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Sorry for multiple comments. Is it possible to have the thumbnail images used in the blog post lists on the home page, the carousel, Related/Recent posts, etc. to size the post’s featured image to fit it nicely?

In my previous theme I created 720×240 banners to use as featured images for each post and they look nice at the top of the post but it messes everything up when used as a thumbnail.


You should use this plugin to re build your thumbnail :

That did it, thank you!

Hi I have a few more problems 1-the related posts and popular posts thumbnails are HUGE and not small at all. 2- How do i disable the featured thumbnail in the post? 3- Lastly I have created a page called blog as full width with no sidebar but the side bar still can be seen. I left you another comment about all my pages being blank now.

If you already did some custom in code, then backup the theme to your local computer. Go to themeforest download latest version and upload it to theme directory.
Anything else shot me an detail email.
Thanks so much.

I got the pages to show up. Because they were already on. i had to turn them off, hit update, then turn them back on and hit update again. This made the page content show up.. -Still need help figuring out how to update to newest version. Do i delete one first?

Please read my comment above. Thanks

Thank you for making this theme WPML ready. Magazon now is my favorite theme. Worth every pence.

Thanks so much.

can we expect also a dark version of this theme?

Will do in next update version for sure ;)


I have a problem. Whenever i try to access the page builder my home page gets empty and i cannot bring it back. Also in page builder for all pages nothing comes up in the content of page builder in the back office.

What can the problem be? Here is my site:

PLease help.

Please use my ThemeForest profile page to send me an email.


Thank you for the help. Do you know where i can change the read more text?

If you want to translate it to other language, try to using .mo and .po files.


Love this theme and I’m using it to build a new website. A couple of questions:

1. In the Post editing page, I can’t see a box to enter the post excerpt. Am I completely missing it, or is there some other way of adding the excerpt to the post?

2. Bit of feedback – the Post slider doesn’t handle long post headlines very well – these run right to the edge of the slider and truncate, rather than flow to the next line (or truncate with a … more gracefully). One to have a look at in the future.

Thanks Terry

Thanks for your purchased.
1. In post edit page, see at top right for Screen Options, click and enable Excerpt.
2. Thanks so much. We will take care.


Thanks for the quick support! Look forward to keeping in touch with your development work!

Is there a way to make a dedicated “blog page” where it will have all the posts?

Yes, See my demo site, there is 5 homepage demo.

How do I add second pages to see the rest of the posts. It allows me to specify how many posts to show per page. for instance 12 on the page. What if I have 50 posts, how do I add a way to see the rest of the posts (like a regular blog)?

Add new page “Blog”, active “Blog Posts” builder item. Click edit and you can see number of post to show and an option for display paging or not.

Hi thanks for your help so far, love the theme. I’m having a problem with the Facebook/Twitter integration though. (Link:

1) The Facebook Like counter in the Share section of each post is not showing the previous Likes we had before we switched to this theme. You can see the Digg Digg plugin floating social bar shows the proper number of Likes and the Twitter counter works properly in the theme but the Fb Likes are 0.

2) The ‘ST Socials Connect’ widget is not showing the Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers but the link works properly.

3) Is there a way to add a ‘target=_blank’ to the links in ‘ST Socials Connect’?


Thanks for the reply. However I haven’t been able to solve the problems:

1) I’m using the exact same permalink structure. The other social sharing plugin still maintains the Like count. Some posts seem to have a correct Like count from the theme, where others do not (example:

2) I emptied my cache plugin but the framework/lib/widgets/STSocialsConnect_cache.txt file does not seem to exist?


Shot me an email and tell me your FTP account, WP login info. I will take a look.

Will do thanks

Please help i have this site i used v 1.3

in the homepage in my blog post slider always show me 10 post, i configured 5 but that does not make it that way. Sorry my english

Hi, Please update your theme to version 1.3.1


How do I make the logo full width?


I would like it aligned right but as wide as the header

Add this CSS code to custom.css file :



1. Can I change the body text font size? It’s a 1-2px too small for me 2. What is the fastest way to translate this theme? I need atleast read more and comments section translated.


P.S. Great theme, love it. I was waiting for something sleek like this for months!

Open style.css line 76 you will found : font: 12px/22px Arial,sans-serif;
Change it to your pixel like : font: 14px/22px Arial,sans-serif;

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It worked!

You are welcome ;)

Another question: why comments do not display on my pages? I have comments turned on and they’re also turned on for this specific page. When I use other themes comments display. What I can do about it?

Let me know your site and WP login info by use my TF profile page. Thanks


Another feature request spring to mind – is it possible to automatically style the link colour to match the category menu colour? This would be a great touch.


Yeah, We will take a look and add it in future update.

Seems like list UL elements are missing CSS styles. Am I only one with this issue?

Shot me an email and tell me your site, I will take a look.

I was playing with menu items colors for a while. However, when I click save after I pick up my desired color, the changes won’t save.

This worked fine like 10 minutes ago. What could happen and what can I do to fix it?

When you select color, then click to Color Picker submit button at the bottom right. Then click Save Menu.

I’m doing exactly this, still, everything I do does not save.

Please see the Color Picker submit button here : . Then click save menu


Another minor layout tweak required – see screenshot. When you have multiple categories and you view on a mobile phone the category tags run over on to the next line, which is fine. However, they need better vertical padding so there’s clear space between the two lines.

Thanks Terry

Ah, thanks for that. Will add it in next version.

Just wanted to say thanks for great support. I’ve had several issues, but these guys help me to solve everything. And they do it fast! Thank you!

Thanks for your kind of words. Love you so much ;)

Sent you another email. Please respond :)

How do i update the theme if i don’t have access to the FTP? If i try to upload the new version manually with a zip through Wordpress i get a failed installation message since the folder already exists.

Do you recommend to switch themes, delete magazon 1.1 and upload again? :/

You should use Cpanel or FTP software to update theme, if you update through wordpress and click active theme, the theme options value will be overwrite.

Ok, i’ll have to try to get access to the FTP. What line do i change to modify the grey color at the bottom and the menus?

You should use Firebug browser add-on to find elements you want to edit, then look at the right side of Firebug to see the line in css files. (

Great theme guys – quick question. Is it possible in the next release to add support for the User Photo plugin?

A lot of my authors don’t have gravatar accounts, and aren’t interested in getting them.

I have temporarily modified the source, but would love for this to be a feature in the next release if it’s not too much trouble.

Thanks for your purchased, We will think about it. ;)

Hi Guys, first thank you for this great theme. I have one problem with the post sliders. The sliders sets the first 6 thumbnails, and it doesnt update the new posts from the selected category. Always the same 6 sliders remain. Can you please help me?

Send me an email about your wp login information. i will take a look.
. Thanks

I sent an email, appreciate your help.Cheers