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A WRX XML file with sample content would be REALLY helpful here. I saw a response about the author not holding copyright. Is there a simple solution, though? I’d certainly appreciate it, as I’m sure other buyers and maybe-buyers would too.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll try to update the demo page soon using images that can be redistribute and we can provide a demo XML data.


i also was asking myself if there exist any demo content. I bought the theme a couple of days ago and didn’t find some sample xml file. Now there are 4 months left since the response of ThemeWarrior in regard to the question. What is the standing? Is there any possibility to install that demo content?

I have been using this theme for about two years now and recently the number of facebook likes started showing 0. Is there any fix for that?

Here it is (Name of my FB page is myslim.pozitivne)


Facebook made some changes to their API that force users to create an app if they want to display data from Facebook.

You might want to try this plugin then follow the instruction posted by “satheeshgecp” in


I recently bought Magazinepress. Great theme. All tough i wonder how you could disable social buttons on posts?


Thanks in advance!



Open /magazinepress/single.php, find this code:

<?php warrior_social_buttons(); ?>

You can remove this code or

just add ”#” before function, example:

<?php #warrior_social_buttons(); ?>

Hi again,

Great theme! My customer is very satisfied.. Got one last question!

I’m trying to find which file I need to edit to add user “biography” and a “avatar” to the author page.

Could you point me in the right direction? At this time it shows the users latest blog posts.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards Christoffer


1. To add user biography: Go to dashboard > Users > Your Profile, fill out user email and biographical info

2. To add an avatar: It’s simple and it’s free. Simply go to Gravatar’s website Signup with the email that you use (can add more than one email). Add an avatar of yourself. This could be a picture of yourself, your company’s logo, or something unique

greeting, it’s been more than 2 years since last update, any plans for new release ?


We have released the latest version of the theme 1 year ago. In 1-2 months, we have no plans to release the latest version, but we’ll update the theme to make sure the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Last Update 18 February 14, can you please direct me more specifically??


I wonder what happen after deleting the “Flickr photos” section at the bottom of the “magazinpress” template.

Is it possible to replace it by another content ? Or to let space empty ?

Thank you Alex

Hi Alex,

It is possible to manage your content, the content is widgetized so you can drag and drop you content.

Thank you…


One of my clients bought this theme and I’d like to know what version it’s up to now.

She has version 1.0.1. If there is an updated version, is it possible for her to download.


The latest version of this pacakge is 1.0.3, if you have been purchased this package, you can download an updated version from the download page.

my client’s former developer purchased this for her, and has no way to contact him anymore. she doesn’t have the license info. she’s presently using it on her site and she really needs an update. is her domain or name on file with you?


I’m sorry but without the purchase code, we cannot verify the purchase. We don’t have all data of our buyers, Envato kept the data private.

Do you have an SQL to import the demo content so the site is complete and we can edit from there?

?? Can we get the xml file please?


We are sorry we cannot provide you the xml file, because the image is not licensed CC0.

you said in the past you would update the images so you can supply this but never did. We really just need to structure of the demo, we will be changing all content, without it the theme is just too much work and a bit worthless to us. Can you update the images and send the .xml or is there an option for refund so we can purchase one that does include the xml?

I am working on a new website and i want to align my logo higher than it now is so i can align the text of my logo with the banner on the right. How do i do that using custon css?


Sorry for my late reply.

You can add the follwing css code:

.container {
    padding: 0 1.6% 1.6%;

The xml file says it is not a WXR xml file and wont import.


Make sure you install & activate, WordPress Importer plugin. If you still getting an issue, let me know your wp site credentials.


tried that already. Where can I email you the wordpress login details?



Where do we edit the home page to add our articles and such?


Go to Appearance > Widget > Homepage widget area