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Hi, we are trying to import the xml template, but it doesn’t work. It says:

Failed to import pa_color Black Failed to import pa_color Blue Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled ...

We installed woocommerce so what can we do?

Hi there, Send me a WordPress user to support@quemalabs.com I will take a look.


What size should images be after clicking into a portfolio item? All my pictures are zoomed in on.

A good size will be 561×802px or same ratio for portrait images and 1354×807px or same ratio for landscape.


Looks nice. Is there a way to increase the number of portfolio items on the front page so that more are shown before you need to click the “load more” button?

Yes, you can show the amount you want. You can change that.

I’ve been on your website a support request made as they have found them bring in the help file. So far I have not received an answer !! :x

I answered you in the Support site

i have update your answer

i have update your answer

Pre-Purchase questions:

How easy is it to change colors? Is this in a theme admin panel, or would I have to change CSS?

Is there a way to display the main menu cleanly without just the dropdown? If so this may be a winner from my end!

Blessings – very clean nice looking work

1. Yes, you have the option to change colors in the Admin Panel. Without using CSS.

2. To display the menu completely, you will have to use CSS.

I answered your ticket.

Hi I’ve installed the theme and it’s looking very good – except in IE9 where it doesn’t display at all! Please help as this is used all through our company.


I’m not getting a response to either this or my query on your support site. Bump!

OK I’ve resolved this myself. It was the .fade-in class – needed opacity set to 1. But I’m waiting on support on the other items:

Firstly I want to change the menu so it’s a horizontal menu, not off canvas, like the one on your demo site: http://azexo.com/madison/

I also want to change the post date so instead of saying “October 21st” on posts, it says “October 2015”. I understand this is a modification and I’m happy to put the code into functions.php or else to pay a small cost for the modification.


Hi Bradford, I answered you in the support site. Sorry for the delay here.


Is it possible to use the grid layout on the home page for post pages?

Happy New Year!