues. :crying:

Hello, I have the same problem that thamiresvanderley, can you share the solution? the login client gives me a blank page. thank you

Its not a conman problem so please send me your site detail via mail so that i can check it.

Hi, for me applies the same. I have the same problem like thamiresvanderley. Thank you for your help in advance.

Its not a conman problem so please send me your site detail via mail so that i can check it.

Hi friend.

One of the modules is not working properly because it distorts the menu.

MODULE: WD Ajax Search Blockv1.1. * 6-position

In Manual says about QUICK SEARCH BLOCK module is not in the list of modules TOP OF PAGES, he should be in position 6.

What can I do to fix this?

I’m waiting.

Sorry, I can do! Need change width and height Product images.

Please mail with your site details, so that i can check it,


In Module THEME SETTINGS can not save your settings.

Know what can be? By clicking Change Update nothing happens.

It can be a server permission problem, please mail with your site details,

Hello there,

I’m having an issue with the buttons from the header (YOUR ACCOUNT..) they are not working. If you click them you are going to get a blank page.


Got your mail.