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Very cool theme! Good job! ;)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for the kind words

Have been waiting for Mafioso HTML 5 Responsive Template I like it. Thanks. :)

Thank you. Stay tunded, Wp version is also coming soon

ah, here comes the HTML version…


Wish you a ‘big mafioso sales’ with this item!

Thank you my man :)

Howdy, Looking to buy, just wanted to share…. ~ Can you fix the page up arrow right above the footer – does not work ~ Can you correct the font view for chrome, safari, etc. load in SVG font first ~ Is the twitter container in footer live feed? ~ how to make pricing boxes not move up and down over hover

thanks a lot

Hi and thank you for your interest. 1. I will include the up arrow in the next fix. 2. I am not sure what do you say abut the font. Can you be more specific? 3.The twitter isn’t a live feed, as this is a html version. 4.The hover effect can be removed from the css file.

ok on all points. For the font, it’s how the font renders in chrome. See github good explanation https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/pull/643

hello friend amazing work, I like that this well laid out, I would love that you threw a version for joomla since the design would fit very well. Congratulations again …

Thank you very much for the kind words. Unfortunately I don’t have a Joomla Developer.

When will Mafioso WP theme be released?

By the end of this month. Stay tuned!

Wordpress version is ready. :)


very nice theme. and I bought it.But the Turkish character problems.(cufon)... how to fix Turkish characters the problem?


Hi again,

Turkish chracter problem. Site is offline. Pls look at screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/PYlH6tk.jpg


Are you here?

I need to see the UTF character set, so I can see what are you talking about?

Awesome template. Does this template support YouTube and Vimeo video embedding? Thx. N.

Sure, you can add the embed code instead of the images. Cheers

Are you releasing WP version any day as you stated? Otherwise I have to get different theme but I really want this one ;0( Please update on status.


I am the webdesigner as I stated. My programmer has some problems. It will get out for sure, but I can’t confirm a date. Cheers.

Sorry you had some problems, and hope you get it out soon. Unfortunately I need it this month:(

Can you PLEASE support this theme or get it off for sale ! You have ZERO SUPPORT FORUM for this site and you don’t reply to comments on time.

Thanks for the reply…. First problem is that NO FORUM for this theme even if you direct us to it. so that doesn’t help
  • http://cl.ly/Q0lR
  • And the other question is I need homeslider to show on MOBILE so if you can provide code for that. Also for video iFrame project.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Here is your answer

    1.The forum is right there: “Mafioso HTML template.” I see no post in there, so it’s not my fault you haven’t posted any problems there.

    2.As for the slider find this line in the “css/styles.css” : @media (max-width: 767px) { .homepage-slider { display:none; }

    and replace it with:

    @media (max-width: 767px) { .homepage-slider { width: your width; height: your height;


    3.For the iframe video find the html code located in here ”<article class=”portfolio-item ”>”your iframe video here”</article>”

    this was a great template. im fairly new to HTML5 but some things you can easily figure out. i had a few elements i couldn’t find in the code but nothing adding your own CSS rules couldn’t override. i’d buy from this girl/guy again!

    Thanks mate :)

    Great theme web20donkey! A question: I am able to edit the css to change the color of the background behind each menu option, as well as the background color for the animated text overlays that are on top of the slider images, but how do I change the color of the “GET STARTED TODAY SPARKY” rectangle in the center, at the bottom of the slider? I see “top-middle-serv-bottom.png” contains the triangle and a drop-shadow, but where is the rest of the shape reflected and how to I change that?


    Thanks! How about the controls for slide duration? I found the css for speed of some of the slide elements, but I want to control the duration of image display for each slide. Rather than exercise diligence in searching, I thought I would just ask. :-)

    Open index.html file, and find this line “interval : 4000”, (which is 4 seconds ) and replace it with your desired time.

    Great, thanks!

    Another question, and I reckon I’ll have more: where can I specify the recipient email for the contact form?

    Unfortunately this template doesn’t came with working contact form. But you can google for a php contact form, and Im sure it will be easy to implement. Cheers

    Can the contact template be integrated for use with a php script of some sort, or do I have to replace it entirely with another form? (I ask because it just looks so good, and, of course, matches the site style).

    Yes it can be done, but you must have some basic php knwoledge. :)

    Can you please reply my mail.


    Dear author, it seems that this template has been inactive for a long time… Could you write how to add the “back to top” anchor? It was asked two years ago…