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Welcome, good luck with sales!

Thanks friend.

Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thanks you!

Thanks mate.

Welcome! Nice theme! ;)

Your Newses look really nice. Thanks btw

Welcome to TF. Cool Magazine Theme!

Thanks Ruven

Awesome theme man! Just wanted to ask if its possible/easy enough to make the homepage category carousel auto rotate with an excerpt?

Thanks, and best of luck with sales :)

It’s easy like 1+1=2. I’m seriously, we will do the rest for you. Thanks.

What a guy, thanks a lot :) Now the proud owner of Magazon theme. Thanks

Thanks for your purchased, using my contact page to shot me an email if you have any problem. :)

Hi, I love the clean look to your theme.

I have been searching for a website theme for ages. But cant make my mind up :)

What I would like to ask is;

Is it possible to use “posts” as “events”

I run loads of events, and would like to have a page for my events.

So was wondering if I could just create a post for each event. Put the appropriate details in and then create the page with all those event posts in?

Our Page Builder Function will do it for you:

1. Create an category named “events” and create post with that category.

2. Create new page named “Events” , using “blog posts” builder item then select get post from Events category.

You are all done.

Brilliant theme and well thought out. Is is possible to extend the width of the theme to accommodate an extra column making it 4 columns instead of three? Thanks

With 2 hours to write custom code, your problem will done. 2 sidebar + content.

haha i like that. And when can you start? Email me details. Thanks

It’s custom coding ;). If you interested on this theme, go ahead to purchase it and we will cover all your request & problem.

hello, Is it possible to have a slider on home page in full width ? thank you

it’s possible only with the layout one colum no sidebare…

Why it’s not possible like option carousel ? (Maybe I’m wrong I hope)

Thanks you for your purchased.
As I said above, it’s custom coding that will solve your problem.
Shot me an email by use TF contact page and include FTP, Wordpress login informations, We will do the custom work for you by tomorrow morning.

thank you very much, I write you now

Great theme and good luck with sales :) Is the ADS Management system can work with Google AdSense ?

Google Adsense tested and working perfect for sure :).

hi, how well will this integrate with an ecommerce plugin?

We not yet test this theme with any ecommerce plugins.

Pre-Purchase question

Any chance of making this template multilingual?

This theme included .po and .mo language files that you can uses for translation.

Wait i’m not sure if i made the right question, i want to make my website available in multiple languages (when there are flags at the top to switch languages for example) is that possible?

Currently this theme doesn’t support that feature, Will do it in next version for sure.

Hey Welcome to the Envato family! Really nice file :)

Wow Envato Staff here :D Thanks you Josh.

Is there a way for traditional blog post style? (one post on top of another) with sliders on top? Thanks!

Nice theme. Some questions:

Is it possible to make post slider and caruosel auto rotate ?

Sharing icons are located under author box. Can I disable author box and move these icons under post content? Is there an option to replace icons with buttons?

Is it possible to put post slider on post pages?

Thanks you for interested :
1. Yes, it is possible
2. It’s not sharing icon, it’s author profile social. You can hide it by theme options and we will include sharing icon in next version today.
3. This post already have a slider : . Or you can view this video to know how it works here :

Hi, I am searching a theme that will be closed to that design

the functionality that I do not see in the features are:

1. how to make the following area transparant

2. How to make a service listing page organized in list view not grid view

3. How do you see in your road map to make the theme working with WPML plugin

1. Delete one line in style.css and it will be transparant.
2. Simply, use our Page Builder to do that.
3. We have contacted with WPML yesterday and awaiting reply from them.
Thanks you

Updated to version 1.3 – WPML ready, plus advanced theme options for Individual Language


I purchased the theme and i have some problems. I can’t imoport the sample data … magazonwordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-02-22.xml

Can you tell me how to do that ? this is how it look like :(

great. thanks for the help.

please send a reply when you resolve the problem.

I can’t access to your wordpress database. Just send you an email included 3 steps to get it done ;)

Hi, I can’t get the main slider to work – it just shows a blank. Is it pulling the images from Featured Images? I have featured images set for the category I selected but nothing seems to work.

I’m also getting a strange error using the page builder. I will select a specific category to show, update the page but only a category called “General” shows.

Kindly advise. Thanks.

Done. thanks.

Thank you for your quick response and PHENOMENAL support!

You are welcome!

Is it possible that we can review your theme for free?, for more visits to this site for example

Of course, Thanks you.