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I’m thinking about purchasing this theme but was wondering if you can turn off the featured image on Post pages. I want to use the Featured image feature to display the image on the homepage, but sometimes I do not display them on the post page (depending on article length).

Thanks in advance!

It’s very easy. ;)

Please update your theme to vesion 1.21. Thanks

Hi, some questions:

1. How long will you support and update this theme?
2. How easy is it to integrate BBPress with this?

1. We all doing business and the support, update will be here as long as ThemeForest live.
2. We are not yet test with BBpress but it’s easy to integrate.

Hello again, the “related posts” after a post and the “recent posts” in the tabbed sidebar are only shown as very bulky thumbnails without the Title of the Blogpost. How do I fix this so I have instead neat headlines with just a tiny thumbnail?

Shot me an email and tell me your wordpress login URL. we will take a look.

Thank you for the quick help.

You are welcome!

There is support for Google Cyrillic fonts?

Hi, Google doesn’t have that font.

Great template! Excellent support! Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Can you provide sample data to import?

Sample data already in the theme download file, here you go : assets/sample-data/..
Thanks for your purchased.

Hi again. I have another bug to report. The social links in the author description don’t seem to work. They take me to a 404 page.

The Magazon V1.3 is waiting for review. Also the article featured image and in single page is the same. Currently this theme doesn’t support that option.

Thanks for the great support so far. Greatly appreciated. Also, where can i find the advanced settings for the slider?

TF just accepted Magazon Version 1.3, go ahead to download it and you will see the flexslider setting in theme options page.

Hi i just buy this theme install have some error message say miss “style.css” Can you help me slove problem ?


Please extract your downloaded package, you will found the theme ( and Document folder. Please follow the guide in document and Video tutorials.
Thanks for your purchased.

Thanks ! before i dont know upload , now is ok la thanks ! Thanks for your reply ^^~

You are welcome!

Where do i add my google analytics code?

If you edit the style by using css files, make sure to backup it. Anything else work fine.

I’m gonna send you an email to work this out and a few other issues I’ve been having

Got it, thanks you.

can you help me?

magazon has 2 menus, where do i control them separately?

how do i make the carousel always show, not half hidden?

You can control theme in WP menu setting page.
By default, the carousel showing 3 post and when you click next/back button, the next post will show.
Btw, thanks for your purchased.

thank you!

the carousel is buggy, but i will be ok

You are welcome!

I’m extremely happy that I purchased this theme! I am a complete novice at this and had previously bought two other themes that I couldn’t really figure out how to work. This one is so nice and simple to use, so thank you!

The only problem I’m having right now is that I can’t see any of the pictures on the ‘help’ documentation. Does you know why that would be? What can I do to fix it? I’m using Google Chrome if that helps.

Just tested with Chrome and anything worked fine. Please don’t move the help files, just open it.

Thank you!

How can you edit the header right ads, I tried to click on Header Right Widget and place a text widget in there, but its not letting me add anything to it. It seems like it’s disabled or something. Any ideas?

It’s worked fine
In the widget page, see at the right for Header Right Widget, Drag the text widget in to it and paste the code bellow :

<a href="#"><img src="" alt="468 x 60 Ads" /></a>

You are done.

Thanks, it looks like it was chrome thing, it worked okay in safari.

i download the theme file several time, but continuosly receive the same error The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

please some help

Please extract the downloaded package, you will found and please follow the guide in Document files.

I’ve purchased and installed this theme on bluehost on a site which was already build using a free theme and has plenty of content. I’m having trouble seeing any content (for example my home page has text and media but will not render). I see a menu bar at the top listing pages. Click on those nothing happens. Is there any known issue with installing on an existing website? Wordpress 3.5.1?

There is nothing issues. shot me an email and tell me your WP url, WP login information. I will take a look
Also, Thanks for your purchased.

Hi , i want to know this theme have any good paid member pugin

Sorry, we not yet test with any membership plugins.


I’m having a issue with the theme. If I have a image with 600px width the “large” thumbnail on the homepage (Type 2 Blog Post) shows in full size, but not all the way out. When I use a larger image the theme automatically resize it to be even smaller! Therefore I never get the image to fill the whole “box”. Hopes that makes sense. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

// Matt

Hmm. How would that help? I want the BIG image that covers the full width. What am I doing wrong?

Ohhh. Now I got it. It’s only possible by using the Blog Post Slider! Thanks!

You are welcome!

Hi, I’m trying to set the menu colour in the navigation menu, after clicking “Save Menu”, the colour settings reset.

I’m using v1.3, I wonder if it’s something I’m doing wrong, or a bug?


When you select color, then please click to color picker button at the bottom right. After that click Save Menu.

Thanks for your purchased.


You are welcome!

Please help me There was an error… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please extract the downloaded package and you will see the theme file

Please post an admin post screenshot to see the options, i’m interesting in your theme.


Can i use text area to put code in Ad Management?


Go here to have a look at our theme framework : .