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This is a VERY nice template.


WOW Another IG Design Incredible Masterpiece!! ahhhh though I’m still waiting/hoping/praying you bring your talents to Wordpress (I am more a graphic designer who now does websites, not very good at html/css) PLZ!!$

Thanks! WP themes coming in 10 days!

... 13 days…? ha just eagerly looking forward to desIGn+wordpress+SW!

Nice! Srecno 8-)

Thanks! Hvala druze! :)

Your live preview site appears to be down.

Try again. :)

was down only 5 min.

Interesting work…I like it ! Wish you many sales !


Will there be a WPress version?

Yes, but in 20-25 days…

I don’t know why your ‘Poiret One’ webfont not loaded here in my computer.. The cursive value calls Comic Sans here..


Nice layout and nice animations anyway, IG_design.. Thumb up!


Hmm.. what browser do you use?

Firefox 20.0.1 (on Windows 7) :)

Awsome! You did an incredible job dude, cheers!


How do i change the googls maps coordonates? I need another place there. THX!


Edit template.je line 156 and 157

And how to i make the map to be colored, not black and white.

After line 157 (template.js)

Just remove from line 167 to line 186

I’d like to add in a logo where the “text-home words” comes up – is there a way to swap that out? I don’t mind writing some new rules but I absolutely need to be able to do this.

Also – great looking/functioning template but a tad slow – any ideas/suggestions on cutting down the load time?

Again, great work! Thanks!

Hi! Thanks!

Sand me mail from my profile page here, with logo image u want to add, and i will do it for you.

Great template! Really helped! THANKS!!!

Thanks for purchase!

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In the news section,

Is there any way to display only the last 3-4 news and hide the rest.

And make a button in the bottom of the news page with: View the next 3-4 news.

After pus the button it will display the next 3-4 and so on…


Or better: can you make the list to be scrollable? with a scroll bar to the side?

If i have many news and i will have… the page will be way tooooooooooo long.


At scrollable i mean a height, a specific height of the news div, lets say 500px, dunno. what ever fits the pages.


You can add jQuery Expander Plugin, easy.


But in next update i will add it, if you can wait, 3-4 days.

Hi, is this template including a PSD for the whole page? I’m willing to purchase it if there is a PSD.

Hi, no, sorry!

Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

Hi, when the WPress version will be released? I would like to purchase for it.

Thanks for reply! And I would like to know that if there is any CMS or panel in the existing download? Then my client can update the contents by himself.

I’m sorry but unfortunately this is pure HTML template.

Hello all again,

I wanna tell you about this theme… First of all i am not a friend and i don’t even know the designer of this theme, so i don’t tell you what i will just to promote him, but for your own good.

I am also a programmer, but one with limited free time, so it is hard for me to design a theme from 0. So for this, i tought to buy Magician theme, with the purpose to transform it from HTML into PHP and after that link it with a CMS and database (admin panel). And from it, create a big presentation website.

To do this, you must first be sure that the theme you are starting with it is very well optimised to support huge trafic, to load the css, images, scripts. It if very important for the design of the website to be perfect.

And i am very surprised to tell you, that this theme is the best choice if you wanna create a huge website starting from it. Congratz to the designer! And i recommand his work for everyone, even for those with high lvl of knowledge but without too much time to spend in design.


Many thanks for your comment!

Best Regards

Hi, How can I setup this template for android? It works perfectly on IOS but the icons doesn’t display on Android.

I used a different browser and it work perfectly. They don’t appear on Opera.

Thank you for letting me know about Opera.

does one page layout have any SEO disadvantages over traditional web pages?

will video work normally on “work” section? i only see pictures. btw, thanks for fast response.

Yes. No problem.