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Hi Tooniu! (sorry for my english, I’m french) On the produts pages of the demo there is only one picture per product. Is it possible to have more than one picture per products. If yes can you please describe me how there are displaied, or can you update the demo to have several pictures on at least one product. Thanks


Few of products have multiple images. For example

Best regards, Tooniu


Could you tell me how to display all the items in the home like your demo?

I have read your documentation, but it doesn’t says nothing about the blue newsletter block, nor the images “responsive design”, “unlimited colours” and “HTML5 and CSS3” nor the HTML block displaying clients, “origato”, “pro system”, etc…



The block which contains “Responsive design”,”Unlimited colours” etc is – Advertisement on homepage.

To add manufacturers on right side of editorial block please uninstall editorial block then install this one from my modules.

Please install newsletter block from my modules to have newsletter block like on my demo.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on email.

Best regards, TOoniu

THX! I have sent you an email through the contact form

Hello Tooniu,

I have a question about the Bigslider: can the button be omitted for certain slides? For the introductory slide I want to have just the headline and the text without any link. For other slides it is practical to have the button so I can link to certain categories.

Be glad to hear from you. Thanks in advance.


I will do this modification in next release. I’m still waiting for my developer to finish megamenu. Please write me email and i will send you modified module tomorrow.

Best regards, Tooniu

I will. Thanks

Hi Tooniu! (sorry for my english, I’m italian). Is it possible to change language selection from the text in the flags’s image?

Yes, you can help me!! thanks

Please send me email using this page and then send me access to Your FTP.

Best regards, TOoniu

ok, I sent them to you

Hello, We bought your template magari few months ago and I see that you did changed the footer of it (especially the fourth column). Can we benefit from this improvement?

Hello, I already tried but Prestashop doesn’t want me to put this module in the footer…

Please send me access to Your backoffice on my email and i will take a look.

Best regards, Tooniu

Great customer service, before and after sale ! Thanks a lot.

Hello tooniu and many compliments for your theme. We bought it some months ago and are going to use it now. Are you going to release updates for the theme or the modules in it? I’d like to create exactly the same elements disposition we can see in the demo: do you have a sql command that can configure the modules and hooks like in your testing shop?

In the category view we cannot show the subcategories in an easy way: are you going to plan an upadate for it or can you help us showing them in the page?

Thank you, Edoardo Resta

You should just overwrite .tpl files of theme. Reinstall only modules you need.

You should overwrite themeconfig because i’‘ve added 2 fields. Best regards, Tooniu

Ok. Did you update the demo? Can we see the new version working? About the modules configuration: can you provide us a sql command or something similar to have all the modules and blocks working like in the demo?

No answer?

Amazing theme, fantastic support! Theme is easy to install and customize to Your needs. GET IT!

Thank you for kind words.

All the best, Tooniu

Hello! Warning! How to turn off responsive design?

Sorry for not place this request in Envato. How do we upgrade the theme? Shall we just replace the files or make a new installation of the theme? Thanks!

Please download file. You can copy files you need. Be careful if you made any changes in .css files.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hello Toonio

I have a few questions about your theme

1 / I added 3 advertising blocks and I notice that they disappear when an adblock is installed.

2 / Concerning Home text editor module : when i add or modify some text or when i modify the number of manufacturer, my changes are not saved.

Thank for the help

Could you send me Your shop URL?

Thank you for your reactivity

perfect item and superb technical support.




For all of you with the last version of this template, I have had a lot of problems with the modules translations, especially the product state (new, discount, on sale).

I’ve solved this way because it seems its mandatory use the attribute “mod” inside each module TPL, at least with Prestashop

So for instance inside root/modules/bigfeatured/bigfeatured.tpl you must change this:

$(’.new’,this).text(“{l s=’NEW’}”);

for this:

$(’.new’,this).text(“{l s=’NEW’ mod=’bigfeatured’}”);

The same for all translations in problematic modules and problem solved.



It should be fixed! That is why i uploaded that update. Let me check it again and i will upload again if you are right.



Hello again,

I just checked and it should be good with translations. I believe every phrases have mod attribute.

Best regards, Tooniu

Hello, first of all congratulate you on your excellent work and apologize for my English (I’m Spanish). Today I bought your theme and have installed at the following address It has been some doubts, I have not been able to translate the block blocknewsletter on the cover, but in which you have translated correctly ej, if you were so kind as to tell me how to do it would be very grateful.

A greeting Juan


Thanks for purchase and kind words! You have to find newsletter module and translate it. If you have problems please write me email with access to Your backoffice and i will take a look.


Hello. I never see the subcategories, as I can fix this.

Hello, You can show them or hide them in themeconfigurator module.

All the best, Tooniu

gracias :)

Hi Tooniu, Nice theme!! I am installing this in my clients site.

We purchased a add on module and it can only be hooked to the left or right column. In the product pages, the left and right columns are not showing. How can I add a right or left column to the product view page? Thanks in advance.

Regards, nimeb


You have to modify product.tpl file. You have to change <section id=”center_column” class=”span12”> to <section id=”center_column” class=”span9”>

in line 28th and modify footer.tpl

You have to remove ” || $page_name ==’product’ “

Probably you’ll have to modify few css lines to get it look good.


Thanks Tooniu. It did the trick. looking forward for more great themes. Good luck.


All the best, TOoniu

Hi Tooniu,

I have a question about payment gateways. I tried 2 dutch modules from Sisow and Multisafepay. They both break the Magari template, stetching all across the browserwindow and adding the righcolumn div at the left side of the footer. See this link:

How can this be solved?

I noticed that the usual beginning of the hook fails: <section id=”center_column” class=”span9”> (as in your bankwire module).

Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance, Paul


Please send me email and i will write you answer because here it’s unable to save code.



Hello Toonio

Is it possible to put a video in the “Responsive image slider for Your homepage” module ?

Not yet. I’m planning to use revolution slider in future release which allow to use flash content.


But Flash content is not suported by Smartphones (iPhone, iPad…)

It’s not 100% true however there are no other way to do that i think.


Great theme.

Please be aware that if you use the Advertisement slider for the left column and do not enter any values for “pause”, the script will not enter any default value and the slider will not show.

Bug me out for some time so I share in case it happens for someone else…

Thanks a lot! I will fix that and release update!


Did you update the demo? Can we see the new version working? About the modules configuration: can you provide us a sql command or something similar to have all the modules and blocks working like in the demo?

Did you update the demo? Can we see the new version working? About the modules configuration: can you provide us a sql command or something similar to have all the modules and blocks working like in the demo?

Sorry i missed Your message!. Updated version is available on my demo page. I don’t have sql command to make it quick however i have screenshot of modules position which i can send you on email.