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i just finish upload and install the theme and when i reload the page it’s blank… what happen?? im using latest prestashop please help

here is my site

Hi! Thanks for purchase.Can you write me on

done please check

Hi. I just replied You. Regards Tooniu

How long do I have to wait for your answer

Hi! Where did you send Your question?

It is compatible with 1.6.1.x versions?

Hi! Yes it’s compatible. Regards Tooniu

Hello, i have a problem with the css on my account page. is broken, the theme is all to the left and the shooping information is on top of main menu. this is the only section where this problems is. can you help me please ? Valentin

hello, i have a problem with big slider when you click on photos, i get this link . what is the problem ? thank you

hello, i have a problem with big slider when you click on photos, i get this link . what is the problem ? thank you

hello, i have a problem with big slider when you click on photos, i get this link . what is the problem ? thank you

i found the problem with bigslider. i get 404 page with link after i insert text description. if i erase the description of the slide the url redirects me very well. what can be the problem ? thank you

Hi! I just replied you on ticksy.

It is compatible with versions?

Yes it is.

Hi there, I was looking the live preview for test purposes. Just for information: when you are in a page (women, tops or others), you cannot go back to home with a click on the home button but you have to click on the logo. This little link would be really usefull ;) Enjoy !

Thanks for Your information. I will fix it right now! Regards

Hi! Is there a Revolution Slider in Magari Theme? I downloaded the latest version and can’t find it.

Hello, is possible change kategory from right to left? Because rist side is stupidity friend…..

Hello, Sure. It’s possible in theme configurator module. Tooniu

One pre-sale question, it´s compatible with Delivery Dates Wizard module


HI. I’m not sure because i didn’t use this module but if it’s compatible with Presta 1.6 it should work. If you will see any problems just open ticket.

Regards Tooniu

Hi, im trying to submit a ticket but it says “Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid.”. Im using the code evento is giving me for support

I can’t find where to change the phone number in the upper part of the site and the contact page does not have a send button. thanks

Hi!. I will check that problem with ticksy. Please send me your shop url on


Is it possible, when the template is installed, make that look this way?:

Is there any option that allows you to do this?


Hello Tooniu!

Could you help me please…? I’m trying to submit a ticket cause i have some questions but says “Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid.”...


I’m sorry, but I need some support and I can not wait much longer. I have many doubts and I can not answer… what can I do? Please, i need your help.


Hello Sorry fo delay. I will send you some screenshots on your email right now If you’ve any other problems just reply on the email. Tooniu

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme for the 1.4 version in 2013 and all was ok with it , no support needed. I’ve moved my site to the 1.6 version and reload your theme for this version. But now, I have got some problem with it but no support ! Could you help me with the upgrade ?? Thanks !

Sorry but I do not understand the null response to the doubts about the template.

I have opened a ticket on and I have no answers … I do not know what to do… I need suport!!!

My problem is that the “”My account” area is not displayed correctly and appears unconfigured. Anyone who has experienced the same thing can help me?

Thank you,

I have already solved. If someone happens the same, the solution is to fix the code in themes/magari/css/my-account.css

This theme is not compatible with PS Thanks in advance.