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Hello, is the last version compatilbe with wp 4.7 ? can we upgrade wordpress?

Hi, How can i find the staff ids to add to the homepage?

Hello, please check this article to find out, there are screenshots. Thank you.

Thank you very much. I got it. I have some more questions about the theme as i am working to create a web site. 1. I want to change the icons in the slider. But i couldn’t be able to find the png versions of the icons that i need. Do you suggest any ways? 2. I will put a 8-weeks program in the web site but there are two questions. a. Do i have to prepare 8 weekly time tables? b. When i put some events to the time table the time period of a day starts at 00.000 and ends 23.59. How can i make it 08.00 to 19.00? 3. Last question can i add links to the gallery pictures? Thank you for your help.


1) the only way to find an icons is searching icon sites or sites with stock photos and graphics, there is no one answer to this question – we don’t even know what icons you need

2) can you please create a support ticket with this question, my colleague will be more helpful with that, I have no experience with this plugin

3) unfortunately now, and they are already links.

Thank you.

Hello there! I updated the theme and an issue came out. I the category post page (http://www.paixnidologio.gr/blog/) there is a word “dupa” and “dupa1” and inside the post there is a word “Blablablabla” (http://www.paixnidologio.gr/3585-2/) . I think this is a bug. I can’t send to the support because my support time has been expired. I think this is a bug and you should give us a solution.

You can update now.

Thank you for the excellent support! Everything works fine now.

Sure, thank you for letting us know about the issue :)

Hi, question – is it possible to change the button that says “Read More” in the blog section? I’d like to change it to “See More” as it’s a video blog, but can’t find it anywhere.Thanks!

Perfect – thanks!

One more question – is there a calendar plugin you recommend that works well with this theme? I need a monthly calendar view so just wanted to check if there’s one that works better than others with the theme.

Hello, no we do not know any calendar plugins. Just try the one which you like most, in case of any problem you can contact our support. Thank you.

Аfter upgrading Magicreche to 3.10.3 missing button ‘Read More’ in the category Blog, and the like. Link: http://www.aidaumnica.com/category/blog/ Screenshot on which there is an error: https://yadi.sk/i/AWxcERBy3ENWNQ Why not fix?

Hi! Why you do not fix the error? I sent you a username and password already

We’ve been replying to you few times, asking for url, login and password to your admin panel, but every time we’ve got reply “Здравствуйте, Coffeecream” like from automatic bot or something. So how we suppose to fix it?

We replied to you: You have to edit a post and add “Insert Read more tag” to the right place.

Check out this screenshot: http://d.pr/i/YqO7

Hi again, there is probably some issue with your email. We already sent you couple of messages an receive back only some weird answer like they send by auto-responder. Please check.

Theme updated to version 3.10.3. Details are in the changelog.

Hello, I am having troubles understanding the steps to making a new schedule for this theme.Is it possible to get step-by-step process of creating a schedule. Thank you !

Hello, there is separate plugin bundled with the theme that allow you to create shedule, its not a theme functionality. Please read the plugin documentation which is included in Documentation folder. Thank you.

Hi, does the theme only work with shortcodes or is there any page builder in order to edit my pages? Btw, do you have any demo to help starting editing the website? Thanks in advance!

Hello, its shortcode based, but the home page is consists of several subpages so its not difficult to edit. Also each shortcode has a separate button in visual editor.

We have some video toturial on youtube for this theme.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply! I will definitely check out your tutorial! If needed I’ll write a ticket on your support. Have a great day!

Thank you.

I’m experiencing a weird slide effect when clicking menu on recently updated theme version. I guess it is some js effect depending on the navbar-collapse element. It happens on desktop, while on mobile it works fine.

I commented out js/main.js:21->23 and now the glitch is gone. Is that mandatory?

Oh, I see what you mean. It wasn’t happening before. We’ll have a look at it. Thanks for notice that.

Hi! I’ve changed the header colors in theme options but it’s not reflecting the changes on my site. Please advise.

Please send us email on support@coffeecream.eu with your URL and we’ll have a look what’s going on.

Please send us email on support@coffeecream.eu with your URL and we’ll see what’s going on.

I installed a SSL certificate for my site. There is a font lock. <- Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://aidaumnica.com/o-vrede-razvivayushhix-zanyatij/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster&ver=4.7.5'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. -> And these errors are 2 on one page! How to fix it?

Hello, try to edit the magicreche/framework/plugins/option-tree-google-fonts/ot-google-fonts.php line 237, and change http to https in the URL.

Thank you for efficiency. Fixed this. :) When to wait for updates? We talked about them earlier …


dever13 Purchased

I still have this problem https://ibb.co/i4qDkk please write here how to fix it.

Nothing like that is happening in our demo. Have a look http://d.pr/v/KHZmF