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hi there my adsense code is not working http://asianviewnews.blogspot.in/ any help please. i have added html code in sidebar and header but it is not showing


In your page are several javascript errors that are not related to the theme but plugins or some custom scripts, that could be the reason why the ads doesn’t show up.

can i know where can i collect a free version of your theme

You can’t! It’s a license breach!

Hi there, great theme and so far working out great. Just wondering if there is way of adjusting the thumbnail image height and the moment it is very narrow, cheers


Thanks for purchase!

Do you want to update the single post image or post listing images?

Thanks for the reply, mainly the 2 column post listings. Many thanks!

In that case you will need to edit the template-homepage-style-3.php or template-homepage-style-5.php

line like this

$image = get_post_thumb($post->ID,640,300); or $image = get_post_thumb(false,640,300, false, $file);

640,300 are the image sizes.

Hi, Madidus is bugging. Every time I try to go to a previous post page from the front page (e.g. 10) it sends me back to the front. I have tried de activate all the pluggins but the problem persists. any solutions?


Can you please email us wp-admin and FTP server settings we will take a look at it.

Hi Do you have an email address where I can send these info, send it to me to info@bjjscandinavia.com

You can find our email in the theme support tab.

I am having the same problem as Bjjscandinavia. It only shows the front page and no other pages. Even if entered manually, will email you

Can you please email us a direct link so we could check the page?

Hi there, I’ve been trying to find xml file to upload the template to my blogspot but i couldn’t find it. any idea?


Please email use we will send the demo xml to you, to email us use the support tab.

Hi there, How to activate the slider and adding adsense code? thanks


To enable the slider you need to create/edit a page and assign it to the homepage template, after save, you will see these options where you can enable the slider and select the slider category http://grab.by/Ha2A

Is this theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.5?


Yes it is compatible.

Is there an option to increase the font size?

I think the defaul size is too small.


Sorry, but your support license has expired, please renew it to receive support.

Right now all that we can suggest you us customize the css code, by adding

.entry-content p {

Hi! We are seeing a couple of errors from the theme in our Apache log. This one error seems to set them all off: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_type() in /nas/content/live/oregonsosblog/wp-content/themes/madidus-themes/index.php

Any idea why this might be failing? Thanks!


It’s because someone is opening the theme index file directly, just edit the index.php file and add this line

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly Right after the <?php

That should solve it.

Awesome! Thanks!

Hello, there. Is it possible to make the logo in the footer clickable (include a link)? Could you explain how? Thanks in advance.


With some customization it is possible, but as your support license has expired, we can’t support your item, you will need to renew the support license, and then we could make this customization for free to you.

hi! are their any new updates on this theme? the last one i made was about 2 years ago


There have been multiple updated during these two years. Mostly fixes for the new WordPress releases.

p.s please note that your support license has expired and you need to renew it to receive support.

Ok thanks. I am quite sure i have done the big update on 2014.12.19. Do i need to Renew support to get these updates? isnt this part purchasing the theme?

You can get the updated for free just download the theme via themeforest download section as you did before. And update it via FTP by replacing the original files.

Support license is needed only if you need to get some support for the theme.

Hi there, I’ve been trying to find xml file to upload the template to my blogspot but i couldn’t find it. any idea?


This theme is only for WordPress, the Blogger version is a illegal copy of our theme.

I bought a theme for wordpress, but I do not see the xml file in the archive :(

Right now I don’t see that you have purchased the theme. Please use the account you purchased the theme to receive support.

Hi there, I’ve been trying to find xml file to upload the template Discussion on Madidus – Blog & Magazine Theme but i couldn’t find it. any idea? I bought a theme for wordpress, but I do not see the xml file in the archive


Us the support tab here in the item page to contact our support team, they will email you the xml file.


botond Purchased


Could you send me the xml file to import demo content. Thank you!


Please drop us a email and we will send you it. You can also send us wp.admin access details and if you have a clean install, we can set your page for you 1:1 as our demo.

Hi Author,

Could you please let me know how to change and increase the text and title fonts?

Also, I would like to increase the topbar and content width, so I can get a little bit more space.



Sorry but you support license has expired you will need to renew it to receive support, otherwise we are not allowed to support your item.

I understand.

If I buy another item like this: http://fastnews.different-themes.com/html/fest/blog_2.html

Could you help me on Madidus as well?

Unfortunately that won’t renew the existing license :/

HI, Just littles questions before purshase… ThIs template has not been updated since September 2016. is it always supported ? is it compatible with WP 4.8 ? Thanks a lot


Madidus will work fine with the latest WordPress version, right ow the theme receives only updates if there are some issues with the existing WordPress versions.

Hi there, what Version is this Theme on now? Your CHANGE LOG does not say.


The latest version is 1.2.8

Dear theme author,

Your theme is excellent! We’d love your insight on how to make the following modifications to the theme:

1. Can we remove the homepage slider on mobile? If so, in which php file/line can we modify this?

2. Can we make the slider show the last 5 posts on the homepage, not first 5?

3. Can we modify the excerpts on the homepage to show the post’s SEO “Description” instead of the first few sentences from the post?

4. How can we keep the “Read more” links from falling underneath the thumbnails on the homepage teaser posts? It would be preferable that when they wrap, that they instead fall below the excerpt copy.

Here is the site that we have installed the theme on and need help modifying:


Thank you!

Best, Jessica


1. In this case you will need to add some css lines, that will hide the slider by it’s class or id for your wanted resolution, you can read more about it here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_intro.asp

2. You can try to customize the used homepage template file and add new arg

'order' => 'ASC',
to the query, if you use the latest news in the slider then you will need to edit these lines $args=array( 'posts_per_page' => $count, 'paged'=>$paged );


$args=array( 'posts_per_page' => $count, 'order' => 'ASC', 'paged'=>$paged );

3. In this case you will need to find line like this in multiple files, like homepage templates and includes/news.php

<?php echo WordLimiter($content, $wordCount);?>

and replace to these

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

4. This will mostly depend on the excerpt length and I’m not sure if there could be done something to fix it.


I can not set the thumbnail to refer to the detail of the post. Now clicks always show the image. Could you give me an advice please? Thank you, LH


Sorry but your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.