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Nice template.

I see you are using Highcharts JS and just want to make sure that both you and potential buyers understand that these charts are only free for use in a personal or non-profit project.

You shouldn’t include them in your template unless you bought the appropriate license or state the fact that they are not free in your template’s description, especially since you propose an extended license.

For more information about their licences:

Live demo not working. Host is saying too much traffic.

Hello. Thanks for the tip. The documentation template is a link to the site statistics. Now added to the description of the information on this script.

p.s Sorry, I accidentally pressed the button to complain to your comment instead of answer = (

p.s.s In the near future schedules will be replaced!

This template would be great for a website i’m working on right now, but my design calls for an accordion – any chance you have one in the works or an easy one that can be implemented?

Sorry about the confusion

The template is fine; in addition to all the features (plugins) it comes with (tabs, calendar, text editor, etc…) i need an accordion plugin also to match the style / theme.

I’m an idiot ; i didnt notice the accordion on the plugin page – i’m so sorry.

now i’ll buy it :)

Thank you =) Good luck!

nice template.

Thank you very much :)

Hi, I am looking for a cPanel Skin. can this be used as one? something like:

Hello. This is a random html page the admin panel, you can use for your site. This design admin panel and php functions do not have.


rxa Purchased


It’s a great theme but I think your documentation needs a little work before it can be considered “Well documented”. Take a look at some other themes and the level of documentation they go to.

I do very much like the theme and will be using on a project I have running.

Hello. Thank you, we will consider your remark in the following of our themes.

Sincerely, Dmitry!

Download of Zip file is corrupt. Tried it 5X. No luck!

Hi, no one complained, most likely a problem with your hand. Write your email address, I will send you the theme via email.

how to use the progressbar?? you documentation not incluided yet.

i need make a page with a progress bar with 50% per exemple… how i make that?

Hello. I can not paint every detail in the documentation. Example of 50%:
<div class="progressbar" id="pb">
             <div style="width:50%;">50%</div>    
Example of 30%:
<div class="progressbar" id="pb">
             <div style="width:30%;">30%</div>    

Sincerely, Dmitry.

Demo not working, error: ERR _CONNECTION_REFUSED

Hi. Is now displayed. There were problems with hosting.

Hi dimka_ua_kh,

Is this template support IE8 , looks like there some problem in IE 8 ,win 7 environment. can you help me?

Hi. What is the problem?

Hi Dimka! great work. I think you should upgrade all jquery and other jquery plugins etc to the latest stable versions.

A tak, krasavcik ;)

Spasibo :) will update soon.

download of Zip file is corrupt. can not download it.

Hi masalan. Email us your mail, we will send you ZIp archive.

Sincerely, AirTheme.