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It’s perfect!

Can we change the language of theme easily? For example I should use “inceleme” instead of “review” word. Is it possible?

Then I will purchase it.

Best wishes!

Dear. Yes of course, you can change to any text easily. You can see this picture for more detail: http://d.pr/i/VRB6

Sorry when late reply, my timezone (GMT+7) is different with yours.

Hello! Awesome job on your theme! you knew exactly what a writer looks for in a theme and did it so kudos. I am pretty much interested in buying, couple of questions though.

is it multilingual? Can I add my own fonts? You see my main language is Arabic so can I use it?

Waiting for your reply! Thanks


Yes, this theme is ready for multilingual, you can change any texts to anything you want. You can see this pic for more detail: http://d.pr/i/VRB6

Sorry when late reply, my timezone (GMT+7) is different with yours.

Hi, first of all I would like to say this theme is amazing ! Congratulations.

I checked it there is only one sidebar, but I need use a different sidebars in other pages as forum, contact page and single posts. Is it possible ? Thanks.


I just released version 1.2.0 that allow you hide / show sidebar very easy in post / page.

I always listen customer, so if you like it, hope you can rate 5 stars. Wish all best for your site.

Thank you. Tien

Hello dear, I am really very glad and grateful for your hard work. Thanks. But when I told that I need to use a different sidebar on single post, it means that I need to put different widgets in homepage, different widgets on single posts, and different widgets on pages such as contact page instead of only hide the sidebar.

Other themes there is this option in “Widgets”, so I would like to know if is possible to add it in the next version ?



Seem I understood your idea. When I release a version that contains this feature, I will comment here to notify you immediately. Hope ASAP.

Appreciate if you can rate my theme some stars. Thank you very much.

Best regards, Tien

How do I to disable the scroll bar ?

Mean disable color of scroll bar? If yes, it’s not available at this time.

Ok, but is there any prevision in next update ?

Yes, but maybe.

I’m thinking about buying this theme..

Are there any other styles for the slider? In particular, I’m just looking for something simpler, with the post title & excerpt near the bottom of the image. Sort of like the slider here: http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nba/

And can I choose to have only 1 story in the slider?

Also, is it possible to export/import theme settings?

Dear. We can choose pause time / animation speed and animation type for slider. Other your suggestions are creative and I think I must apply them to the next version.

Thank you very much. Tien Nguyen

Dear, I am planning to get this theme. Does it offer a child theme as well ? and is there a demo content include ?

It could be nice if you could list down what is included with the theme.

Dear. The release not is in readme.txt or you can scroll down at bottom of item detail: http://themeforest.net/item/lead-press-flexible-magazine-wordpress-theme/6492770/

cool. straight to ver 1.1.7 :)

It’s helpful if you can rate some stars for the theme. Thank you very much. Wish best to your site.


I had installed the themes and it look great. but i have a problem with user role.

all the user such as contributor, editor, author (except admin) can’t login into the wp-login account.

After fill up username & password and press login.. they got error like this..

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

When i change to others theme, it work. the problem happen only when i using your theme.

Dear. I just fixed this bug and released version 1.1.1. Please check it out and enjoy it. Thank you.

Thanks sir.. its so awesome! :)

Dear. If you like the theme, please help me rate some stars for it. Thank you very much.


I want to buy this theme.

But before buying it and spending my money into it, I want to know that are these things are possible or not?

Please look into the images I am giving.

Image 1 : http://gyazo.com/0009ade3f0c78f81707abd72719dbf2c.png

Image 2 : http://gyazo.com/8a0c5a4f8a213f7a05fc55597265c769.png

Image 3 : http://gyazo.com/f4354b4222b9bc74d5dd64497ce1b3ff.png

Also, I don’t want any advertisements to be appear into my website.

And last thing, I am not familiar with the new system of wordpress and its themes like creating menus and all that. But I can assure you, I am fast learner, so no issues with that if you have a good explaining documentation with it. And will you help me if I unable to make the theme looks at-least it looks into the demo version.

Also please assure me before buying that all the required things that I gave in the images are possible or not.

Waiting for your reply.

Please reply as soon as you can.



Sorry when late reply, my timezone is different with yours.

Because the theme support page builder so you can do anything with the home page. Choose what can display on homepage, and what not.

The post not show rating if it has no rating, but if you want still not show when they already has rating, I will help you with a short css code.

The theme release files included theme demo data, and nice document. And I also provided a way to help you direct by remote your desktop for FREE.

Thank you, Tien Nguyen

Hello, I need to hide the RSS of “One Column” on my home page, but when I select this option on page builder, the posts are untidy, like the following image:


How can I fix that ?

Dear. Thank you for a very useful feedback. I will fix this shortly. When wait me fix, you can add this css into style.css

.news-box.one h2.title {
    z-index: 999;
.news-box.one .item {
    clear: both;

Ok, I will wait for it and I am going to apply your tip.

Thank you very much :)

Dear. I just released version 1.2.0 that fixed this bug. Please check it out.

It’s fair if you can rate 5 stars for this theme. Thank you very much.

Hi Bro, im new to website building. I have purchased your theme and i really like the design. My website was recently destroyed by an attack. I wanted to build the website again on my own. I want the website to look like the live demo you have. Im unable to friend where is breaking news option and how do i enable slider ? If you want i can get you on teamviewer. I want to know how do i enable these options. Cheers !!

Dear. Yes of course. Just send Teamviewer ID + Pass, I will remote and help you immediately.

Sorry when late reply, My timezone GMT+7 is different with yours.

Thanks, Tien

Hi again, I checked after the last update, the “Two Columns” doesn´t show the suspetion points in snippet text. See how it looks:


Thank sir. I will update to fix this soon after weekend. Best regards, Tien Nguyen

Hello! I can’t edit this. Image 1 : http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/842/rzor.jpg

It happens?

Dear, the image show no bug, can you tell more detail about what’s happen when you edit the box? Thank you very much.


I just released version 1.3.0 that fixed the bug with page builder on Firefox (not allow you edit content of box). Please help checking it out and update.

Thank you very much, Tien Nguyen


Very nice template!


1) Does the theme support share with LinkedIn?

2) Does the theme support posting on LinkedIn?

Thanks Tien!

Dear, when user click to Share button (the red button at sharing sectioin), addthis will show a list of full sharing and bookmark services, that included LinkedIn.

Hi Tien,

Thank you for the response.

Is it possible to add the ShareIn button to the template?


Thanks again for the quick reply!

Hi Tien,

I purchased the theme, thank you!

How do you add a photo to the Biography section?


Dear. Mean portfolio section, right? You can read in theme document (in your purchase folder leadpress_documentation/index.html).

Hi, Is it possible to get access to some test WP installation to check how the Theme Options panel looks like?? I’m considering buying this theme.

Thanks, Kris


This is a shot of Customizer: http://d.pr/i/O06a And this is theme option: http://d.pr/i/177B

We design use natural classes of WP to make it seem a real part of WP core.

Thanks, Tien

this not satisfy me….i bought a lot of themse here, but since i bought one that is VERY ANTY user friendly i always want to check the options by mydelf before buying.

Dear, all my theme option UI are following Wordpress 3.8 UI.

If you see it’s not friendly, mean you also don’t like WP 3.8 interface?

I am sure the theme is very easy for you to work and customize.

Hello, sorry I disturb again, but I have 3 issues to fix:

1st- I don´t know what´s happening, but all changes that I do in my theme, doesn´t work after last update. I clean the cache (Wordpress and browser) and try it in other browsers, but it keeps of the same way, only after a lot of minutes, it changes.

2nd- Is it possible to change the login form by a modal login? Because when I enter username and password, it redirects to WP-ADMIN page, and if username or password are wrong, it redirects also.

3th- I can´t locate where to insert/remove a subtitle such as this image: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/208/pd3t.png

If you can hep me, I will be very grateful. thanks

Ah ok, what about this, there is no problem. I will wait for this option in next update. Thank you for your support and sorry me, If I disturb you again.


Finally, I released version 1.3.0 that allow you create custom sidebar (demo: http://leadpress.wpinhands.com/custom-sidebar/).

Hope you like this update and this time for 5 stars. _/

Thank you, Tien Nguyen

Have sure that I love it :D, Now it’s perfect. I already had rated this with 5 stars yesterday, right now I’m gonna give 100000 stars. Thank you for your support and attention. I hope you have a million of sales :)

Hello, nice template! I like it. I need support: When i add a shortcode e.g. [fancygallery id=”1”] to a page builders HTML box it does not work. At the frontend i see the shortcode but in this case no gallery. http://public.motion-company.eu/shortcode.JPG When i place the shortcode in WP editor it works. I already tried to deactivate all plugins.

I am working on this fix, will release in next 1 or 2 days.

perfect – thanks!

Dear. I just released version 1.2.3 that allow you input shortcodes in HTML box of page builder (I also add more shortcodes into theme).

Hope you like it and rate stars for theme (how to rate? See this example: http://d.pr/i/pZtN )

Appreciate all your helps.

Best regards, Tien Nguyen

Hello again, there is no right sidebar with widgets when i create a new page without any page builder box. http://public.motion-company.eu/no-pagebuilder.JPG

Dear, What’s version you are using? We fix all these bugs long time ago. Thanks.

And again … When i activate “Hide RSS-Button” at a page builder box (e.g. “One columns”) the headline switches to next line an the image switches right beside the headline: http://public.motion-company.eu/page-builder.JPG

I bought this template 4 days ago and i use v1.17. I see that the current version is 1.2. I will download this now and try.

thanks – works with 1.2

Dear. Very appreciate if you can rate this item some stars (access your download tab and click a level stars you want. Thank you very much.

Hi, I just bought the theme so I use the lat version with wordpress 3.8 but the page builder is not working. after clicking the edit link , i’m not able to fill any field or select one…

Dear. I see the bug now. Thank you for the feedback. I will fix this for soon.

Thank again, Tien Nguyen

ok, so I wait for next update, thank you

Dear sir,

I just released version 1.3.0 that fixed your problem with page builder on Firefox. Please help check out the theme and update your site and let me know if you have any questions.

Hope you like it and rate stars for theme (how to rate? See this example: http://d.pr/i/pZtN )

Thank you very much, Tien Nguyen