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Hey! I purchased this theme a while back, and was wondering how you recommend upgrading to the newest version of the theme on Wordpress?

Dear. Just download again and upload override from your hosting.

You can create “sidebar” by category?

Dear, Only support sidebar for page.

My coments are not showing. There’s any option that i need to check?

Hi. Did you enable comments for your site in Settings / Discussion?

hi tienn how to resize The Slider this is a pig size i need small size slider. thanks

I see it is still 400px now. Did you modify at a right code? If you are not familiar with code, please send login information to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

Hi. I fixed the bug. This is because you did not update the theme to latest version.

thanks Great

The banner in the header does not want to make it above the logo, if not below it, what should I do?

I need theme and how many site can use theme

Hi. 1 license for 1 site.

if i have the theme, can i also buy more than one license

Yes. You can do it.

i am unable to make payment, i dont y

Please contact Envato for payment support: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

Hi. Is theme working on Wordpress 4.4? I think that this theme NEEDS more updates.


Hi Jon. If you have any bugs, just send it to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact


This theme is great, I love it! And the support of Tien is the best! I had a problem with the comment form. Well, Tien solved it very fast. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much.

sadly addthis contained in the theme slows down the speed of the site according to google page speed and creates other problems. cannot find a way to deactivate sharing buttons on articles

You can delete the share buttons in single.php from line 144 to 159

Is there a way to completely remove add this from the theme? the solution you proposed leave an empty sharing this on posts. http://prnt.sc/b1b6qm

You must remove from 144 to 159 or send login information to me to: http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

I will login and do it for you.

any update coming soon ?

Yes, coming soon next month. Thank you.

Hello, I’m having some issues with your theme. Firstly, can you set columns to display multiple, specified categories? Instead of just one or all. Second, is there any way to make the follow counter auto-update? It’s not very useful without being able to do this. Thanks, and great theme otherwise!

Hello. You can describe more detail at: http://support.sneeit.com

Also – Is there any to remove the date and time from the featured slider? One more thing – Will the recent posts widget work with Disqus?

You can use a plugin to do that. Thanks.

That’s quite vague. What do you mean? What plugin, and how do I configure it to work with Disqus?

Because the theme has not integrate Disqus, so you must follow tutorial of Disqus and using their code to display the content you want from Disqus.

Is this theme still being maintained/developed? It’s weird that the theme used on the “Live Preview” for Maginess ( http://leadpress.wpinhands.com/ ) is actually not Maginess, but version 1.6.9 of LeadPress ( http://leadpress.wpinhands.com/wp-content/themes/leadpress/style.css ). Is the latest version 1.6.9 or 1.7.4 or something else? Thanks.

It is working well now, but if have any feedback from buyers, I will always update immediately .

The PageBuilder no longer seems to work, and the homepage slider seems to be conflicting with a script on the homepage. I wonder if either of those codes need to be updated?

Hello. Just please purchase the item to request support. Thank you.

Hi, I ‘ve just figured out there was a new feature with a load more bouton after some posts, but even after the update of the theme, I can’t find how to do it.I can’t import the data , the site is online with all my posts for a while… chaeers

Hello. Please send more details to http://support.sneeit.com.

BTW, your support expired, appreciate if you can expand to request support service.

For future support question, please follow the below link to send ticket to our support forum.

Click Here to Get MagOne Theme Support

We look forward to helping you!

Thank you.

H.i I am interest your theme, it is nice design and not so complicate. But i have few questions.

1) is this support the Google absence? 2) I would like to appear the adv in between the list. For example click Music or Technology, Sport, Life business and so on.. website will listing down all the post… in the list i would like to have the google absence. every 4 to 5 listing post, it will have one google adv. Is this theme have kind of method to display the adv? you can refer this website -> http://news.seehua.com/?cat=12 the google advertising is showing in between the list.

Thank you


1. The theme support fields to input ads code, so you can input any code as you want.

2. The Music, Technology, Sport … are actually blocks. The page builder support you place any thing between blocks, include custom code (for ads, or other things). But you can’t place code between posts inside a block.