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What about support cyrilic symbols? I change font type on theme, but on site visible changes only Latin characters, Cyrillic with no changes. How to fix it?

I mean Google fonts.

I see. But I chose Google font that supports cyrilic symbols (for example “Poiret One”), but I see change only with Latin characters, Cyrillic without changes.

Try to use Arial fonts.
Hope that help


Love the theme exactly what I wanted and really easy to set up thank you.

I have a few small things I need to tidy up and hope you can help.

1. On the main menu instead of just the home or selected category being highlighted it is highlighting 3 menu items not sure what is causing this.

2. I don’t wish to have an advert on the heading but just my logo centered. I am currently using the widget for the advertisement to place my logo but wish to make it centered.

3. I don’t wish the featured image to show above my articles as I do a lot of photo posts. How do I stop the image showing at the top of my article. example here :

Thanks very much for you help in advance and thanks for a great theme.


Thanks for your purchased.
1. All 3 menu highlighting is point to homepage, edit it to point to another URL or just ”#” 2. in file header.php remove the div has class : “logo-right-widget right”. and use CSS to make the logo centered.
3. By default, the single post will display Wordpress featured image.(shot me an email if you want to remove it.)

Hi Thank you very much for your quick response. All sorted and will send you an email regards the 3rd item.

Feel free to send it to my email. ;)

Hi , i just install theme my login pugin ,but some error ? Can you slove theme ? thanks

Thannks ,And i want to know this banner how to setup thanks !

Hi, Please see all the video tutorials here : and please see the document files to know how the theme work. It’s very easy.

Hello, I’m interested in buy this item, but first I need to know if it has automatic post image search or I need to set “featured image” to show in homepage thumbnails? My site has more than 40.000 posts and none of them has “featured image” set. Thanks.

It’s using WP featured image function. Thanks for your interested.


Just purchased the theme. I’m having a basic problem, on the homepage, the text in all my posts are showing, and there is no teaser as it should be.


By default the theme get the content from The Except, if it’s too long please shorten it. Or you can shot me an email I will take a look.

Thanks can I get your email?

Using this page to contact me :

What is the easiest way to upgrade theme, once there is new one available?

You need to download it again from Themeforest, we are thinking about make WP theme auto update but It’s not the best way because some of our buyer already custom a lots of code. And It will be overwrite.

Just some quick questions after playing around with the post config.

1. Posts which already have images in their content aren’t being recognised as featured images so there are many posts without any assocaited images on the home page. Is there any way to counter this and present the images assocaited in posts as featuered images automatically?

2. When an image is entered in the post, and also selected as the featured image, it appears at the top of the post of the page, but all so as we’ve insetered it into the post, it also appears for a second time. Is there any way to stop the featured image appearing at the top, so we can just use the small version and place it where we want in the post text?


For #2 I found the code and deleted it. But when I reloaded the page, the whole of the right sidebar was messed up and the widgets were missing. I couldn’t seem to remove the image only without disturbing the right sidebar. Also the code itself has some reference to ‘video’? How can I remove the image only, and not disturb the sidebar?


Shot me an email and tell me your FTP, wordpress login info, I will take a look. :)

Sent you an email.

Great theme. I do have some suggestions that you may take into consideration.

1. Featured thumbnails should be all the same size. Right now, it is auto so it will generate the thumbnail to fit the width of the section. If it is a portrait image, this means a longer image, pushing content down and creating a break in the flow of the page.

2. The blog post slider has a number of posts to show, but the slider doesn’t seem to abide by it. I have it set to 3, but it seems to pull every post from that category.

3. Another slider suggestion is to keep the featured images used in the slider a single size and not adjust the slider to the image size (which could push content down the page, if your featured images are not all the same height). It would be great if it could auto-generate the thumbnail size for the slider on the fly. I’ve used other themes that have done this and it has worked great.

4. Widget image sizes should be set to a specific size and should generate thumbnails (based on the featured image) to that size (similar to what the comment tab is doing). Right now the theme just displays the featured image at current size. It looks like that is how the demo is set up, but mine are not adjusting.

Hi, thanks for your purchased.
1. Hi, please use this plugin to rebuild your thumbnails :
2. All the images should larger than 500px, so it will look like when viewing on Mobile
3. Thanks, we will have a look at slider.

the theme works greate but i want to know how i automatic resize images served in home page. After switching to this theme, home page has become 10 -12 megas size which is extreramaly big. Before I switch to this theme its score in google pagespeed was 88. Now it is 27

i need the theme served a low resolution of the post pic in home page as previos free theme did.

Hi, please use this plugin to rebuild your thumbnails :

thanks it works but why this theme does not auto-resize thums? i was using a free theme that does it.

How can i avoid in post thum picture apear at the top of the post?

Go to theme folder /st-framework/templates/single.php line 44: remove the_post_thumbnail();


Two questions.

1. It seems the themes has changed the color of the “hover” on the menu to white. Now it doesn’t respond when I try to change it. Why might that be?

2. The box above the Blog Post Slider that contains a short excerpt is flowing outside of the image (see the image below). How can I fix this.

If you want to change the link color or primary navigation, you can edit it in file style.css, line 264
.primary-nav ul li a { color: #FFFFFF; }

That only seems to affect the drop down part of the menu. I’ve changed basically every color and still nothing happens. Maybe you guys could take a quick look?

Yep, shot me an email ;)

Hi, Just want to also mimic what mikeschepker said earlier. When there is a large featured image, portriat for example, the slider begins to adjust in height, and pushed all the information below down. So when your slider has images of many different sizes the slider is constantly moving up and down and looks quite unattractive.

Hope a fix is released for this soon. Thanks

All images should larger than 500px because it will look good on Mobile devices.

How do I add ‘round’ navigation buttons onto SLIDERS? As you can see, on my post there are no ‘round buttons’ on the bottom right corner of the slider—like there is on the Magazon demo page.

Also, is there a way to use thumbnails (featured image or slider) WITHOUT the image or slider showing up on the actual post?

Please update to version 1.3 and you will see it in theme options page.

How do I add ‘round’ navigation buttons onto SLIDERS? As you can see, on my post there are no ‘round buttons’ on the bottom right corner of the slider—like there is on the Magazon demo page.

Also, is there a way to use thumbnails (featured image or slider) WITHOUT the image or slider showing up on the actual post?

Thank you.

1. Please update to version 1.3 and you will see it in theme options page.
2. go to theme folder /st-framework/templates/single.php
Line 44: remove the_post_thumbnail();


Thanks smooththemes for the quick reply.

You are welcome ! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to get future update. ;)

Hello, Just purchase and found this thme beautiful…

first, i will translate it 100% in french and send it to you.

Second, how can I remove some socials icon (in the top right) like Google oder Pinterest that I don’t use.

Thank you.



For today ;)
1. Delete this in st-framework/loop/loop-post.php, line 49->53
<?php if(!$is_small) : ?>
                 - <span class="author">
                  <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?>
                 <?php endif; ?>

2. The function date is : <?php the_time(‘M j, Y’); ?>, you can edit M,j,Y after read this article :

It works perfectly again… ;-)

I also change single.php to fit with my wishes.

Thank you so much and good night.



You are welcome.

SHORTCODES are only available for side bar? how do I insert “tab content shortcode” with the page builder? can i?

Currently this theme does not support Tab shortcode in page builder. Will have it in next version for sure :)

Hi again,

Can you advise how to make the primary nav bar thinner? I can find the CSS for the top nav bar, but not the primary.

Also after making the primary navbar thinner the highlighting for hover should also fit in correctly.


In style.css find this class and edit your padding :
.primary-nav ul li a { padding: 10px 19px; }

Hi, I’ve just installed your theme and all the pages i previously had before installation are only showing a blank page. Please see and go to the about page or any page in the drop down menu to see what I mean.

Please go to the WP page editor and update the page again.

Hi just installed the theme. Where do I set the top banner for the site? (The one to the right of the site logo). Thanks!

Header right widget area ;)

Nvm, found that I set the top banner in the “Header” sidebar area

You are welcome.