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hi ! you say contact form not working, it’s just a simple HTML .How the application will build? where to put what, I would appreciate if you describe in detail the

How will build applications?I’m glad you told us.

mobile sites more consistently on screens of different sizes and resolutions.i want using only computer viewing How do I ?so i dont want mobile view only computer view

If you have any issue with your theme or template, please open a ticket on our support website and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Please also remembar to include a link to your website, so we can check what’s the problem. Thank you.

i need depth = 4 in menu how can i do it

I’m not sure what you are asking. Do you need 4 levels of dropdown navigation menu?

my account was hacked

Sorry wrong theme question, I meant to post in the WP theme one, I’ll move the question there.

hi i have 1 problem. in TESTIMONIALS the letters that i write is not display.

Hello, Please send an email to and we will help you as soon as we can. We have a queue and all our customers are equally important to us, so please be patient. Regular response time is up to 48 hours but sometimes we might have increased number of support questions and the time may vary. Thank you.

Is it possible to install the sample given with the theme and work around that?

Thank you.

Yes, its in our portfolio – link.

Sorry, I think I am expressing myself incorrectly. I downloaded (yesterday) the Wp theme. But when I install it, I get a blank Dashboard, no sample pages, menus or anything, completely blank. I have to start from 0. My idea is was to work based on what you have offered and substitute images and text basically. Not quite an expert on WP and if I have to start from zero, i’m done.

I dont know if it is more clear.

Thank you

Please read the documentation. You will find demo data folder and instruction how to import it. Please always read documentation first. Thank you.

Customer support update:

To improve the free support we provide to our clients, we have changed the ticket system to Ticksy. We no longer provide any support via email or Zendesk, unless it’s a presale questions.

If you have any issue with your theme, please go to and open a ticket.

Thank you.

Hello Coffeecream… I have opened 2 tickets (privately with password to access admin page) on & 3 weeks later am still waiting for a reponse. I cannot get easy fancybox to work… no overlay… no popup slideshow… no navigation. Gallery settings are set to LINK to media @ Full size. I have even tried loading and activating the plugin in addition to installing the theme as provided by yourselves… The site is alive & I need to add posts that depend on the slidewhow working in the image galleries… so your help soonest would be appreciated! Below is a url with a gallery towards the bottom of the page. url:

Misunderstanding then.. was expecting answer to come to email address… I guess the 1st ticket got caught in a server timeout. Will reply to ticket… would appreciated it if you could get back to me asap.

We do work ASAP, but we also have a queue of other customers and all our customers are equally important to us, so please be patient. Thank you.

ok… problem sorted. The team @ easy Fancybox pointed me in the right direction. Switching from a dropdown menu to a plain menu… fortunately solved the problem.

Dear buyers,
Please give us 5 stars If you are happy with our theme or give us a shout if there’s anything wrong. We provide free support so all comments are welcome. Thank you.

Can you please guide me how to edit the template and make changes

You need any html editor to make changes, you also need at least basic knowledge of html and css. I recommend Sublime Text.

Can we speak over the phone because I had the conversation with my hosting team and they are saying that some files are missing as well as photos are missing? Also, they are not able to upload responsive site online. Either if you can just help me to upload template as it is, I will then edit it accordingly.

I’m sorry but do not offer phone support. If you need any more help please go to and create a support ticket. Thank you.


I have this ticket at I need to have the site running asap. I’ve been waiting for the response from your team. Please reply.



You’ve got reply on your ticket. Please be patient next time. We work Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm CET and our response time is up to 48h. Thank you.

Demo Page is unavaliable.

Demo is working but there’s something wrong with Envato iframe. Here’ s the direct link to demo.

Hi this is a pre-sale question. Is it possible to change the font style of the Headings ? At the moment its joining. Can I change it to Open Sans ?

Hello, yes its possible, will require small code customization, create a support ticket and we will hep you on that. Thank you.

Hi there. I want to buy your theme. However, I have a question before buying it. This looks like a one page website. Do you also provide templates for internal pages? I want to create a site that looks like this, but uses internal pages instead of a single page.

Hi, yes, you can do it as separated pages too. have a look at the blog page.

Trying to install it with WordPress, but there is no option for just wordpress zip download. Options i get, is full package (without wp zip), or two versions of licence files :(

Hello, you bought a HTML template version, not a WordPress theme. Thank you.


Ziadfra Purchased

Hi, i wanna make sure the files are only html , css and .Js .. no PHP files right ?