MadKit | Low-fi Prototypes UX/UI Kit

MadKit | Low-fi Prototypes UX/UI Kit

Perfect for Low-fi Prototypes

Your thumbnails will look perfect
As a designer, I always seek new ways to improve my workflow. The first step in my workflow is to grasp the idea/concept. Usually, I would take a piece of paper and some markers and began to sketch thumbnails. The main drawback when working like this, the thumbnails are not presentable. This kit helps you to present an idea or concept like a real professional, especially in the earlier stage.

Thumbnails divided in 10 Categories

60+ ready-made thumbnails
  • Covers
  • Features
  • People
  • Testimonials
  • Blog
  • Article
  • Products
  • Gallery
  • Contact
  • Miscellaneous

Make UX Flowcharts

An example sheet included

Thank You

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