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I am interested in purchasing this theme, but I have one question. Can a custom background be used instead of the preset’s? Thank you!


Yes of course. You can use any background you want. Also theme includes 13 semi transparent patterns for background.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi very interested in this theme

3 questions

1. “10 Additional modules” ...may I know what are these new modules? 2. Is this theme mobile ready? 3. It’s said this theme is 1 column, does it mean that there will be no sidebar on the right as seen from the demo?




Ad1. List of modules:
  • Advertisement slider in sidebar
  • Featured products on you homepage in big slider
  • Big image slider for Your homepage
  • Facebook Fanbox in Footer
  • Featured products slider on homepage
  • Footer contact + social links
  • Advertisement block on homepage
  • Manufacturers slider on homepage
  • New products slider on homepage
  • Theme configurator
  • Updated Home text editor (which allow to view manufacturers )
  • Updated Newsletter block

Ad 2. Yes this module is responsive.

Ad 3. Everything will look like on demopage. It’s said that this is 1 column because there are pages with 1 column and pages with 2 columns and there is no option to choose 1 or 2 columns ;)

Best regards, Tooniu

Hello, I have already buy this theme and i’m trying to configurate it. Why this theme do not have a installation zip? im getting many problems to configure it like demo. Any db to dump with position configurations, examples… etc?


hello. Write me email with problems you have and i will help you. Best regards

Is it possible to install your theme with your demo store?


If you mean with all banners adverts and products – the answear is no. However this theme includes psd file with sample background for banner at homepage, it’s have documentation where is written how to set your store to look like demo and i offer help with doing that.

Best regards, Tooniu

prestashop 1.5.2 is compatible?


Demo is working on 1.5.2

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi, great theme, just wondered before I purchase is it possible to have the mouse overlay zoom feature on a product that you see in other themes? Rather than using the fancybox method, or would this be a addition of another module?


Thanks! Please refresh the product page and see is that You looking for

Best regards, Tooniu

Exactly! Well done. Is that theme dependent or a prestashop default setting?

It’s Prestashop default feature. You only have to set this in Your backend.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi, is it possible to test how it looks on a mobile and tablet? or to have some screenshots on mobile and tablet?

Thanks a lot!!



Just change browser window size.

Best regards, Tooniu

Other method

And type:

Thanks for your answer. I have used

I seems that if we choose tablet, ipad1&2 or samsung galaxy, the product page and the category pages are not displayed correclty. Is this a problem of that website or is it a theme problem? (on the other tablets type, it is working OK)

Thanks to let me know,



What exactly is wrong? Try to click on that window and refresh that frame. If that still will be bad could you take print screen and send me on ?

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi Tooniu,

Is this a responsive theme? Because the Demo is not.



Ofcourse it is!

Go to And type:

If you tried on Your device please let me know which one.

Best regards, Tooniu

OK, I have tried the Demo on my iPhone and the demo is not responsive : Thank you for your answer, I will now buy the theme :)

Please remove frame from the demo in top left corner or just open on Your Iphone. It’s working on my friend Iphone 4.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thank you for this nice theme. Could you please tell me how to add the shopping cart on the header (the blue logo)? Is this a specific module? Thanks.


Shopping cart should be in header by default in Prestashop 1.5 Please send me your shop URL and describe in details what You need.

I will help You tomorrow. Best regards, Tooniu

Hello ! Before buy your theme i have just one question please, does the right colum turn on the left side ? Thank’s a lot

Kind regards Virginie


Yes it’s possible. You just have to chaange 2 lines in css file. Contact me on email after buying and I’ll send you that modification.

Best regards, Tooniu

thank’s i do ! BR Virginie

Hi, love your theme and I have two questions:

1. I am currently using another theme bought here but it causes some problems when I want to switch because they have modified things in the modules directory and not only done things inside the themes.

How have you developed this theme, are all the differences located inside the themes/magari folder so it is easy to try it or are other files modified as well?

2. We are very close to opening our website later this week. If we change to your theme are you able to give support in case there are any unexpected problems?


I’m glad you like it.

Ad 1. All default modules (except newsletter module which come with newproduct slider like in demo page, but you can turn it off on homepage) modifications are in theme’s directory. There are no modifications in Presta Modules directory.

Ad 2. Ofcourse i will give you support if You need. I’m responding as soon as possible.

Fabulous theme – just a quick question before I buy.

Am I able to hook in additional modules under the info tabs on the product page? For example, ‘Also in this category…’ or ‘Customers who bought this product also bought…’

Thanks in advance.


Thanks It’s standard Prestashop theme so everything what is possible in prestashop is possible with this theme.

I don’t know if modules You mentioned have hooks for Tabs by default but there is no problem with making them. I will help You with that.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve now purchased the theme and so far, so good :) Is there any chance you could provide details of which modules go in which positions? Many thanks

Thanks for buying!

Please write me email from my profilepage and i can send you screenshot.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi there,

What is the most efficient way to add a different Google font to the drop down list as the one required is not in the them config list?


You have to edit fontnames.txt file in Presta/modules/themconf directory Just add name of font You want and it will appear in Backoffice.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thank you and thank you for the prompt response! :)

Hi Tooniu

Theme is looking great but for some reason we miss the top menu after installation. We sent you a better explaination through the contact form. Would appreciate if you have time to help us get the top menu back as soon as possible.


Thanks for purchase! When did you send me a message?

Best regards, Tooniu

I sent it earlier today around 16.00 from the contact form.

We are simply missing the top menu. We can discuss it over email or Skype. I will try to post you a message again through the form, if you have not received it in 5 min. There is something wrong.

I wrote you reply.:) You contacted me form different email.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thanks for your quick help!

Will future revisions include Social Media and AddThis links on product pages, or will they remain strictly in the footer?


There are some social plugins which you can easily connect with Your product page.

Best regards, Tooniu