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Your template is superb! I have this error message on my back-office

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module Unk: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/’ – /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This is a Incompatibility module but which one? Can you help me?

thank you cordially Jimmy B.


Please send me email with access to Your Backoffice. You can use email form from here

Best regards, Tooniu


Could you see my problem?


Sorry i’m not working in sundays. I will take a look tomorow.

Best regards, Tooniu

This is a gorgeous theme and the customisation options look great. I’m thinking of installing this for a customer but they have certain requirements associated with accessibility, one of which is difficulty with certain mouse gestures. Does the theme adopt keyboard shortcuts at all?

Also, we need to install the Print Labels Addon – do you know whether there may be any compatibility issues with it?



Thanks!. I don’t really know what you mean with keyboard shortcuts. There shouldn’t be any problems with that module however if something shows up i will help you with fixing.

Best regards, TOoniu

Hi there – thanks for the reply. Keyboard shortcuts for navigating links – in particular in this case – in the admin area. You can use html or javascript I think, but I’m not sure about browser support for the latter.

Aaa ok :) My theme doesn’t change any Back Office functionality.


how can i get the subcategories look like this:

Like Lipbalm – Lipgloss and so on…

Hope that its possible. it looks a bit messy now with all the products on 1 page.


Please write me email using my profile page and i will send You version with subcategories.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hola, intalé el modulo Twitter Widget Free y no lo puedo visualizar en el footer

Espero respuesta gracias.


I respond you on email already. Please use english.

Hi! Any news about the mega menu? Is it comig soon? Thanks!


Unfortunately my javascript developer has some delay.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi, I purchased this theme but does not work well. I need help. The module does not work responsive and makes others go wrong. And I do not see the footer.

I followed all the tutorial but not working well.


I’m sure it’s working. please send me Your shop URL on email

best regards tooniu

Hello, I sent you an email with the url shop, you got it?

I can only be happy with the theme and with the VERY FAST REPLIES from Tooniu. The install went well but like with all personalisation there are always little details and things to adjust. On this I had several mails with Tooniu and everything was adjusted or I had the reply to my question really FAST. The theme is great and responsive and our clients are very happy. Great work great service Thanks, Mike

Thanks a lot!


Hello friends!! I tried to configure my site: with your excellent theme, but I can´t put the menu in the correct position and neither configure Featured Products on the homepage with the text to right side.

When you enter to any product appear an error: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO), but database and config data are ok

Can you help me?



You have to use horizontal top menu , not category block to show menu. If you want to show featured products in same row with editorial you have to make some modifications in module (or create new one). I have no idea why you’re getting access denied. Maybe try regenerate .htaccess (by saving SEO settings again).

Best regards, Tooniu


Impossible de commander avec IE 8. le template n’est pas compatible … merci


Yes, you are right. Could you send me access to Your FTP on email?

Best regards, Tooniu

yes just send me your email adress to or on this page Best regards

we also have a display problem on ie8 with the opacity of product overview. You can see that on the product down the home page for example.

Great technical support! Thanks Tooniu!

Is it possible to use the magnifying zoom image product effect like “MegaShop”? Is there any problem using spanish language and euros?

There are no problem with spanish or euros. Theme doesn’t use zoom effect exactly like on Megashop theme but it can use jqZoom.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi, I have one question before buying. Is there a possibility to have some kind of mega drop down menu ? Do you planning this in your theme?

best regards


I’m currently in development of this functionality however my javascript developer have some delay. It should be ready in two weeks.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thanks for fast reply. So I will just wait for this functionality, no rush ;)

Hello tooniu! Nice theme! I’m thinking of buying it. Two questions! No image appears on the “homepageslider”, or “adslider”. ¿Is it normal or is it a browser problem? Another question: The people of flexslider are working on some problems between windows8+flexslider. do you will update the flexslider code?

Thank you


What browser you are using ? Demo should show images there. I will update in next release.

Best regards, Tooniu

ok! it’s me! chrome 25 and firefox 19 on windows8 ie 10 works! i’ve just seen the pictures.

Hi, great job ! it’s a cool presta theme you’ve done. I love it. Just one question : will this theme be compatible prestashop 1.5.4 ? Thanks,




Thanks! Yes It’s compatible so far. I’m testing since yesterday.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thanks for replying to my query a few months back! (sorry, I only found the time to look at it now).

If I were to remove the left column in the products view page, can I - change the product thumbnails from square to rectangular - and have about 5 products per row?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, Yes it will require few changes in css and tpl files.

If you want help with this please contact me on email.

Hi! Can the product image be viewed as a rectangle instead of square?

Yes but it requires few changes in CSS

After updating to 1.5.4, there is a tiny line behind “Log in”. What is that?



Thanks for letting me know! For quick fix please add in Custom CSS section

header_user_info a.login {background:none!important}

Best regards, Tooniu

Works fine, thanks!

Is it possible to change how many products are displayed horizontally? I have removed the sidebar and the category page only shows 3 products rather than 4.


Please contact me on email using my profile page and i will describe you what to do.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hi, I am implementing your theme in my store but I am getting something screwy with the header. The search has a tiny bar next to it and the login button has a graphic that is not found. Checking the code it seems to be looking for a graphic from magari/css/modules/blockuserinfo/img/icon/login.gif but if I look at the magari download there is no file at this location. Is this a remnant of an old theme ? I tried to PM you about this a week or so ago, but heard nothing back. Thanks, Bill


Please remove those two lines from /magari/css/modules/blockuserinfo/blockuserinfo.css

header_user_info a.login {background: url(‘img/icon/login.gif’) no-repeat 10px 0}

header_user_info a.logout {background: url(‘img/icon/logout.png’) no-repeat 10px -1px}

Sorry for problems.

P.S i didn’t get Your email.

Best regards, Tooniu

Thanks for the help – that got rid of the login bit, but I think there is still a CSS issue with the search bar as it is in the wrong location and does not seem to have a link to the looking glass icon in the CSS.

Would you be able to have a look –


Could you please send me access to Your Backoffice on my email biuro [at] ?

Hi I’ve just purchased this theme and installed it for the first time on a new shop installation running the latest version 1.5.4. When I activate the theme, the shop fails to load giving a HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. It also says it may be down for maintenance (which it is not) or configured incorrectly. This is a brand new install and the default theme loads up fine.

Please could you suggest why this might be?


Yes please. You can use email form from here

I’m affraid Your Prestashop is 1.4.10 not 1.5.4 ;) So clearly this is reason why it’s not working.

Thank Tooniu, after running the install from my host and the 1-Click Autoupgrade, I rather foolishly did not check to see which version was running. I’ve now done a new manual installation and all is working fine so far. Lesson learned!