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Wow, it’s been over 2 months since I emailed you about the cross-browser issues: 1) In Chrome the entire page displays with video widget in full-screen mode and, 2) In Internet Explorer the gallery post buttons are bunched together

—And still no fix. :( Such a shame; It really is a beautiful template, and I was hoping to use it. :(

Great Job Bro keep going (sorry for late reply)

I’ve bought it, but I do not know for what, I think for wordpress, then how can I blogging with this Them?


I can’t seem to change the read more link on the front page from Green to another color. It wasn’t part of the theme colors. Any idea where this is changed? I changed all the instances of colors in theme-color.css and it still shows green. Any help would be appreciated. In fact all themes are showing the read mores as green instead of red, blue, etc. Any idea?

I like…..just need add player for music or for radio…

u need add page for link banner 125×65…..

how can i make the pagination work please?

i want to buy the theme but i dont know how to make the pagination work

What do you mean, of course pagination works, please send the URL.

Is slider (Flexslider) ? Can be add not just image from PC … Can I add link image : http://kapital3.org:8080/capture1.jpg + can I resize using like this width=”” height=””??? Before I buying I like know ….. can u check / tested

We’re here sorry for delay, Summer Vacation, please send your question using Mail Form below and we’ll help you.

Thanks for your patience, Good Luck :)

I send u email

lol….... I send email….. u still on vacation ???

I see no support…..

I like know how you think you sell your product? With out support…..

I am owner from this live cctv camera… and if u can add to yours website template in slider….


people and me can see how working before make buying thanks

what is price 15 or 17???

i see for now in slider works for my live camera ,,,,,, i like but lol… u cant live background image….with out original backround image is stupid templates….. if is copy right m give me a link I can buy…..... and where I can this backround in index html ….... u can tell me this ….. thanks..

now I see is totally different from yours live sample and download my….. why???

Hey dude, What exactly u want?? i don’t understand anything from ur mail before or ur comments .. What about ur cameras?? You want to put all ur camera’s screens in the slider!!?? so u rating theme with 1 star!!?? It’s an HTML theme and i cannot do everything u ask for.

I send u email…..

i try add 15 camera in jpg link….. ( i send ready link by email) u can see my 2 website what mean: http://kapital3.net63.net/ http://kapital3.org

good template, but can you help me, how i can make the slide show be auto PLAY?

Hi Pal, You can the following lines inside slider script

     autoAdvance: true,
     mobileAutoAdvance: true

Hope it’s help.

I think I would like to buy this and use it as a main website for one of my business. But I am a little concerned in the comments above. #Serpentsoft are you around to give good support for this.?

You said in the comments on the previous page (2 years ago) there was a wordpress version coming?? can you update on this please.

So the blog doent work from your file right? I have to get the blog and comments section coded myselft – is that right?

The WordPress version available Here

Thanks for your interesting, Have a nice day :)

how to install???


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