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Hi again, Also, can you use the custom side bar with the cerchez slider? For example on a project item page?

Thank you.

Hi, you can add a Text Widget in the sidebar with a slider shortcode, sure. Also, you have the option of using grids to create a custom layout in a regular page. Hope this helps.

Hi thanks for a great theme – is there a way please of having a custom sidebar visible when viewing a post detail page? ... or if not how can I add a ‘Back’ link for people to click to go back to the list of posts?



Hi Chris, thank you for your purchase and appreciation – unfortunately there is no option to display a sidebar on the single post page (requires some customization in a child theme), so you can add a [button] or anchor tag in each post to point to the page you need to go back to.

No problem thanks for your reply

No problem thanks for your reply


I have a problem with the costume side bars, when i want to activate the default sidebar under the reading option, i am never able to click it, always stays blank; can you maybe help me with that?

Thank you!

Hi, can you please use the Support tab from the account you purchased the theme? Thank you, I’ll continue support via email.


I’m a newbie, and I love your theme a lot. Really nice work and well combined with our business. Just one question, is this possible to replace the “Magic” header with an image of our logo? I would appreciate your answer asap. ( sorry if you find it rather silly; well, I’m not an developer ).



Hi Ly, thank you for your interest – indeed the theme has the option to upload a custom image as a logo, don’t worry. I hope this helps and contact me via the Support tab if you decide to make the purchase and have further concerns/questions.

Hi. I am considering buying your theme and have a question. In the 3 column portfolio section, when you click on an item and it brings up the overlay, is it possible for that picture to be accompanied by a text in some way? I need a way to not just show pictures but also 2-3 paragraphs for each item in the grid when active, ideally with a header and subhead. Is this possible? thanks.

Hi, thank you for your interest in purchasing the Magic theme – unfortunately the lightbox for the project gallery doesn’t have the ability to show additional paragraphs (you’ll need some small customization to obtain this feature), but you can link (the icon can be selected and popup lightbox avoided) to a separate project post that can display any information you want (here is an example: http://cerchez.com/magic/project/good-design/ ) Hope this helps.

Hello, I really like this theme but before I purchase I want to clarify the way the theme works. For the theme do I choose which I use it for (portfolio or store) or is the home page set up with the dual screen allowing the consumer to choose which page they go on?


Hi, thank you for your interest – you can customize the theme for portfolio or store purposes, it is really up to you to decide. The preview shows the two ideas to demonstrate their features (a simple HTML page not related to the theme), but you’ll have to choose which one you’d like to use. Hope this helps.

Is there a way to use both at the same time?

Sure, just install the WooCommerce plugin and you’ll have a shop as well – it is that simple.


Thank you for a beautiful theme. I am currently translating the theme with WooCommerce and Loco .po translator, but theres some text I cannot translate, ex. “save up to…”, “General” and “Details” on the products. Am I using a non compatible plugin to translate, or it the documentation, the translatable text, not included in the .po file? Thanks!

Best regards,

Amalie, Web responsible at cationcph.dk

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. All theme strings should be available in the .po file, but the “save up to” is definitely not a theme string (maybe it’s inside the WooCommerce plugin). Can you send me a message via the Support tab so I can continue offering advice on this problem via email? Thank you Amalie!

I use Firefox 44.0.2 and I am unable to load any videos; I click on the video project on your ‘live demo,’ but the only thing generated is a black lightbox – no video with it.

Please refresh the page, this seems to be a temporary caching issue from Vimeo (I changed the video in the project to a YouTube video and it now work fine).

Hey yeah – it’s working now! Do you think Vimeo would ever work with this theme? As a filmmaker who primarily uses Vimeo, that would be my #1!

Sure, it works but it has some temporary caching issue – none of my clients reported any such problem so far on a live site. Hope this helps.

Hi, is it possible to remove the image magnification when on the product page? It makes it really hard for someone to scroll through the page on mobile.

Hi, please contact me via the Support tab of the item’s page. This comment area is more for pre-sales questions. Thank you.

Hi!! :) first of all, congrats for the template, it’s fantastic!! I only have a doubt, is it possible to buy a plug-in for different languages? what do you recommend for this template?

Thank you so much xxx

Hi, thank you for your interest and appreciation – the theme is compatible with the premium WPML plugin that I suggest you use or any other well written plugin out there (you may find free ones too). Hope this helps you.

of course! thank you so much!! :)

My pleasure!

Hi, congratulations by optimizing load! really fast! I would ask you before buying the theme a couple of things:

1. I see there is a link to the documentation, but is broken. Can you tell me where consult the documentation?

2. The load optimization is very good, but I would get 100% perfection. Could you make any changes to optimize a little more ?, I attached the link to recommendations by Google optimization -> https://goo.gl/LMgNf4 ( detailed report -> https://goo.gl/LXluW2 )

3. The menu page on mobile is not designed. Could you enable the menu design for mobile?

Thanks in advance! :)

The last question about the menu at mobile devices … why not integrate design into the web? Integrated into the operating system, the menu is less appealing aesthetically. Thanks again! I will choose your theme for the project. :)

Hi, the reason was usability over aesthetics on mobile devices. Thanks again for your feedback.

the best reason, of course ;)

hi, does this theme portfolio support video file upload (not embedded link)?

Hi, the WordPress framework can handle video file uploads and the theme can display them in the portfolio item, no problem. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask here or via my profile’s contact form.

Good day. :) A client of mine has a shop running with your “Mini Theme” from 2018. Since some updates of Wordpress and Woocommerce, there are many issues with the layout. So in consider updating to one of your newer Themes like “Magic” to fix some of those – do you think it would be compatible?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

Hi, thank you for your interest – I think most of the content will be compatible with the new theme, but you’ll still have to make minor adjustments (which is normal when switching themes). If you find the new theme to be unusable for your project then you can request my support or ask for a refund.

Thank you very much for your reply! I will discuss this subject with my client and come back to you as soon as possible. Greetings from Germany


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