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This is amazing WordPress Theme !!!

Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks you dude :)

I really like the concept of this theme :)

Thanks you sir. :)

very nice theme even I’m not fan of the left side position…

Thanks. I am glad you like it. So, maybe I’ll add an option for left/right/center for wrapper section.

thta would be very nice ;) thank you

Nice addition , congrats!

Kind Regards,

Thanks dude. I am glad if you like it.

Very good bro! congrats!

Thanks you bro :)

Congratulation and best of luck with sales.

Thanks you friend.

Very nice theme, best of luck

Thanks you friend.

I really like this a lot. The blocks make it feel really readable and organized.

Is there an option to remove the left social icons sidebar? or can ANY icon->url be added in their place?

First thanks for your comments. I’ll add enable / disable social bar and left / center option for wrapper.

Thanks you again.

Good work, congrats!

Thanks you.

Nice work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thanks you :)

hi, is there a way to turn off the template color chooser on the right?

oh this is my mistake. I forget to delete switcher codes. I’ll update it right now but If you dont want wait please send me an email I’ll send you updated version.

mail to .

many thanks, downloading update now :)

Its my job :) please don’t forget to rate my item :)

Realy nice design ;)

Thanks you :)

Hello, great specs and great looking theme! Can you explain the benefit of using Bootstrap with Wordpress? Can I update the Bootstrap core used in the theme when updates come out? Can I use Bootstrap html in my posts – will the theme recognise the code? Thank you.

Hello and thanks for interesting my work. You can ask great questions.

When Bootstrap get new updates, I will update this theme for new version of Bootstrap. Yes you can use Bootstrap HTML’s in your posts. Yes this theme recognise Bootstrap codes.


great design but i have some questions. 1: is it possible to have specific number of blog posts on each page (like it has 12 post per page that make the page so long) 2: is it possible to have theme centered or full width (on my laptop it has alot of free gray space on right side) Thanks

Hello Saim,

Thanks for interesting my work.

1. Yes its possible for blog pages. Also its possible on homepage but you should edit index.php but don’t worry for about it I will help you.

2. Yes its possible but you want edit style.css but don’t worry about that I will help you for about it :)

Best regards.

It would appear using your live preview / demo (TF frame removed) that the in 320px portrait mode on Android 4.x using Mobile Chrome / Firefox that the WooCommerce Cart page doesn’t fully fit inside the viewport.

Let me check thanks for feedback.

Hi, Is there a reason why the theme is not a high resolution (it says on the right hand side bar).

Also, is there an update on the social media bar and the page positioning? ie: center?

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. Thanks!

Yes, delete all the icons on the left side. I want to keep the arrow at the bottom of the page that is pointing up. Or maybe that’s not possible haha.. just wanted to have something for user to go back to top of page without scrolling all the way up.

I think you need like this (dont worry for scroll of top function you’ll add this section on footer area)

daniellechong I’ve added an option from theme options panel and I’ve deleted social bars with same option.

New version Magfolio theme has been uploaded on ThemeForest.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello everyone,

You can support via contact form on our profile page!

I don’t have the option to choose yellow.css in the theme options section. Can you please explain how I should import that file?

RachelMichele new version of Magfolio has been release right now. You can download with your ThemeForest dashboard :)

Perfect!!!! Great theme!! I absolutely LOVE it!

It’s there anyway to center this theme?

Yes it is ready to center function via theme option panel. Please check screenshots.