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Minimalist! I like your style. Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much!

Awesome design!! ;)

Thank you tranmautritam!

This is a newly designed portfolio theme in a traditional look and functionality, well done. It looks unique.

Thanks :)

Really cool theme ;)

Thanks Ninzio!

Great minimal portfolio theme!:)

Thank you very much!

i like the before and after function. is this sold and usable separately from the theme?

No, sorry. Only with the Theme.

Looks great! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! :)

Me gusta el tema, pero en el teléfono móvil, el menú no baja, por lo que no se puede ver las opciones de más abajo.

Gracias por el aviso, lo voy a testear y realizar un fix.

Nice design!GLWS :)

Thank you very much!

Great theme! As someone said submenus don’t open on mobile (in my case Windows Phone).

Thanks, I will take a look at that.

Fantastic work, good luck with sales.
Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros! :)

Awesome theme! glws ;)

Thank youuu! ;)

I like the theme and hopefully it will be the one!

Would I be able to manage the number of widgets in the footer section within the admin area?

Yes, you can. Each column is a widget area.

But my question is that in the demo, the footer splits into 4 columns so it can take 4 widgets or more. Can we have the footer 2 column or 1 Column?

Another question regarding the Portfolio, when you click one with multiple images, you can see that images are sliding from right to left. Can we be able to change it to like thumbnail gallery instead?

I really like your theme but I’m comparing it with another one I like too

1) Well you can remove columns from the code, it’s not difficult.

2) What you can do is link any portfolio item to any page. So you can create a regular page with a thumbnail gallery and link the portfolio item to that page.

Looks amazing to me. The design is just great! GLWS!

Thank you!! :)

Looks great! :)

:) Thanks!

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Thank you! :)

Hi how can i import your existing demo to my wordpress?

About those “Failed to import” that’s because you don’t have the WooCommerce plugin enable, that’s ok. It’s not necessary. Was the rest of the content imported?

About the last Warning, where are you seeing it?

hi i dont need the ecommerce but the whole demo-theme of you doesnt install on my side. the last warning its under the “failed to import” report.

Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Hi, I like this theme a lot and I want to buy it but one question, the type of website I want to set up will eventually need to be monetized through local ads. Is there any place to place ads or any solution you can think of? Maybe one could be using one of the categories as ADs and have it incorporated as if it was one of the images…but what about more traditional ad space?

You can add the ads in pages via code. Just paste the ad’s code. For example a banner above or under the portfolio, or on any page.

hellow, may some one tell me how to add parts which are beside (All)in this theme,for example its written (All, 2011,...etc) i all ready purchased for the them,

thanks for reply

Have you seen the documentation? It’s explained there. The documentation is within the ZIP file downloaded from Theme Forest.