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your speed of making PSD Templates is pretty fast! how many people work behind web20donkey? and by the way great design :)

Thank you man for the kind words, it’s just me believe it or not :) But the team will grow for sure:)

yay another awesome work :)

Good luck with sales, awesome! :)

Very nice design. Are you converting this design to HTML? If so, I am very interested.

Thank you. There will be a wp version available in a month+

Any chance you will be putting up the plain HTML version aswell? I am using a custom CMS.

Yes, I think it will be a html version also

Excellent Design !! I like it ;) Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thank you man ;)

You really are experienced when it comes to PSD templates, this looks beautiful!

I hope HTML/Wordpress version is out soon :)

Thank you, WP version will be out in about a month+

Looking VERY forward to the WP! My sites waiting to launch, this is on top of our priorities, LOVE this theme…

Hoping it’s out before we have to launch! http://handmadey.com/ (It has a countdown)

I think it will be out before that date :)

Awesome :) Glad to hear!

Thank you so much

WordPress version very soon? :D

Very very soon. It has to came out perfect :)