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Hello Ivan, Just a quick one: how to implement this to any of the parallax section: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/136723/options/fullscreen,showcaptions/iframe/flash.html?height=250

A frame with zoom possibilities ? Looking forward to hearing back at your convenience. Thanks a lot.


auuuuchhh – that is really bad :( not being able to control the volume. Imagine if someone opens the site in office environment and my video is very loud ( with music integrated ). Can you help me to fix this, I’ll pay extra for the work. Looking forward to hearing from you and big thanks for the script.

Hi Ivan, do you think we can change the player with this : http://www.longtailvideo.com/jw-player/ ... I really need the volume control in order to avoid loud noise. Your help will be highly appreciated. As I said previously I will gladly pay for your time to fix this small issue. Sufi

Send me mail pls.

StopGoLove posted a question about having an image as the title text. Any chance you can post how you accomplished this so everyone can do this? Thanks.

Need 2-3 lines of code, send me css files on mail and i will do it for you.


I send you a mail though Profile, its may be go junk. please talk to me abiralo at gmail.com or via my profile.

Thanks in advanced.

Is the wordpress site still going to happen? I have been waiting to buy it for a few months now. I won’t settle for anything less than this theme now that it is stuck in my head. It looks too good to pass up!

Thanks! :)

Next week will be Magician WP.

Was wanting to confirm before purchase of magician if its supported in the iphones and IOS devices. It seems to not be responsive to site on ios. Is this because its in themeforest or code within the site. Thank you sir, Its an awesome design

Its the resizing issue.

Hi. Amazing work!. Can´t find the way to put in a different color the state “current” in the main menu. Try with a:active, with class”current” but not works. Can you help me pls.! Thank you. Miguel

Thank you!!

Hi, I try with your link but the problem is that you must use the tag for each html page, in this case can´t apply because its only one index.html. Wait for your update. Thank you!

how to give the custom links in the home page. ex: if user clicks about it should go to magician/about.html coz w are customizing the about page

Hi! Href need to be then about.html and not #about, simple.

we gave it but it is not working

About.html in same folder as index.html

neither scrolling nor clicking the nav icons or the icons in the home sections highlight the current section, is there a fix for that ? even the .current manually doesnt work ?!?

where can i find the unicode(the code) for the icons you use?

Hi Ivan , please check your email, I need your advice asap.

Hi Ivan, There is a div called ‘jstweets’. Is this supposed to display recent tweets from my twitter account? How do I set this up?

Why The Images Are That Big (2.5mo)its taking forever to load on mobile+ the mobile version is not ready


background Video on iPad not working. Really planning to purchase this, are you working on this issue?

Best Regards

Pietro Mingotti www.pietromingotti.net


When submit mail form, page say succesfully send. But: 1. An alert box appears 2. Mail does not delivered.

Your demo page is the same.

Please help asap.


Hi, How Can We Disable The Mobile Version, its really buggy,

Hi, It’s seems to crashed on ipad and iphone, (i’ve already sent you an email about that) can you take a look at it? Thanks

Hi IG, just a small thing, after the changes of Twitter API the widget from div “twit” is not working anymore, any updates coming or maybe a quick solution/suggestion?

Hi Ivan, can you please tell me where I can add the email address used by the email sender? Do I need to modify contact.js? It’s a quite urgent mater .. I hope I can hear from you soon :)


Edit mail-it.php file and on line 6 just add your mail, thats all.

I’m experiencing the same issue efon6 says. When I submit mail form, page say succesfully send and it really sends mail. The only problem is an alert box with link query appears. How can I prevent it?

Edit contact.js and find:

var data_string = $(’#ajax-form’).serialize(); // Collect data from form alert(data_string);

remove: alert(data_string);

Hi Ivan,

When you enter the site from mobile devices, the site does not appear properly, especially when we get to the upright position after turning the screen as the site seems to cover half of the screen, I tried android and iPhone, both of them problem. What can we do?