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I am having the same problem as SpecialistinWebsites & iamdnice … the default page template is not displaying any content, the WP admin bar disappears on those pages, and the drop down navigation is not working. Has there been a fix for this?

Hello, can you please create a support ticket and give us a site URL, we need more details to understand the issue? Thank you.

how can you make the photo stretch to fit for the section: image/background section? the image is over 1200px wide and its still not stretching to fix the full width.

Hello, the image is fullscreen, it is in “cover” mode, it dependa what is the height of the image. Please give us a link to see if we can do anything. Thank you.

Can this theme be a multipage website or is it only a one-page option?

Hello. It can be multipage. Thank you.

hi, we noticed that from the page that makes up the first part of the home page, the options panel “Slider” is totally missing. Saving the page the slider has disappeared, and we can’t roll back in any way.

can you please check it out why this is happening?

Hello, what you mean by “options panel Slider”, where are you looking it for? Slider is a page, with template Section: Slider, and it is child of parent page (homepage for example). It is described in documentation. Thank you.

Hello, Currently, the page titles are being hidden under the header. How do I fix this so that the titles can be seen?

Create a support ticket and provide a link to your site, we did not heard about such issue before. Thank you.

Hello, I have found other people asking about this in your comments, so you have had the issue before. How do I create a support ticket?

I remember something like this, but it was caused by something else. Please write us to support@coffeecream.eu. If you can, share also WP dashboard details, so we can find the issue as fast as possible.

Hello, I do not receive the messages sent via the contact form integrated in the theme magicreche.Les sent messages arrive empty without name, without phone number and without body of messages. How to solve this problem?


its not related to the theme, you need to check configuration of your Contact Form 7 plugin. You can do this in the Contact section of the WP dashboard.

Thank you.


Thank you for a nice theme :)

Just wondering (can see others have asked about the same) why is the title area halfway hidden under the menu bar? I actually want to disable it but when I try that the text on the page gets hidden under the menu bar.

Hope this is a quick fix.

Best regards, M.


please go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header and set Header Height to the height if you header.

Thank you.

I have sent a ticket for support but have received no response? Please urgently assist?!

It’s a weekend.

I sent the ticket on Wednesday and the follow up on Friday? It was not weekend as yet then?

Hello, sorry for the delay, all Magicreche tickets are now answered in out support system. Thank you.


I created a new page (with sub pages) to display several information. I tried setting them up like the demo home page but none of the elements or subpages I made are showing up. What could be wrong, please help.


Also, how can I make the background images stretched esp on big screen views? Thanks

Hello, please create a support ticket and provide your purchase code. Copy these questions there, comments section is not good for technical dicusssion. Thank you.

I have created a support ticket, I hope to get an answer from you soon. Thank you.

hello i ‘m not create form style that demo ! Can you help me please?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean?

hello on your demo you have a contact form ! I want idem contact form thanks


look my site, i don’t the contact form that your demo !!!!!!!!!!!!


you can create a support ticket and I attach you an import file with form in it, or if you share WP dashboard details with me then I can do it for you. You can also contact us via profile page contact form.

Or, if you already imported demo data, form already must be there (from our demo). Check the Contact section in WP dashboard.

Thank you.

Hi, we have an issue on this theme (gallery images are no more working). We renewed your support, send ticket (28/3/2018) and write to you yesterday but, still now, without any answer. Can you kindly help us?

Hello, sorry for the delay. I just replied to your ticket. Thank you.

website not mobile friendly in google even though theme is responsive? In a google search for my website it says “your page is not mobile friendly” I know this is when I am logged in to my google and because I am the site owner but is there a way that this theme can be recoginzed by google as a mobile site? Thanks!


sorry for the delay. I need to see your website URL to have any idea what may be wrong. Please create a support ticket and provide a purchase code.

The theme itself is definitely mobile friendly.

Thank you.

hello i have a problem with home !! Look my text is not visibility !! i not arrived tocheck this


Please go to https://coffeecream.support-hub.io/ and open support ticket. Thanks.