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Hi! I installed the theme in and it doesnt work well. When I click the product photo to view the details of the products in appears an error message. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much


You have to enable php debuging. Go to config/ and set

define(‘PS_MODE_DEV’, true);

Then i will check.


I did. Please check it and help me.


Unfortunately i think it’s not connected with my template but to Your prestashop installation. Please try to enable default theme and check if this is happening.

Maybe you should try to install fresh version of prestashop.


Hello, I installed the theme and all ok, but if you do click in a product for view detail, appear an error Error: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO). Please check my site

Can you help me? Thank you


What you need to translate because it shouldn’t be any differences between normal and mobile version in translations.



I did the translation Blocknewsletter module, but it is not translated to Spanish in my store. Should I change something in the newsproducts.tpl?


Please send me Your backoffice login data on my email.


Hi Tooniu, I like your Magari template very much, I’m considering to buy it and use it for my Spanish site: (gift and decoration) but I have some pre purchase questions. 1. In your demo version you have 4 main categories and some subcategories for each. I have about 25 main categories, and only 3-4 has some subcategories. How this can be implemented and how it will look like? 2.. Is it possible to put Further products onto the product page below the photo? 3.. Is it possible to constantly show a block with cart contents and shipping price? 4. Can you propose a Rich Snippets module which is compatible with Magari theme? 5. Is there possibility to insert a blog module? Best regards Akos


If you want to have all subcategories in top nav it might be a problem because it will take 3 or 4 lines of categories. But you can set Your categories to be subcategories of Products or something like that.

You can add products onto product page.

Constantly showing block cart will need few changes in code because you should have still visible left or right column even on homepage and product page.

You can use some blog modules but they will require few changes in .tpl files

About Rich Snippets i think that if module will be compatible with default theme it will also works with mine.

All the best, Tooniu

Hi ,

I buy the magari theme , but in the install i had a big problem with installation module , i contact the magari support but no response , i install a blog module from prestashop but the displau article were Ko , you can see it on So can i have a help ? Thanks Nail


Did you try to run this module on default theme? I don’t know if this is caused by my theme or something is wrong on blog side.

Please send me access to Admin and i will take a look.


P.S When did you contacted support? because i didn’t get anything from You.

Hi , I use this account to buy it , i did not yet install the last version on , please how can i send you the information ? Thanks Nail

Through email form on my profile page.


before i contact .. , i send information to you for the ftp access

Thanks tooniu for you help !! too fast and good work like ever !

Hello, I am interested in acquiring this theme. I have some doubts: Do you provide documentation to install the theme and configure it? I know in Prestashop, in backoffice you can add a new theme (preferences > themes), but I do not know wthat files I should add or modify to add and configure this theme. I see the design is in two columns. Could I have a left column with categories and include other modules like for example tags module, the Prestashop default specials module or other CMS block? Is it possible to show three featured products and beside: in the same line to place the facebook fan module? Is it posible to customize the superfish top menu? For instance different design..And customize the footer? For instance different information showed, colours… Prestashop supports multishop. I am thinking that from the main page of muy website users can access different subdomains. Is it posible with this theme to customize each subdomain: using the theme configurator: change background color, pattern, change logo, button colours? Thanks,


There is documentation included to this theme. You can have left or right column with cateogries and add additional modules. If you want to show three featured products and facebook likebox you’ll have to make simple modifications (i can help you with that). You can modify superfish menu and footer too.

You can’t modify each domain from Theme Configurator but you can do this manually in CSS file.

All the best, TOoniu

Hi Tooniu, thanks for your reply. What I mean is to install Magari theme in a domain, but to configure the home domain and each subdomain with this theme: all the subdamains based in the same theme: just different colours, products, modules. If it is not possible to configure it as for the home or main domain, is it difficult to do it in CSS file? would you help me with that? I suppose with one subdomain is enough, the others would be analogous.. Do you provide all PSD theme files? Slider images PSD files, banner images PSD files… Thanks


Yes i can help you with that. I provide only few PSD. Not full strore. There is menu PSD , cart and baner.


Hi, I had installed the theme and it works fine, except for the top menu. The problem is in the top menu I had added a Contact Us link which directs the users to the It works fine if I am accessing it while I am in the home page. But when I access another page (a CMS page, or a product page) and click on the Contact Us link, it directs to the, which results in a 404 page. Can you please let me know how to fix this issue?

If you need the link to the site, please let me know your email and I will PM it. Thanks in advance.


Sorry for delay. Please send me Your shop URL. You can use email form from here


Thanks for your replt Tooniu. I had sent the URL.

Another issue is in the checkout pages (https), the fonts are not showing properly as it gets blocked. ([blocked] The page at ran insecure content from Any workaround for this?

Hello, I installed your theme and doing very well, you can see in but I have a little problem, I see the amount in stock or Warning: Last items in stock! in the product detail, if viewed in the default theme, I hope news, thanks.


Thanks for purchase! Please send me email using contact form on my profile page and i will send you updated file.


Hi. I installed your theme. Its working good . But the online store I’m working on requires me put an additional advertising block. I have just installed the theme, and I think the “enable ” command for the module present in the config.xml (in the root of your theme) does affect the layout while Installing the theme at first . I am ready to install the theme again. Can I please have the configured config.xml file to display more ads on the home page. Thanks.

Ok.. That means I’ll have to manually change the css..Got it.. Another Issue is regarding th “NEWSLETTER BOX” on the homepage..Although I have already enabled the Newsletter module..But it isn’t still visible.. Any specific bug..?

Can I get an Email too? I need the positions of the modules. I even forwarded you the account details of my back end but haven’t seen any changes nor any reply since.

Hello, because my day just started;) I will respond you ASAP.


Hello, i installed your theme and it looks great. But i have problems in positioning modules, could you please tell all the positions they should have, because now some modules are out of their positions (newsletter,social block). Do i have to install all the modules included in theme folder? if not, which ones i have to install to make my template look like you demo. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for fast reply! Here is my email

Hello again, I am unable to translate newsletter block on homepage to my own language, also the “new products” heading. All module and FO translations are already translated from BO, but they do not change in FO..any suggestions? what if i just change them in css? Thanks.

Hi! Translation is possible for sure. You can’t change translation with CSS. If you can’t handle with this please send me email with access to Your Backoffice and i will help You tomorrow.



Hi i Have one problem, in the footer the “Categories” apper duplicate when the process to checkout is in the select metod of pay and this style move to right.


What can i do?


I just checked and can’t see this. Please be more descriptive. Maybe send me screenshot on email.


Hello, is this theme comes with french translation?

No but you can download french translation from

And you just need to translate few simple phrases.

All the best, Tooniu

Witam, czy jest mo?e wersja tej skórki w j?zyku polskim??

pozdrawiam Gr


Nie ma ale t?umaczenie mo?na pobra? z oficjalnej strony prestashop. Pó?niej wystarczy przet?umaczy? dos?ownie kilka s?ów.

Pozdrawiam Tooniu

aha czyli rozumiem ?e je?li zainstaluje Polsk? wersj? Prestashop i potem importuje t? skórk? to wszystko b?dzie po polsku ewentualnie zostanie kilka tylko s?ów do podmianki??

je?li bym si? zdecydowa? na zakup tej skórki to czy jest pó?niej mo?liwo?? jakiej? ewentualnie ma?ej pomocy technicznej w przypadku jaki? problemów??

Tak dok?adnie tak.

Oczywiscie nie ma problemów z pomoc? techniczn?. Jestem dost?pny mailowo od poniedzia?ku do pi?tku, czasem soboty.

P.S Dobrze zobaczy? tu polski j?zyk :)

Pozdrawiam Tooniu


w?a?nie tak zauwa?y?em ?e ta skórka to Polska produkcja :)

dzi?ki w takim razie zdecyduje si? na zakup. jak b?d? mia? jakie? pytania to b?d? pisa?

pozdrawiam Gruzin

Swietnie! W razie pytan prosze o kontakt

Pozdrawiam Tooniu


When i tried to install “”, “”, “”, “”

Nothing shows up as the description in the installation guide.

How do I make the “original” look pretty like the demos? I posted a pic of my interface. I changed the background colour, nothing happens. I am using PS1.5.3.1, did I do something wrong?

Hi, my website URL is www. ecbuy . co . za

Do you have any product added to Catalog (and assigned to home category – this is needed to show products in Featured slider)

If you have problems you can write me email using my profile page


Thank You, I have send you the email.

Hi Tooniu,

Will there be an updated version of Magari Theme compatible with PS 1.5.5?

Thanx, Volley

Yes. I’ll test magari in next week and i’ll make necessary updates.


Hello! Already tested. Seems that everything is ok in Prestashop 1.5.5

Hi Tooniu, I sent you a private message, It seems your Demo Theme has nothing to do with the version I Downloaded. The Category section with the “cat_image” etc… is not constructed in the same way, and right now nothing really works. Could you please take a look. Thanks!

This is a great theme with 1st class support provided by Tooniu. Thank You!!


I’ve installed the theme and activated but the language buttons in the top corner are not working or the curency switch. why is that happening ? thank you.

P.S: if i switch to default works

now it’s working. ty

i’ve checked and it works for me too.


Can the cross selling module work with this theme, if so how? As I cannot seem ot hook it into the product pages.


This theme is based on default prestashop theme and it should work with every custom modules, because i’m not blocking anything.