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Hi Tooniu, I have an issue, how can I create category parents? I see in your demo theme diferents categories women, men, kids, etc, and these categories have any subcategories. Thanks a lot Regards Ramon

oks tooniu, sent mail!! Thanks again!

I didn’t receive yet.


Ohh, sorry, now it’s sending….I hope, jejeje

Hi i have a question, the template come with demo template installation? or in case not, if i buy the theme, could you send me a copy of the system with files and database, to import and work from there? I need that template exactly like live demo. Please, answer as soon as possible. Thanks

All features that you can see in demo are included in this theme. The Price slider is default Prestashop Feature. Theme is compatible with Prestashop 1.5 to 1.5.6 (latest one)


OK. Just last question and then you will have a buyer, i have appreciated in demo that bigslider hide in small responsive. it is normal? there is not a slider for small resolution? maybe a responsive slider? Thanks, again for you attention.

I’ve disabled text on slider for Mobile phones but if you need it’s simple way to change that. Of course i can help. Tooniu

Hi. I just bought your theme, but cannot install it. When i try to import it I get an error: Bad file. Can you please send me instructions on how to install correctly please.

I just sent You email Tooniu

There were no instructions attached

I mean documentation attached to this Theme (documentation folder)

Hi there! I’m can’t translate “If you want to be informed about new products and price drops, please leave Your email below.” It is a “blocknewsletter” so I tranlated it but it doesnt change on homepage. I translate it in modules default theme and magari theme but nothing changes. I see some changes on inside pages but not in homepage. Where can I translate it?

ok give me your email.

Ok sent!!! ;)

Hi ! All it’s good for me exept one little thing with the horizontal top bar menu: when the screen is less than 760px (mobile view), the drop down menu (the select item that we ca see on the demo page) doesn’t appear ! Is there a way to configure it or did i miss something?


Please send me URL with Your shop so i can check. Tooniu

check on css ’#header_user_info a.login’ background: url(‘') – and other icons,

Please remove this from css/modules/blockuserinfo/blockuserinfo.css. 2 last lines.

I will prepare update.




When I upload the theme in Prestashop, I’ll get the text: ’’Bad configuration file’’... what’s wrong?

I’d just upload the file I downloaded here..

Thanks. Casper Jensen.

Please send me ticket here


I have send a ticket. Still don’t got any answer…

I don’t have it:| it’s superweird. Please send using email form on this page

Hi, My site is already in production with another template, so i don’t need the content demo, only the theme, is it possible to install only the theme ? thx

Sure! Just copy theme into Your Prestashop/Themes and choose my theme. If you’ll face any problems just let me know.


you’re a fast man! thx, i’m working for a client project, i’m tryng to figure out wich theme will be the easiest to wook with. i’ll make my choice today

Looking at purchasing your theme. Does this theme work on Prestashop 1.5.6? Also, when Prestashop 1.6 comes out in a few months will you be updating your theme for that?


yes it’s working on 156 and yes I will update to he compatible with 1.6 tooniu

I just bought your theme, and uploaded to themes folder. But, it is not showing under preferences>themes… Not sure what to do. I only see default theme still.

and yes, I uploaded only magari 2.0 folder when I tried it that way

the prestashop forum is telling me that the file is not compliant because of the error “bad configuration file”. Please help!

Ok, looks like I got it. Need to upload folder “Magari” not “Magari 2.0” (never did work with auto theme installer)

How can I edit or delete some of the links in the footer that I don’t use?

I just set up my store:


please leave your ticket on I will reply tommorow

Hello Yesterday submit a ticket nº UZP-3NH-4LLZ Do you now something about the problem?


Today i will be responding on all tickets. Sorry i have some delay due to health problems.


Don’t worry, health comes first

Hi! I just replied on Your ticket. Let me know if that’s enough for You

Regards TOoniu

Hello tooniu

I have products with discounts and in the product page shows the old price and the new price, but in the Featured Product slider in the homepage don’t show the new price. ¿It’s possible to show it?


sorry wanted to say that doesn’t show the old price with a line-strike

Please send a ticket on I will respond tomorrow.


Hi, I would like to know the best procedure to translate into French for all FrontOffice. Thanks

Thank you for your quick response. Why I do not have access to the support page! I have the following message “INVALID LICENSE (NOT REGISTERED FOR!” How can do I register my Item Purchase Code

Please contact through

Where did you find the


Aa ok i see now. It was previous address. It’s changed now.


Hello, I submitted a ticket witch an urgent matter but didn’t write down the number. I can not re-request it form you site either, no emails are being sent to my address. Also checked the spam folder but nothing there. Can you please check and try to help me out?


I didnt get any email. Nothing in spam folder maybe try on ?

I sent it again from my gmail this time to both addresses. Hope it worked ;)

i just replied Tooniu

Hi tooniu, I have a problem in the Footer of the site, the last column (4) falls below! I have already sent an email about it yesterday and I really need to settle this problem. Could you help me. thank you

Hello i just replied you on ticket.

Thank you excellent support

Thanks! Regards Tooniu

The theme is fully compatible with

hi! Yes theme is compatible. Tooniu

Hi, magari is a really nice theme. Unfortunately, I have some problem with the prices one the category page. Some of them show 0.00, some the correct price. Altough there are prices defined. After the click on a product, it shows the correct price at the product page. I wrote you a ticket 8 days ago, but maybe you didn’t received it.


Hi sorry for delay. I just got back from hospital. I was unavailable for last week. Tomorrow i will be responding on all tickets. If you didn’t leave Your shop URL in ticket please do it now.

Regards Tooniu

Hi, I hope you are well! I left the URL in the ticket. It would be great if you could help me as soon as possible.

Regards Philipp

How can i get latest 31-05-2013 update of this theme, could you make changes for me? Regards, Figas2012

Please download it from ThemeForest. Tooniu

Hello, I can confirm that this site has a theme? if so, the theme also has the drop of the header that says: SOCUM TIENDA – SOCUM SELECCION – SOCUM CLUB? if so, buy it today. thanks

Yes. This site uses our theme but we don’t have module with this dropdown. However it’s easy to add something like this.

regards Tooniu