Discussion on Mag4u - Responsive Retina HTML News, Magazine, Blog

Discussion on Mag4u - Responsive Retina HTML News, Magazine, Blog

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how to install???

I think I would like to buy this and use it as a main website for one of my business. But I am a little concerned in the comments above. #Serpentsoft are you around to give good support for this.?

You said in the comments on the previous page (2 years ago) there was a wordpress version coming?? can you update on this please.

So the blog doent work from your file right? I have to get the blog and comments section coded myselft – is that right?

The WordPress version available Here

Thanks for your interesting, Have a nice day :)

good template, but can you help me, how i can make the slide show be auto PLAY?

Hi Pal, You can the following lines inside slider script

     autoAdvance: true,
     mobileAutoAdvance: true

Hope it’s help.

now I see is totally different from yours live sample and download my….. why???

Hey dude, What exactly u want?? i don’t understand anything from ur mail before or ur comments .. What about ur cameras?? You want to put all ur camera’s screens in the slider!!?? so u rating theme with 1 star!!?? It’s an HTML theme and i cannot do everything u ask for.

I send u email…..

i try add 15 camera in jpg link….. ( i send ready link by email) u can see my 2 website what mean: http://kapital3.net63.net/ http://kapital3.org

i see for now in slider works for my live camera ,,,,,, i like but lol… u cant live background image….with out original backround image is stupid templates….. if is copy right m give me a link I can buy…..... and where I can this backround in index html ….... u can tell me this ….. thanks..

what is price 15 or 17???

I am owner from this live cctv camera… and if u can add to yours website template in slider….


people and me can see how working before make buying thanks

I see no support…..

I like know how you think you sell your product? With out support…..

Is slider (Flexslider) ? Can be add not just image from PC … Can I add link image : http://kapital3.org:8080/capture1.jpg + can I resize using like this width=”” height=””??? Before I buying I like know ….. can u check / tested

We’re here sorry for delay, Summer Vacation, please send your question using Mail Form below and we’ll help you.

Thanks for your patience, Good Luck :)

I send u email

lol….... I send email….. u still on vacation ???

i want to buy the theme but i dont know how to make the pagination work

What do you mean, of course pagination works, please send the URL.

how can i make the pagination work please?

I like…..just need add player for music or for radio…

u need add page for link banner 125×65…..

I can’t seem to change the read more link on the front page from Green to another color. It wasn’t part of the theme colors. Any idea where this is changed? I changed all the instances of colors in theme-color.css and it still shows green. Any help would be appreciated. In fact all themes are showing the read mores as green instead of red, blue, etc. Any idea?

I’ve bought it, but I do not know for what, I think for wordpress, then how can I blogging with this Them?


Great Job Bro keep going (sorry for late reply)

Wow, it’s been over 2 months since I emailed you about the cross-browser issues: 1) In Chrome the entire page displays with video widget in full-screen mode and, 2) In Internet Explorer the gallery post buttons are bunched together

—And still no fix. :( Such a shame; It really is a beautiful template, and I was hoping to use it. :(

Good work but you should update your zip file with the current one (live site) cause there are so many “bugs” you correct on your live version.

Also i was wondering having a cool contact page or so :(

Hiyas… Love your template and purchased it. I emailed you a week or so ago and was wondering if you fixed the problem where the page goes full screen along with the video widget? Thanks much. .

Hi, Thanks for your feedback, this issue depending on youtube URL code and we’ll try to fix it. Thanks and Good luck :)

Also, there is another issue – (This one with IE Browser) on pg-blog-1.html – The Gallery Post slider buttons are bunched together. Please let me know when this and the video full-screen are fixed if you will? Thank you. Again, it really is a beautiful template.


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