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Very nice dude!

Wow, verrry nice. Good job


nice job

beautiful mate, good luck


Really GREAT ! I will probably BUY it for my next project !

Can you answer me a question first:

The TAB menu is not working in the live example.

Do you have it working or I will have to code that ?

Can I give you a tip ?

Well.. I used the same jQuery plugin you used here, the table sorter with the pagination plugin…

But there is a much better one called DataTables…

I dont know about the license, but there are a lot of features and improved code in this one… the most important is the search feature…

Well… that is it…

Thanks !

@poetawd These are html/css tabs, not js. Each tab is a list element (li). When you want to show any tab as selected, just give it an id="current" so it becomes white. As you can probably see this navigation doesn’t require any coding to work. One thing to remember is to give a tab an id on every corresponding page, so the user knows where he is at any given time. As to the DataTables plug-in it looks interesting thanks to its search feature. I will definitely give it a try next time. Thanks for your interest and a valuable resource! :)

Missing skinned file browse button, and the user typed fonts used in the Short text area,Medium text area,Long text area and Textarea with WYSIWYG differ than the other input fields. Checkbox and radio buttons in ie8 are shifted below the actualy control, baseline i will assume.

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

Well, it really depends on the template system of your admin. If it’s anyhow skinnable, then you have to insert the proper html tags from this skin to your template files and adjust all the important parts of your visual layer (header, nav, boxes, footer) of your admin to fit the skin. Also you have to remember to add all the css, js and image files from the skin. I hope that helps. Thanks for your interest :)

question, the table sorter, does it pull data from the database? I haven’t been able to find a table sorter what works with data in a database and not data in the table on the page.

Hi thatguy! Tablesorter is a javascript JQuery component and just sorts an html table. This is front-end formula. To draw data from the database you’d need some server-side programming, for example in php to generate an html table and then this Tablesorter can add the same sorting capabilities to your table. I hope that helps. Thanks!

Nay, it doesn’t work like that. I’ve tried to do that way before and it never sorts that data.

Well I must say that I don’t agree here. JS script doesn’t mind if an html content is generated dynamically from a database or hand-coded. If your php script generates a table of the same html structure that I used for the admin template, then the tablesorter will work just fine. I hope I cleared things out a little bit. Thanks!

thatguy, you have to query the database and output the data with javascript. javscript is client side, php for example is server side. Server side sends the data, client side formats the data.

For more information and helpful articles:

formAndFunction, I have to say that you have one of the best themes for your box containers. Very professional.

Wow, this is really great! Top of my list to buy to replace every default admin theme.

I really love it!

Thanks so much!

Hi I am interested in purchasing the template, however I am a newbie to jquery. Does it come with documentation especially on how to post and receive data from the jquery elements to a database?