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Is it possible that we can review your theme for free?, for more visits to this site for example

I really like the way the navigation works at smartphone size. Nicely styled! I also like the carousel at the top of the home page. A nice break from the usual big slider there.

A question: can the black tabs and bars be set to a different color?

And last: just a couple friendly suggestions on simple improvements:

- Move the date boxes (that appear over the post thumbnails on home page) up several pixels, or down so they’re flush with the bottom of the image. Right now, they’re floating one or two pixels above the bottom, and it looks like a mistake, rather than a design descision.

- Have someone carefully proofread all of your demo copy and your promo copy on this page. There are a lot of mistakes that are obvious to a native English speaker, which interfere with your looking professional.

Hey , thanks for your kind of words.
1. Yes, it can be done via CSS
2. Looking nice on FireFox and Safari, on Chrome floating one pixel above the bottom
3. Yeah, English is our second language but it’s not so bad, We’re trying every day to improve english skills and make awesome Wordpress themes.


And thanks for your quick response!

According to w3schools, about 48% of US users are currently using Chrome (as of Jan. 2013), so that matters!

And I certainly didn’t mean to insult your English skills! You do far better than I can in my second language! Just pointing it out because it might help your sales. :)

Thanks for your info, We will note about that. ;)

Hello, My friend has purchased the theme and he has some problems. He can’t imoport the sample data … magazonwordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-02-22.xml Can you tell me how to fixx that ?

We only work with buyers so please tell your friend shot me an email via my TF contact page.


Can you tell me the email of the buyer, his name was Robert, because he forgot the email and he said me to comment . please help :$:$ sorry

great looking theme ! Purchased :) Look forward to working with it/you!

Thanks you for your purchased. ;)

Just bought the theme and im very impressed with it so far. I do have a few suggestions if you don’t mind hearing them.

1. I’m not sure if it’s my site or the theme but the slider doesn’t resize the images

2. Regarding the slider. It would be helpful if we could include post IDs in the slider. That way we could have a slider composed of only the posts we want in it.

3. Would it be possible to add a “Additional Information” box in the editor? Just in case you want to only show related information of the subject you are reviewing?


Thanks your your purchased and suggests.
1. This theme using WP resize feature and the reason your slider displayed like that because we miss the smoothHight property of Flexslider, will add it as an update version.
2. Thanks for your suggest, we will add post IDs to the slider
3. Did you mean add it to Wordpress WYSIWYG editor or just add new meta box.?

A simple meta box you can add relevant information into with controls similar to the Review Box Position. Thanks for the quick reply and considering my suggestions!

Your meta box with the setting above is not in high demand. But you need that feature to add it to your theme, shot me an email ;)

Its it possible to set the review stars inline with the feature image

So it looks like this

Image | review Content below

So the image/review are 50% width

That a big customization?

What is the best method to contact you?

Shot me an email using my TF contact page. We will have a support forum soon.

Sent! Thanks ST


Great theme, thinking about getting it. Wanted to know if it is possible to change the Google+ and Pinterest icons to other social sites? Would live to get this theme, just want to know if thats possible.

Yes, Of course it’s possible.

Clean and fresh work! Good luck :)

Thanks you.

Hello, I’m having some issues with the background. I configured it but it is not working is it a way or a guide so I can use an image for the background as in the demo. My blog is

Thank you

Please note that you need to select boxed-layout in theme options to make the background display.

Thank u sir, it works!

You are welcome! Also you can follow us on Twitter for future update.

thanx for the great theme, i use it as template for a blog which exists to critizise social organizations and development aid. The blogger are already very pleased with layout and co.

One problem ocurred icant resolve – could you have a look. The transparent black title box above the “Highlights”-Slider is too wide and i don’t know why – thank you:


Shot me an email with your wordpress login details by using my TF contact page.
Btw, thanks you for your purchased.

It seems that the theme doesn’t perform quite well in Safari. When you scroll through the feature slider the sidebar flickers. Not the case with Chrome and Firefox though.

Really nice and well design theme by the way.

Tested with Safari and looking good. Can you email me the details of this problem?
Thanks so much!

Hi, i bought this theme recently and i’m having some issues with the background image and the logo image, i tried to upload them in several ways and they are not showing, even if the actual image is displayed on the menu it will not show up on my main site. Help!

Shot me an email about your problem, also include wordpress login information. We are there to help.

Hi, all looks great, but do the ads have “click” statistics? I need to know how may clicks for each ad?

No, the gocodes plugin is simply link tracking, It count how many times your ads link has been clicked. Our theme only display ads on page.

Im thinking of using this plugin for ads, very powerful. I would remove yous and use this, is that viable? I really need strong statistics for the ads.

My theme doesn’t include Ads tracking plugin, just display them to front page.

hi is the import xml included it seems i can’t find it?

Hi, It’s not a bug. Please make sure you click to color picker submit link ( See at bottom right )
Btw, thanks you.

oh I see yup that works >.< didn’t notice the icon

You are welcome!

Thanks for this great theme. Just one point for the wishlist for future updates: Shortcodes for text-/infoboxes.

Thank you! Mela

You will have it in next version by tomorrow for sure. ;)

Hi Again,

Can you have a static image at the top of each category-page to represent that section instead of the slider?


When the site resizes for mobile devices (iphone, Android) “responsiveness” i need it to HIDE the sidebar and widgets. Can this be done?

Thanks again.

Yes, It can be done. Easy

Excellent! i shall buy…


Just purchased your theme and it’s not showing thumbnails on homepage. It uses images with original sizes (on homepage and posts): (check related and recent post thumbnails)

I saw a guy using my theme together with Disquss without errors but doesn’t remember the URL. There is error given by disqus and not our theme. Please make sure you do it right.

Reinstalled the plugin and solved, thx.

You are welcome !

Is there an easy way to set the sidebar to be on the right by default on all post pages rather than selecting the option on the post itself, in the page builder.

Sorry if it’s a silly question, I’m rather new to Wordpress.


Of course, here you go : Magazon Setting -> General Settings -> Page Settings -> Default Layout.

Thanks for your purchased btw. ;)

Hi Having trouble placing images within my carousel. Tried all different sizes but still does not appear. Thanks Peter

If you doesn’t import sample data, you need to use this plugin to rebuild your thumbnails :

Thanks for your purchased.

Hi.I like your theme but i have 4 questions…

1)I just tested your demo, with for speed, and i found it too slow… Is there a problem or something else? 2)About images… Does your theme use featured image system or somehting else? 3)Does your theme use the latest jquery 1.9.1 or something else? 4)Is it possible to xhange the colour of navbar to another one?


Hey, thanks for your questions.
1. Our site run on share host so it will take some time to load. We are planing to move all our site to dedicate server in next week.
2. Yes, this theme using WP featured image function
3. We get jquery from wp core so when you update WP core to latest version, you will get jquery latest version too.
4. The navigation bar using color picker to choose color.