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Hi mate, this is a great template but their are a couple of issues. Firstly, under the “Profiles” tab, the “Education” and “Work experience” boxes are a bit hit and miss in terms of whether they want to appear or not.

The other is that you don’t appear to have included whatever php mail script you use for the contact form.

Other than that, an awesome looking theme! :)

Hello jayseventwo, thanks for showing interest in my template.

About the profile tab, everything is working fine for me.

For contact form, please contact my profile id or on this email id for quick response.

Thanks :)

Thanks :) AliA.

I read in the comments that a PHP file for a working contact form is missing, update the template with a working contact form, it may boost your sales. :)

Hello soireeDigitale, thanks for suggestion but i think you missed the description where the update is mention.

Anyway thanks :)

sorry I got everything. I like very much your theme. clean and perfect for me. So gerat.

Hello myoehtet, thanks for that. Please give a rate if you are satisfied. :)

Great theme and thanks for your help.

Great looking vCard. But I see that on Android 4 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus), the sliders for education and experience do not work in the default browser. Can you address this? (They do function in Chrome.)

Secondly, how does the portfolio handle more than eight entries? Multiple page numbers?

Thanks a lot. I look forward to giving it a try once I hear your answer.

philter7 Thanks for interest, however the sliders work fine i think the js would not load properly in you browsers. It works fine for me and no body compliant about that.

For portfolio as you add more entries all that will come after the last.

Regards Mannat Studio :)

“For portfolio as you add more entries all that will come after the last.”

Can you please be more specific?

How will it be displayed? More rows of four on one page? Or is it eight max on the page and additional pages are added after eight?


No, If you add 2 more entries it will display total 10 entries on a single page. :) For more support contact via my profile id please.

i am having trouble installing this theme. it says style.css is missing…which i am not able to find after unzipping either. please advise.

Hello dmgwld, yes this is just html not wordpress :(. The wordpress is coming soon. :) follow me on themeforest for my next themes.

nm this is just html, not wordpress theme.

quick question, how do i remove the Social Icons without messing up the template spacing? also, is it possible to add custom icons outside of the included png?

Yes you can add the custom icons as well as remove those icons sections; :). For more support on this please contact via my profile id. Thanks

Quick question will the contact form be in .php file or .js?

Hello Spetsnaz, the working contact php file is included in download zip. Thanks :)

Alright thank you very much, very nice template too.

Doesn’t work on iPhone’s Safari (iOS 6, at least)... What I’ve found:

1) Tabs don’t work properly 2) Profile section doesn’t work properly

Any chance you’ll fix it or I’d have to modify it myself to be able to reach iPhones and iPads?

Thank you.

Hello andresgottlieb, everything is working fine….:)

No it’s not. This is how your live version looks in safari on iOS6:

Contact via my profile id page. Thanks :)

Quick question! This is not a wordpress theme?!

Sorry mate this is only a plain html version. Thanks :)

How can I add an extra page ???

any wordpress version soon ??

Thanks !!

Contact via my profile id page. Thanks :)

I am having troubles getting the contact form to work properly. Please help me, thank you. You can find the test page here:

Hello designserious, the form is working for me and other buyers. Please contact my profile id for more support. Thanks :)

Hello, how i can add next button when i opening some image from portfolio? I can open, seen image, then i must close modal window and click again on other image. Is there any solution?

Please contact via my profile id page. :) Thanks

Hi on my phone motorolla moto g 2nd gen I get red background in portrait view. In landscape view it works fine. Any thoughts?

Also, how do we add the google recaptcha?

We have replied you on mail. :)