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I like your design, it’s great.Good luck for sales :)

Thanks you aelveren, I am glad you like it.

Congratulations, nice work. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks my partner.

Really nice work! ;)

Great template. GLWS!

Thanks sir.

nice theme…GLWS

Thanks you sir.

hi can i make this templates positioned in the middle of the page?


If you mean like this :

Yes ofcourse.

can i aswell make my own theme color?, like more yellow than the one you have in colors already?

Yes you can use your own color combinations just one-click!

excellent and unique design, love it. Good luck with sales.

Thanks you my friend.

It looks great, I’m buying it directly after writing this comment. I wonder if is it possible to have a stick menu?

Sayfay? a?a?? do?ru scroll ettikçe, menü takip etse bizi. ?unun gibi mesela:

Evet header alan?na ekleyecegin kucuk bir kod ile bunu yapman mumkun. index.html dosyasini bir yazi editoru ile acin ilk gordugunuz class=”container” yan?na su kodu ekleyin navbar-fixed-top yani ornek

<div class="container navbar-fixed-top">

bu islemin ardindan menu alani fix olacaktir.


Would like to buy this but want to known what css would need to change to make whole site centered on page? I see above you showed the main part of the website centered, but the menu was still on the left. I would need the WHOLE site centered. Thank you!

Sure we can help you out.

Hello, I have a problem with the template as somehting does not work. Maybe you can help me out.

I installed here:

As you can see, I want the homepage to be Blog Layout #2. The problem is that clicking the Navigation pages at the end of the page 1-2-3 and so on does not work! I get the same content on all pages. This is, of course, a huge problem. how can I fix it? In the demo of the theme I see that it works with that blog template.

I tried to put the home page to another page and the blog on another, using the same template. In this case the template is reverted to Blog template 1. When I create a different page and go to it directly, without setting it up in Wordpress Reading settings, everything works correctly. When I add Blog Template 2 page as homepage, the browsing links 1 2 3… do not work anymore. Hope this helps to figure out the problem.

It doesn’t happen in our demo version did you changed anything can you send me screenshot on our email.

I have tried installing this theme and it will not install. would love any help possible. So far I have sent emails and have received no answers

Which email did you emailed ?

Hi!!! Amazing theme, I’m going to buy it but first I want to make you a small question :) This theme can be setting as fluid? (100% width) Thanks in advance!

Hi, Thanks for liking this theme. It is a fixed width theme. Let me know if you have any question?